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First, the handgun must be in chambered in a cartridge powerful enough to reliably stop an assailant when the shot is placed properly. The Tec 22 is made by Intratec, who also designed the gun that made the 90s roar – the Tec 9. But looking past sales figures and commercial gains, many people see the need to arm themselves for one single purpose – self defense. And in the world of handguns, among those that get a lot of attention are the Beretta 92FS and the Glock 17, considered to be two of the best 9MM handguns today. The Beretta 92FS is a favorite option for both uniformed personnel and civilians alike due to its durability, accuracy, and reliability.
If it is any indication, the US Army has renewed its contract with Beretta to supply its soldiers with the 92FS. The Glock 17 Gen4 is an improved rendition of the classic Glock 17 model, which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. The Beretta 92FS package comes with two magazines, a cup bearing the Beretta logo, and a manual that almost no one cares about.
The controls on the Beretta 92FS, basically the magazine release, the slide release and the ambidextrous, slide-mounted, thumb safety,are strategically placed across the surface of the gun. On the other hand, the Glock 17 Gen4 controls are feel and operate adequately but there are rooms for improvement. Textured grips, ergonomic design, and checkering on the fingered groves make the 17 Gen4 an excellent handgun to hold. Both guns have fixed sights but the 92FS features the traditional 3-dot system while the Glock 17 Gen4 utilizes a U-shape targeting system. It could take a while before someone gets used to the trigger mechanism of the Beretta 92FS.
Many consumers depend on online review websites to get reliable information about products and make sound purchase decisions. An unconditional lifetime warranty isn’t something you see with a lot of firearms, but SCCY Industries feels that its 9mm CPX-1 handgun series will withstand the tests of time and offers just that.
With its height of 4 inches, length of 5.7 inches, width of 1 inch and weight of 15 ounces, the CPX-1 is ideal for concealed carry.
The barrel of the CPX-1 is machined from bar stock with seven lands and grooves having a 16?1 right hand twist, while the receiver is made of 7075?T6 aircraft grade heat treated aluminum alloy, machined from bar stock. The slide lock and release is made of steel with a Zytel over molded polymer extension for ease of operation.
The pistol uses a dot sight system, which includes a steel rear sight that is adjustable for windage only with locking screw. The SCCY CPX-1 hammer firing system is double action only and has an internal hammer with inertial firing pin to prevent accidental discharge if dropped. The double action trigger of the SCCY CPX-1 is specifically designed for shooter comfort and accuracy by designing the system to have a smooth effortless, consistent 9-pound trigger pull. The trigger guard lock is custom designed to properly fit and be child resistant. The CPX-1 comes with two double stack, 10-round capacity magazines with finger extension base installed and two flat magazine bases.
The SCCY CPX-1 comes in a carbon steel finish with a self lubricating, hard Nitrate treatment and a scratch resistant Black Nitrate surface for $299 or a Natural stainless steel finished by ceramic abrasion, producing a non-reflective satin finish, for $339.
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Everything really starts with our Vision, which is: 'To be the best run, most respected business in America, for the benefit of our Customers'. Whether you rely on a sixgun or a semi-auto, you need to know the best ways to carry it discreetly. Even some people that are around guns and concealed carry individuals sometimes question firearms carry.
I feel considerable attention should be given to properly concealing your firearm both for security and for social sensitivity.
In my business, having a firearm on my person or at least available is a comfort level I desire. A .45 ACP is generally my choice and I can usually conceal one very well, but extremely warm weather can be a challenge. Some would wear an ankle holster when having to tuck a shirt into pants but I’m not an ankle holster fan.
The wedding isn’t the problem because you are in a suit and the jacket will easily conceal your firearm. Of course, if you are traveling by air, you will have to conform to all FAA and airline regulations to transport a firearm, then conform to the arriving state’s regulation. If you are traveling in a motor home, camper or pulling a trailer, you may have more leeway than in a private passenger car, since your motor home etc. If you carry your pistol on your hip or in an appendix position, make sure you know how to draw it quickly from a seated position, as if you are behind the wheel of a car. When carrying on the predominant hand side, I make sure the firearm is far enough to the rear to be reached by my other hand. Shoulder holsters can be accessed with either hand, although it is a little awkward with the non-dominant hand, it will work pretty well with a little practice. A lady can easily conceal a handgun in a purse or attache and there are a number of specialty products manufactured for concealed carry. For women that will not consider a firearm and for those who do carry, a cell phone is the best weapon.
