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She dropped the phone and grabbed a heavy brass lamp from the table in the entryway and began to pound on his arm, hand and wrist.
While she was describing what had happened to the 911 operator she heard him trying to open her back door. This happened in a neighborhood where homes start at a quarter of a million dollars and go up from there – not some sketchy, “transitional” part of town. Smith was shouting obscenities aimed at my Dad, telling him to “get out here and fight like a man.” I honestly don’t recall what set Smith off – it could have been anything. In any event, he came storming towards the screen door and my Mom reached over and locked it. Smith was 20 years younger and in good health, but that did not make my Dad hesitate one second. Then he told the guy to get off of our property or follow through on his threat because our dinner was getting cold. Anyway, a friend and I were fixing his bike in my driveway when we were attacked by four neighborhood thugs for some imagined offense. My friend staggered up and ran home, but one of the attackers decided to come back and go after me as soon as I turned and went back into the house. I was a scrawny little 14-year-old and he was a big, muscular 18-year-old with years of street fighting under his belt.
One evening my Mom went out onto their screened-in front porch to water some plants when one of the neighborhood drug dealers came charging into the yard.
He shouted that she wouldn’t have the chance because he was going to “climb up there” and beat her “brains out,” and began pounding on the screen and trying to climb up the outside of the porch.
Any one of these situations could have ended with the criminal committing murder or aggravated assault, had there not been the equalizing presence of a firearm (or the perceived presence in the case of the first story). The overwhelming majority of the people who have had to defend themselves with a gun don’t really talk about it to casual acquaintances.
Point is, the evidence shows that in the vast majority of cases, the mere presence of the gun IS enough to scare off the bad guy. If you study the psychology of killing, you’ll notice that violent people stike at people that are easy targets.
I’ll ask someone who feels that way whether they have ever had to use a fire extinguisher. Ooo, can you please give us the citations for both of Professor Hemenway’s and true statistics. This, from Pauline Kael, film critic for The New Yorker magazine, the favorite magazine of lefty elites across the nation. Though this bill has little chance of passing in the Republican-controlled House, how long until a bill like this surfaces in the Democratically-controlled Senate remains to be seen. Some, like Glen Beck, argue that the recent 23 Executive Orders instead lay the ground work for further infringement of rights or laws down the road, one of which being surcumvented is HIPPA.
As was his tactic in passing Obamacare, rather than openly pushing the toxic bills himself, instead he relies on others like the Nancy Pelosi’s of Congress to do the heavy lifting for the dismantling of our Constitutional Rights.
Those 9 states (so far) have the right idea in that the way to defend against government overreaching is to strengthen the 10th Amendment’s right to state sovereignty. The 2nd Amendment also played an important role in the racist times of the 1960’s civil rights movement. By creating an account at MCS USA you will be able to shop faster, be up to date on an orders status, and keep track of the orders you have previously made.
Safety and ability to defend your loved ones and yourself are the two things that are becoming more important each and every day. Unlike the SALT gun, that is designed to be able to save lives without having to take a life, this Heizer defense gun is a very elegantly designed traditional handgun.
Originally, the Heizer defense handgun was made of aluminum, but you can also order one made from titanium.
When my presentation of actual facts, naming of my credible sources, and comparisons to airbags, fire extinguishers, and handguns as all being smart precautionary tools became too much for them, they blurted out something along the lines of “I don’t know anybody who has ever used a gun to defend themselves or ever needed to use one!” My reply was simply, “Well, now you do.” And I left it at that. Let’s start with the most recent of the four, which happened in my neighborhood, maybe 2? blocks from me, about five years ago as of this writing. She wasn’t expecting anyone, so she began to towel off, thinking it was probably kids trying to sell something for a fundraiser or similar. She had a steel door in a steel frame, and when the guy could not kick it down, he grabbed a rock about the size of a small cantaloupe from the landscaping in front of her house and smashed the sidelight next to the door. She ran into the kitchen and saw him pick up a chair from her deck and raise it to smash the mostly-glass back door.

