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LED lights give you a brighter light in a smaller package that uses less energy than traditional lights. Sequence (220 Lumens of brightness) Defensive Strobe Click the Rear Button 5 times to activate the Emergency Flashing Strobe Mode (220 Lumens of brightness) 4x Adjustable Beam Turn the bezel clockwise for flood light, perfect for short range lighting.. They are also better able to cope with the vibrations and impacts that occur during Adventure Riding. Turn the bezel counter clock wise for spot light, perfect for focusing light over 20 yards Aggressive Self-Defense Face: The aggressive design face can be used to defend yourself (please use caution when using flashlight) Anodized Aircraft Grade Aluminum Water-Proof Compact Body Design Designed to fit almost anywhere, the body is virtually indestructible to ensure reliability Rear Glow-In-The-Dark Tactical Button The button gives you the power to easily switch functions while maintaining constant control of the flashlight.

A nice flashlight can also come in handy around the campsite for reading or gathering firewood.A common annoyance with flashlights is the management of batteries.
With all the things to remember when preparing for a trip, you can easily forget to check your batteries. Powerful Magnetic Base Allows you to stick product to virtually all metal surfaces, giving you hands-free lighting. You never really know how much life your batteries have either.The Nebo Redline RC is a rechargeable LED flashlight that gives you 300 lumens of brightness.

18-21, 2016Summer 2016, Touratech-USA will host rally events on both coasts for the second consecutive year!
There are brighter LED flashlights on the market, but the Nebo gives you everything you need at a reasonable price.

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