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And Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald stood firm on this last week, confirming that there are no plans for the common people to be armed with pepper spray devices, for their own good. Indeed, if you get caught carrying pepper spray, you could end up staying under State supervision for up to five years, though you’d probably just get a fine.
Fogger Pepper Spray Self Defense DefensiveBrand new sealed pepper spray with black leather keychain carry case which fits other pepper sprays and mace sprays of this size.
When pepper spray is sprayed onto another person, it will cause inflammation, coughing, choking, nausea, and will dilate the eyes with temporary blindness (while not causing permanent damage). Pepper spray is available in a wide variety of container sizes, shapes, and formulas and is available from a wide range of manufacturers. Pepper spray canisters are designed with different spray patterns – stream, foam, fog, gel. The fog pattern can be effective when trying to incapacitate more than one target at a time, however you may experience some blow-back yourself since it is a fog.
Foam or gel discharge may also be a good choice since the wind or blow-back will not be an issue. Not only is pepper spray effective for protection against 2 legged creatures, but it is also effective against the 4 legged variety. 2- MAKE SURE IT IS EASILY ACCESSIBLE- not buried in the bottom of a purse so you have to dig for it for five minutes while being attacked.
I’ve never used pepper spray, but I had a co-worker give me an alarm whistle once, because I was heading home from work on the bus well after dark. As all those martial arts classes slide yet another decade into the past, stuff like pepper spray become more appealing to me.
There is also a very good chance the sprayee will not be charged since an assault didn’t happen (it was stopped by the spray). I carry a larger canister on my belt, and a smaller one that conceals good in a closed hand.
Here in Wyoming, we are a Constitutional Carry state, so it is legal to carry any kind of firearm, but not necessarily pepper spray or stun guns. I carry one, never used it, but before that, I used my kennel spray of bleach and water to stop a beaver who attacked my dog and came after me on the front porch. I still carry it very where I go, in addition to being armed, in hours of darkness, I also carry on me, the brightest flaslhlight I can carry, as another disorientation tool, IF, my Spidey-sense go into the toilet, and my situational awareness is HUA.

As an ex Leo they cannot use something that can cause seriouis injury, NOW consider this ammonia and USE full strength in a sprayer bottle (plant sprayer type) with a adjustable tip, these have the ability to project a stream around 20 plus feet. Spraying somebody down on a public bus is a good way to get kicked off the bus so a gouging weapon in close quarters would be in order for young ladies on public transport. Also for the young ladies on buses remember S-I-N-G = Solar plexus, Instep stomp, Nose and Groin strikes in rapid sequence for that nasty dude trying to grope you on the bus. Bear spray works GREAT on people, especially ones that I have deployed it on,that were under the influence of who knows what.
I carry wasp spray that shoots over 20 feet and a powerful flashlight with bou cou lumens when I am out at night with my dog. Recently wasp spray has been a hot topic of discussion for its use in self defense, particularly as a substitute for pepper spray.
Apex self defense your internet source for stun guns, pepper spray, hidden cameras, and self defense products.. Apex defense internet source stun guns, pepper spray, hidden cameras, defense products..
Defense sprays pepper spray galls offers wide selection --lethal agents variety applications including policing, riot control, crowd. Copyright © 2012 Share The Knownledge, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The best is yet to come, however, and in the end, all we leave behind ourselves is our written word. However the spray will not suddenly lose its effectiveness on that date but it apparently may lose some pressure and potency over time. Otherwise, if suddenly attacked you will not have time to retrieve it from your purse, etc… Your keys should always be out before exiting a store (or wherever), with the attached canister of pepper spray. Unfortunately too many people are narrowly focused in their own little world and oblivious to their surroundings as they walk — and could easily be surprised by a predator. Typically, pepper spray designed for animals will have a higher concentration formula (e.g. People may forget to flip the thumb switch or cover their own face with the opposite arm in an attack situation if they don’t practice.

It is possible that the sprayer will be charged but as we all know, better judges by 12 than carried by six. Keep it out of the reach of children and though normally not lethal, I believe it could kill a severe asthmatic. Frozen paint balls or fen regular ones, are an excellent defense tool for Phantom-Poopers of the canine or feline variety. The more fictive sprays seem to be, the ones that are both OC (pepper) and tear gas combos.
You can get small bottles that still have the adjustable spray and make a lanyard to go on the wrist , belt loop etc. Ideal for Working Women, Housewives, College Girls, Shopkeepers, Businessmen, Senior Citizens etc. There is usually an effect on the staff as the stuff seems to get into the air around the patient.
You can get small spray bottles that have a variable spray nozzle on them and attach a wrist lanyard. Got my water filter last week and the bear pepper spray is next purchase from the wishlist.
I am a big fan of bear spray, it is more potent than the near taco sauce Bing sold on key chain fobs on the Internet.
I live in bear country too, in Ken’s neck of the woods, but more concerned about 2 legged than 4.
A lot of stuff is made in China and it is crap.I prefer, First Defensee, Sabre or Fox brands, or the Blackhawk brand sold in the sporting goods section of Valdemart.
In the meantime the waiting room is full of patients, many of them who legitimately need care. I told her that if she couldn’t control her, somewhat unfriendly dog i will protect mine.

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