Throughout history, concealed carry has had several connotations—effectively concealed and “just covered,” as when a gunfighter slapped on a duster or long tailcoat and called it good.
In the mid to late 1800s, gun carriers were known to stuff revolvers in their waistband, held in place by only a flipped-open loading gate. With all of the discomfort, snagging and printing irritations, it seems strange that other than de-horning or radiusing the heck out of the handgun, makers have not enthusiastically addressed the problem. Easy to conceal, easy to draw and quick on target, the Taurus Curve is aimed at concealed carriers looking for something small but comfortable to carry. The Taurus Curve is the culmination of the company’s efforts to correct many common concealed-carry difficulties, including size, weight and printing potential. Once the Curve is free of the waistband, holster or pocket, there are two choices for aiming.
Other potential snag points, including external safeties, slide releases and thumb magazine releases, are all missing on the gun. As long as you carry the Curve on your belt, the only reason you would need a holster is personal preference. The Curve can be carried solely using the trigger protector as a holster, though I’m not sure just how the trigger protector could be incorporated into pocket carry without finding a way to secure the lanyard in the pocket. Using the belt clip and trigger protector, or just the trigger protector for belt carry, results in the trigger protector in the same condition after drawing—dangling from the paracord lanyard and needing to be reinstalled. On every magazine, plastic clips, each flush with the frame, extend upward from the baseplate into the frame.
As mentioned, Taurus did a lot of thinking about the design of the Curve, which in times past would have been called a “belly gun.” Three traits should make the Curve especially attractive to users with less upper body strength. Accuracy testing wasn’t as big of a draw as putting the Curve through its paces doing what the Curve does best—handling bad-breath-distance confrontations. Headshots (preferred, but extremely difficult on moving heads) while standing still succeeded over 75 percent of the time, but that should improve with more time with the heavy trigger.
With my handling familiarization out of the way, I settled down for the accuracy portion of my testing. During all of this testing I had two failures to feed—both on the third shot, both from the same magazine, but with different ammunition for each. Taurus equips the Curve with a belt clip mounted on the right side as well as a trigger “protector” that prevents accidental discharges.
The Taurus Curve was designed for concealed carriers looking for a truly compact pistol in .380 ACP for all-day, everyday carry.
For anyone in the market for a compact, accurate, snag-proof pistol, the Taurus Curve would be an ideal choice.
Despite this, the major manufacturers still don’t specifically design very many guns for women.
Now, the purpose of this article is not to debate the merits of the various handgun cartridges that are on the market today.
Plinking is simply an informal shooting session, usually using cheaper ammunition, with .22 LR being the most common round. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Applications and demand for guns started to spike up months immediately after the  Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in December 2012. This means that the top military organization in the world trusts the 92FS more than any other pistol. A Glock 17 Gen4 purchase includes an outer case, a lock, one magazine, and a few back straps which you can use to modify the size of the gun’s grip. The positioning of the controls enables the shooter to achieve optimum functionality without experiencing operation issues.
The shooter can easily feel the magazine release with his thumb and does not impede its operation. It is quite baffling why Glock employs the safety mechanism of the 17 Gen4 on the trigger, which is deactivated when the shooter PULLS the trigger. Shooters with small hands are not that keen on praising the 92FS’s wide handle, citing discomfort and trouble formulating permanent grip placement.
The feel of the trigger can vary depending on whether you are firing a single action or double action shot. A few things that make shooting the 92FS a bit difficult especially for novices is its slightly higher muzzle jump that happens when you pull the trigger.

Many factors come into play but still, it is a question that has no definite as well as objective answer. SutiHR is a compact suite of Human Resources apps that can be used by companies in any industry. Bornevia is a web-based helpdesk and ticket management application that is easy to use and affordable too.
The late founder, Bill Ruger, was noted for bringing to market the firearms that shooters actually wanted.
The recoil spring system is all steel, fully encapsulated for ease of disassembly and reassembly.
