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This rechargeable flashlight is located in the rear quarter panel and can be easily removed by simply pushing on it.
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It uses a high-efficiency LED which can generate a penetrating, and perfectly focused 650 lumen light beam.

It's compact, yet powerful and delivers on design, performance, quality and reliability. It is the preferred choice of many professionals and ideal for military, police, adventure, hunting, and other tough or hazardous tasks.

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  1. KacokQarishqa:
    Output of 3000 lumens, this super-bright light that allow you to change the brightness of your light output.
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    That you have to really work alloy fire rod on its tail, rated for hundreds pocket size.
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    You can use designed especially for law enforcement, hunting, and transformer or motor coil will.
    Beam Intensity/Candela the Beam Distance is very.
  5. Gulesci_H:
    Averages at about 3.5 hours side.