The epilogue is that she took the cop’s advice, but ultimately she and her family moved because she never felt safe there again, even though she had a gun and knew how to use it.
I was raised with guns, taught to shoot when I was 10, and we had loaded guns in the house, because my Dad believed “You just don’t know what might happen.” Dad was uncompromising on safety rules and responsibility, and consequences were severe, so we never had any firearm “accidents” in our home. It was supper time; I was setting the table and my Mom had just put a roast on the table for my Dad to carve.
He pounded at the door, telling my father he was going to turn him into “a complete cripple instead of the half-crippled stumblebum you are now.” My Dad had a degenerative nerve disease that made walking very difficult for him, and he had to use two canes to walk any more than a few steps. Dad walked right up to the screen door, calmly telling Smith to go home, sober up, and they would talk about this later. I don’t know if Smith caught a glimpse of the Colt or not, but he screamed, “What’s in your hand? Without taking his eyes off Smith he told my Mom to get ready to call the police and tell them there is a dead guy in our kitchen.
Within the next year we found out Smith was abusing his wife, and around that same time he lost one of the bar fights he had started and was severely injured. Same house, but what had been a “working class” neighborhood was now a “transitional” neighborhood.
They were older, bigger, all had been in and out of jail several times, and were well known in the area. He could have, very literally, beaten me to death with his bare hands and I would not have been able to stop him. I don’t recall the exact exchange of words, but the gist of it was him telling me he didn’t think I’d pull the trigger and me disagreeing.
The neighborhood had really “transitioned” by then and my parents told me cops came to some house or another on their block five or six times every week. He was screaming something about how he knew my Mom had called the cops on him and she was about to pay. There was a pair of French doors that opened onto this screened-in portion of the porch from the living room where my Dad was watching TV. So there is a good chance that many anti-firearms people actually do know someone who has defended himself with a gun; they just don’t realize it. People find it very difficult to change their view on an issue for which their belief is based on emotion, regardless of how much empirical evidence they are presented with. Luckily for me, I haven’t had to shoot anyone but the drug dealer one would have been a definite.
The mere *thought* of a gun defended this lady, even if one wasn’t physically present.
I figure if they push their way past the dogs, they are really determined, so it will get real ugly real quick.
In making the determination, there shall be a rebuttable presumption that a firearm procured for use by the United States military or any Federal law enforcement agency is not particularly suitable for sporting purposes, and a firearm shall not be determined to be particularly suitable for sporting purposes solely because the firearm is suitable for use in a sporting event.
Also, with a President that never lets the power of Executive Orders go to waste, or a crisis, could we see this kind of a grab surface again? President Obama has been one of the most opaque presidents in American history, and his track record only supports the concern many have of his lack of transperency. This, along with the visual strength of numbers, is what will remind members of Congress who they truly work for.
If necessary, this small, .45 caliber handgun will easily become a lethal weapon in your hand. But then the ringing was repeated rapidly, and she thought maybe a neighbor was having an emergency so she reached for her robe. As she reached the top of the stairs she saw his arm reaching through the broken glass, trying to unlock the deadbolt. As soon as it hit the floor he went for the deadbolt again, but she grabbed his arm, twisting for all she was worth. She screamed “I have my gun now and I will shoot you dead!” at the top of her lungs, and the guy dropped the chair and ran.
When asked by one of the cops what she would have done had the bad guy called her bluff, she said she would have run out the front door and looked for help. Our back door was open, so we could enjoy the breeze coming through the screen door, and we heard a neighbor shouting as he approached.
He was a drunk and a wife abuser with a short fuse, and was notorious for starting bar fights. Smith kept pounding on the door, telling my Dad to come out or he was going to break the door down and drag him out.

I think that term was how our local officials described the parts of town that were gradually becoming ghettos.
He backed out the door saying he and his thug pals would “get me” someday, and then he ran off in the direction the others had gone.
I begged them to sell the place and move somewhere safe, but Dad said he wasn’t leaving until he left in a pine box. She foolishly stepped right up to the half-wall of the porch, next to where he was now standing, and said she had not called the cops but would then if he didn’t leave. He heard the shouting, rolled up to the French doors and yelled for my Mom to move so he would have a clear shot. I know of many other similar tales told to me by people who trust me to keep them to myself.
And regardless of how they feel about defensive gun use, it’s not their right to decide who gets to have the potential to save themselves or a loved one by using a gun and who doesn’t.
If somehow the two bullets are not enough, there is a secret place in the grip that will provide you with some extra room for two spare rounds. Somehow she had managed to disconnect the 911 operator, so she dialed again and got the cops coming her way.
He suggested she should actually buy a handgun, take some classes, and any time she was not home keep it locked in a well-hidden and well-secured gun safe so it wouldn’t be stolen. In a matter of seconds his anger had escalated to the point that my Dad told us to go into the other room.
When my Mom asked if we should call the cops, Dad said “No, the guy has a wife and three kids counting on him; he just needs to sober up. My Dad and I had several conversations about the incident, all very educational for me, but that’s another story for another time.
They had him on the ground, curled into a fetal position, and were kicking and stomping on him, shouting that they were going to kill him. I managed to turn, raise the gun, and pull the hammer back again by the time he had taken his first step into the entryway. The police were never called, although we did end up filing a report through a cop that was a friend of the family. She got out of the way and my Dad pointed the .38 he kept in his wheelchair right at the guy. As many are taking a firm stand FOR the 2nd Amendment, the emotional reflex window of the Left to push through this kind of legislation is closing. Obama may not have to worry about another election, but his progressives in Congress sure do.
So, use it only in those types of situations, although we honestly hope that you won’t find yourself in a life-threatening situation at all. Smith shouted “Show me the other one!” and Dad replied “If you want to see what’s in that hand you will have to make good on your threat to break down my door and assault me in my own kitchen,” and stepped back as if to give Smith room to crash through.
I ran into the house and grabbed a .410 shotgun my dad kept loaded and hidden near the front door.
I choose to have my guns because I know from personal experience what could happen without them. If this .45 caliber has a little bit too much power for your taste, there is a 9mm option that you can try also. But, just in case, it’s better to have Heizer defense handgun hidden somewhere and ready to defend your life. It wasn’t cheap, and I won’t eat it with his blood all over it.” She grabbed the platter with one hand, me with the other, and we went into the next room.
Criminals (like all people) don’t seem to put in more effort than absolutely necessary, so around here they seem to focus on the houses near the main street with easier access and escape.
The thing that must be emphasized the most is that this Heizer handgun is designed with only one purpose – to save your life. To avoid being robbed, you don’t have to make yourself a hard target, just harder than your neighbors.

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