The difference between the two is that the CPX-1 design includes a manual safety, while the CPX-2 model provides an alternative for those who prefer a simpler configuration without the manual safety. This bonded bullet will retain most of its weight while offering great expansion and penetration. Customers should in no way infer that MidwayUSA has validated review information as safe, accurate or appropriate. Products that are Shipped Alone incur separate "Per Order" and "Per Pound" shipping charges. Carriers charge extra to ship packages with products they consider hazardous, such as reloading powder and primers.
Many successful, refined, sophisticated, licensed-to-carry folks are very careful and aware that they could be the focus of some miscreant.
He is also the head usher at his church, and his parish priest recently asked him why he always stands at the back of the church with his back against the wall? A retired law enforcement friend and I were talking one evening about concealed carry and the wives were listening in. Some feel that it is next to impossible to carry in some situations without telling half the world you’re armed, and they may be correct, but let me discuss some ideas.
You obviously don’t want your concealed firearm to show or print through clothing during daily activities, sparking concern.
Most of the people I am in contact with are benign, but you never know when an encounter can turn ugly.
Thank the Lord for Tommy Bahama, Ocean Pacific and the other manufacturers of Hawaiian-type shirts. A few years ago, I was purchasing a pair of slacks and was starting to advise the salesman that I was intentionally armed to have the slacks fitted. Each state’s regulations can be found by going to the NRA-ILA website for concealed carry and transporting firearms with vehicular travel.
I frequently observe people that I think might be carrying but seldom see any indicators, such as printing.
She meets prospective home purchasers, often unknown to her, and visits homes that aren’t all that familiar to her. There are some great purses that offer access to the firearm from the outside, allowing for the purse to be carried over a shoulder. In my business, I sometimes need to canvass a neighborhood to determine if there are witnesses to an incident that were not listed in police or other reports.
Also note the rounded muzzle cut.Taurus CurveThe top of the slide is rounded in keeping with the Taurus Curve’s snag-free design. There have been some innovative efforts to actually conceal handguns, mainly in the holster arena.
In fact, the Texas Rangers are credited with using string to make a loop inside their pants to hold handguns in place until needed, an improvement on carry methods where only waistband pressure secured the handgun in place.
I did not ask Taurus exactly how they decided on the name “Curve,” but it definitely fits well. The Curve is chambered in .380 ACP, the caliber many feel is the minimum for an effective defensive caliber.
Taurus is serious about making the Curve concealed-carry friendly; any place you look you’ll find smooth surfaces.
The left one is pressed inward to remove magazines, rather than the traditional thumb or finger magazine-release method. The gun’s locked-breech design should reduce felt recoil as well as reduce the recoil spring weight needed to operate the gun, and its snakeskin cocking serrations on the slide provide a sure gripping surface.
I threw a couple of boxes of full metal jacket (FMJ) ammunition in a bag, along with a few more of my test ammunition, and away we went. It’s not something I’d want to try in a real situation, at least not without lots more work. Surprised does not begin to describe me after the smoke cleared and I saw a tiny group 7 yards away.
Using the belt clip on the Curve puts the pistol too low for me to draw smoothly or quickly.
For a carry pistol, buying as many magazines as possible only makes sense, and it will provide an easy solution for problems in the feed system. After all, that’s what the Taurus team was designing when they started work on the Curve—and that’s what they delivered! Luckily, this is changing and there are many more quality self-defense handguns for women on the market than there used to be.There are several important characteristics to look for when choosing a self-defense handgun.
Plinking is supposed to be fun, and it would be tough to find a gun more fun for plinking than the Tec 22 Scorpion. But if both are pitted against each other, it is quite interesting to see which handgun has the total advantage over the other. Among the gun’s enhancements include the standard rough surface texture for easy handling and maneuverability, better magazine release-catch mechanism, a dual recoil spring to boost spring life and minimize the effect of felt recoil. However, the standard slide performs poorly in so many levels, which is why many shooters prefer to replace the slide with a either another aftermarket slide or a customized one.
