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Recently we have been seeing issues with the Samsung Galaxy S3 connecting to Office 365 and in certain cases, On premise Exchange 2010.
The first time you set-up the email, it seems to work  fine but minutes later all communications cease. In some cases you will need to remove the Active Sync account, Then go into Settings, Security, Device Administrator and remove any admins.
Michael has over 13 Years of leading Technical teams & Programme Management in the UK Real Estate sector. Hi, I’ve been trying to make the default email app for the galaxy s3 to sync with my exchange account. To ensure that things worked properly, I rebooted the device, enabled wi-fi, sent myself an email to my O365 account from a different account and verified it worked. I then went a step further, and went into airplane mode, re-enabled wifi, and repeated the test email process to my O365 account.
End result is that I can send and receive emails over wi-fi only to my O365 work account with no issues. Samsung have just released an update fixing all sorts of these issues including the WiFi dropping out. I have the same problem, I have tried everything (deleting the account from my phone, deleting all admins, deleting the phone from the actysync, using only wi-fi, only cellular data, using both.
Samsung have released another Patch today and it “MAY” include a fix for the email!!! I’m a little hesitant to upgrade the OS or firmware on the phone and then run the risk of voiding the warranty or worse turning it into an instant paper weight.
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Samsung’s mini handset looks and feels like the Galaxy S3, but falls behind in several key areas. Samsung's Galaxy S3 has dominated the smartphone world, so it's no surprise the Korean firm has tried to capitalise on the success by offering up a cheaper version. Miniturising the S3 sounds like a great idea on paper: the famous white-and-metal design and similar levels of power crammed into a phone with a more manageable 4in screen.

We're big fans of the S3's design, and the Mini version - size reduction aside - hasn't deviated far from Samsung's blueprint. One main button remains at the bottom of the handset, and the rear panel pops off easily - so this phone's battery can be replaced, and its SIM and microSD slots easily accessed. Weighing in at 111g the Mini undercuts its bigger brother (133g), but the smaller handset feels just as sturdy. Peek under the hood and it's clear that the S3 Mini just can't match the original phone when it comes to power.
The battery has been cut down to size, too, but we were still pleased by the 1,500mAh power pack's performance.
It’s a mixed bag so far, but we’re pleased to report that Samsung has brought some of its camera expertise to the Mini’s 5-megapixel shooter. He has worked with agencies in multiple countries and cities from the UK, New York, Russia, France, Dubai to Australia and South Africa. The screen doesn’t have the sharpness or quality of the original, and the specs aren’t up to scratch.
We take a look to see if the S3 Mini is worthy to purchase if the flagship S3 or forthcoming S4 devices are out of your price range. The white front and rear is complimented by that chrome-effect border, and the curved corners, logo placement and buttons of the original S3 haven't been altered.
Various sensors at the top of the phone have jumped to the other side of the Samsung logo, and the notification light has been lost in translation.
The Mini is powered by a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 chip running at 1GHz - a long way behind the quad-core, 1.4GHz Exynos processor included in the full-size device.
The Mini rattled through the Geekbench test to a score of 758, but the original S3 outpaced it to score 1,387.
Loading times when opening apps were noticeable, with the camera and Google Play Store in particular proving sluggish to start. S Voice is here, pop-up video multi-tasking works well, and lock screen apps can still be used.
Our 24hr run-down test encompasses screen usage, file downloads, audio playback and making calls, and the S3 Mini had 70 per cent of its power pack left after a full day.

Colours are accurate, there’s little noise to be found amid its sharp detail, and close-up shots are decent, too.
To cut a long boring story short we have found that the Policies in place on the Exchange are causing this issue.
I should say that I got my GalaxySIII a few days after the subscription to Office365 went live, so my phone is brand new.
We've no problem with the increased thickness - it helps make the S3 Mini an extremely comfortable phone in the hand. It's no better in SunSpider, either: the S3 Mini was pedestrian when it came to loading webpages with a time of 1,888ms. There was also an occasional pause between pressing the Home button and the familiar TouchWiz homescreen hovering into view.
Plugging in a pair of headphones brings up several audio-specific options in the notification bar, and we're pleased that Samsung has ported its host of notification bar options across to this device. They're handy for toggling Wi-Fi, GPS, screen rotation and more, but one option is missing - automatic brightness. In fact, it synchronizes every now and then, it seems quite randomnly, but most often it cannot connect. That's because there's no light sensor on this phone, and it's an irritating omission even for a mid-range device. I have tried to fix this with the assistance of MSF’s partners but they seem to have no idea, and even MSF support does not respond.
However, I am afraid I threw 700 euros (price of my galaxy) out of the window if I cannot use my Galaxy.

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