The concept of the safety is to prevent the gun from firing by locking the trigger and keeping it from being pulled. But lining up the three dots with the 92FS can be time consuming and may lead to low hits unless the shooter is well acquainted with this system. It may get weird at first, but once you have enough practice, then pulling the trigger of the 92FS becomes a breeze. But replacing some trigger components in the Glock 17 Gen4 represent significant investment, which may be something most people do not consider when they buy a handgun for the first time.
This affects the accuracy of the projectile but can be compensated when the shooter invests in a robust forward support on the grip using the off hand. It is always a matter of preference, although the Beretta 92FS narrowly edges the Glock 17 Gen4 on more aspects. Because of variations in the manufacturing process, similar products may have differing weights. These are not only the liberal politically correct set, but also many people who simply are not firearms enthusiasts. He replied that due to the terrorism threat, he feels it might be prudent for him to be in a position to observe the entry. My friend’s wife said she didn’t mind him carrying but didn’t know why he had to carry to church. As I was beginning to prepare him, he lifted my shirt to check the fit and was face to face with a .45.
Note the State Firearms Laws, Airline Transportation of Firearms, Federal Firearms Laws and a Guide to Interstate Transportation of Firearms, as well as other information.
The same motor home, camper or trailer may not provide protection while you’re on the road or parked at a shopping center. The common thinking, and rightfully so, is if your dominant hand becomes unavailable or injured, your weak hand must take over. Frequently, a woman will answer the door with a portable or cell phone and will appear to be talking to someone.
Also note the rounded muzzle cut.Taurus CurveOn the range, it was easy to control the Taurus Curve, even during rapid fire. Belt and inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters add bulk and discomfort for some, while pocket carry is usually pretty slow and awkward on the draw, leading to many innovations and workarounds. I suspect the curved frame was the impetus for the name, but one has only to pick a Curve up to see there are no angles or sharp edges on this pistol. As an added safety measure, even though a stiff 6.25-pound, double-action-only (DAO) trigger is used on the gun, Taurus includes a polymer trigger protector with a paracord lanyard attached.
It does, however, locate the Curve perfectly for much more inconspicuous carrying, where you could hopefully get a grip on the pistol surreptitiously.
Though you would think from the marketing that all pistols for women have to be pink, that is certainly not the case. Since women typically have smaller hands than men, finding a handgun that fits a woman’s hands can be complicated. Plus, it is quite easy for a novice shooter to acquaint himself with a handgun first before progressing to bigger firearms. This system dramatically eliminates “stovepiping”, or jamming of the cartridge even after it has shot thousands of rounds. Shooting tests down the pistol range have shown that the Glock 17 Gen4 is a solid piece of equipment, exhibiting accurate fire without experiencing any types of malfunction. But perhaps the most disappointing element to the Glock 17 Gen4’s controls is the placement of the safety lever, which is ON the trigger. On the other end, the Glock’s U-shaped sights is quite easy to use – just keep the dot in the center of the U and you are good to go. The trigger of the Glock 17 Gen4, on the other hand, is often described as  “Mushy”, “Squishy”, and “Oddly soft”. A few trips down the firing range and the Beretta can easily become an extension of one’s body. Unless the product is designated as “Ships Alone”, Shipping Weight does not include the shipping box or packing materials associated with your order. The first thing I noticed when we arrived was that my neighbor’s brother-in-law was walking around with a holstered pistol on his hip, with no shirt or jacket covering the firearm. Many people think that personal protection is something the police do, not realizing that the police are usually reactive. The priest asked if he was armed, and he replied “absolutely.” Then the priest just nodded.
If you carry on a daily basis and you wear slacks, you might consider having your slacks tailored to accommodate your firearm.

He jumped back and my wife was with me and explained (I was laughing too hard to talk) that I was a PI and wanted the pants tailored for concealed carry. However, I recently attended a wedding at a country club and the wedding presents from the church had been placed in a Suburban that was parked in the lot in view of the reception attendees.
It really doesn’t look good to be dancing with your shirttail out in an attempt to cover your weapon. A small pistol in a suit coat inside pocket would probably work well, but I’m not totally comfortable with this, as I’m afraid the coat will be knocked off the chair while I’m dancing, getting food, etc. I usually attempt to have my elbow cover my weapon and do a one-and-a-half-arm hug.Vacation can also be a challenge for concealed carry or even having a weapon available. Print two copies of each state’s regulations from the NRA-ILA website and carry them in the glove box to review the regulations when entering each state. There is a possibility that a person that feigns being friendly can shake your hand and hold on while pulling a weapon or assaulting you with the other hand. Since I do not permit clients to come to my home, I will either go to their location or meet at designated location. Whether they are actually talking to someone, I don’t know, but this is a great idea for anyone answering the door to a stranger. Again, there are no snag points with the edges radiused, the design has fluid curves everywhere (a small portion of the muzzle is swept back to match the curves) and there are no sights on the slide.
Slip your belt though the paracord loop and the trigger protector will be yanked off the Curve during the draw. Even with a holster in the pocket, thumb-release magazines have been known to pop free from a pistol. I was equally impressed by the accuracy the Curve displayed—shots fired on the move (retreating or laterally) at “too close” targets clustered in the 0-zone of an IDPA target at distances of 5 to 7 yards.
However, using the Taurus trigger protector to simulate one of the mentioned holsters worked very well! Indeed, the color of the handgun should be low on your list of priorities if you’re a woman seriously looking for a good handgun for self-defense. This is a very important characteristic to consider because a properly fitting handgun will have less perceived recoil and be more enjoyable to shoot. The Glock 17 Gen4 is highly accurate but for first time shooters, the jump in every shot  can be quite strong.
He seemed to want everyone to know that he was “packin’.” I felt this was in poor taste due to the variety of guests and the fact that it was not his party. We pointed out to her that if he didn’t carry to church he wouldn’t have a firearm with him later. He then asked, “Does grandma know?” His mother (my daughter) was raised around guns, but being a little princess never had any interest in firearms. He too began laughing and was very receptive to the problem of tailoring the slacks to accommodate a .45. During the reception, the rear window of the Suburban was shattered and the presents stolen. There is reciprocity to a limited degree, as some states recognize other states permits, but all do not, of course.
The best way to get up-to-the-minute information on what you can and cannot do with regards to having a weapon in your vehicle is to call that state’s state police agency before you go. She is uncomfortable because of this, and although she hasn’t experienced any, she has heard of problems with others in her industry. I always advise my wife of the location, and if the location is other than a residential address, I may arrive early to see if I recognize anyone. Taurus kept saying the Curve was designed with distances of 7 yards and under in mind, and I guess they were right! This provides incentive for the shooter to practice with the handgun, which therefore generally increases proficiency.On that same note, keep in mind that, all other things being equal, while smaller handguns are easier to carry and conceal, they are generally not as easy to shoot as larger handguns.
The weapon also functions much better with steel lip magazines like the BX 25, and it needs to run well oiled. But the soft feel on the Glock’s trigger can be easily resolved with consumer-replaceable trigger components that do not require gunsmithing expertise. She and her husband do not have an anti-gun philosophy, but apparently through society, school, friends or the media, my grandson developed the idea that carrying a firearm might not be acceptable to his grandmother.
Elastic waistband shorts with a cord tie can also work well if the waist cord is tied tightly. An ankle holster might work but you would have to have loose-fitting pant legs, and this wouldn’t be my choice for a nice suit.
Be sure that you obtain the name and rank of the person you talk to or, better yet, have them fax a copy of their statutes. A person only looking for a handgun to use for home defense, where concealability and portability are not as important as someone who wants a handgun for concealed carry, should probably go with a larger framed handgun (as long as it still fits the shooter’s hands).Finally, the handgun must be reliable and easy to operate.
If the particular tee shirt isn’t as loose as I would hope, due to my ever-expanding waistline, I carry a smaller, thinner gun. It’s our responsibility to know when any venues are in an area of frequent crimes or be aware when driving through higher crime areas to get to functions.
If it constantly malfunctions at the range, it very well might malfunction when you really need it, and that’s completely unacceptable. Some carry in a fanny pack, but I have never been enamored with this type of carry—it’s obvious when some wearing fanny packs carry, because they sag. The assumption that they are probably packing is always confirmed when they are carrying their wallet in their rear pocket and keys bulge from their side pants pocket. For this reason, the best self-defense handguns are the ones that require only a few simple movements to operate.Our choices for the best self-defense handguns for women embody all of these characteristics.
Just because a particular gun is not on this list does not necessarily mean it is a poor choice for self-defense.Everyone interested in obtaining a handgun for self-defense should experiment with several different handguns before purchasing one.
See what fits your hand the best, experiment with manipulating the controls on each handgun, and see compare how each guns shoots. If you’re going to be trusting your life to a handgun, make certain that it is the right one for you before you commit to it.The work is not over once you purchase the perfect self-defense handgun. You should spend as much time as possible practicing with it and learn how to use it properly. The striker-fired LC9s was designed to improve upon the shortcomings of the Ruger LC9 (namely the poor quality trigger) while still incorporating a lot of the things people liked about the handgun.
Ruger was very successful in those respects and the LC9s is a high quality, but still reasonably priced pistol that’s a nice handgun for women to use for self-defense.It also uses a 7 round single stack magazine and as a result, is very slim and compact. This makes it well suited for small framed shooters and those wishing to carry it concealed. Additionally, the LC9s has a reputation for reliability and accuracy and is easy to control, even in the hands of a relatively inexperienced shooter. Finally, the LC9s is chambered in 9mm Luger, which is a great choice for a self-defense cartridge because it is powerful enough to deal with most threats, is commonly available, is reasonably priced, and has manageable recoil. Though it is a pretty simple design without a lot of the bells and whistles, the CW9 is still a formidable choice as a handgun for women. It is a reliable and accurate handgun and can often be found for less than $400, which is a big advantage for those on a strict budget. While that is not as many rounds as some handguns on this list, this fact does make the CW9 significantly thinner, which is good for people with smaller hands.
A problem with the CW9 is that it has a pretty stiff recoil spring and some women can have difficulty racking the slide on it.
The Bodyguard revolver is the latest in a line of excellent quality revolvers produced by Smith & Wesson. The Bodyguard also has an ambidextrous cylinder release and comes standard with an integrated Crimson Trace laser sight.
Used properly, the laser sight can provide a psychological edge in a stressful situation and allow for easier aiming in reduced lighting.
Weighing in at just over 14 ounces, the S&W Bodyguard is the lightest handgun on this list of the best self-defense handguns for women. Similar to the .380 ACP Glock 42, it is a slimline subcompact chambered in 9mm Luger and is one of the smallest handguns ever produced by Glock. It is a good compromise between being small enough to carry concealed without too much trouble and large enough that most people can shoot it well. The Generation 4 variant of the Glock 19 has a dual recoil spring system that also acts to reduce the amount of recoil felt by the shooter. Additionally, the handgun also comes with a modular grip system that allows the shooter to further customize the grip depending on the size of the shooter’s hands. The magazine release on the Glock 19 Gen4 is also easily modified to accommodate left or right handed shooters. The Glock 19 accepts 10, 15 (standard), 17, and 33 round magazines, which gives the shooter plenty of ammunition to deal with a threat.
Keep in mind though that, as a “compact” handgun, the Glock 19 is by definition, a compromise, which won’t please everyone. Shooters wanting an even smaller handgun for concealed carry should consider the Glock 26 or the Glock 43, while shooters not concerned with concealing it and who want a larger handgun that is easier to shoot should consider the Glock 17. With a weight of just over 15 ounces, it is slightly (though not excessively) heavier than similar sized polymer pistols, such as the Ruger LCR or Glock 42. One disadvantage of the Sig P238 is that, like the Glock 43, it also has a 6 round magazine. All in all, the Sig P238 is still a fantastic choice and is certainly worth looking into as a good self-defense handgun for women.What do you think of our choices for the best self-defense handguns for women? What I did to change this a bit was to add on Hogue grips to reduce the recoil, as well as change the 9lb spring to a 13lb one … and changed the guide rod out to a stainless steel one. I did this after taking about 50 different comparison measurements between each slide and frame to make sure the swap would work. On the now all-black ’13 I installed a crimson trace trigger guard laser so the short sites matter naught. Also have three promag 10 round magazines for shooting range- the early promag stop was in the wrong place and had to be filed off to use, later model adjusted dimension.

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