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SureFire has released a Rechargeable Battery Kit for their LED Flashlights, dubbed the SF2R-KIT01. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Constructed from tough aerospace aluminum that is Mil-Spec hard anodized for extreme durability, the Dominator is O-ring and gasket sealed to keep out moisture, dirt, and dust.
NOTE: When disposable 123A batteries are used in the UDR Dominator, runtimes at all settings are increased.

The batteries will work with any SureFire LED light that uses disposable 123A lithium batteries.
This includes search-and-rescue operations where covering large areas thoroughly and rapidly is critical.
The easily selectable lower-output levels expand the utility of the UDR by allowing the output to match different task requirements, and by providing the ability to extend the total runtime per battery charge or set of batteries. The charger can use an AC (wall socket) or DC (car) to recharge the LFP batteries, and charges two batteries at a time.

Additionally, a strobe mode can be selected for tactical applications or signaling purposes, and an extra-long lanyard provides convenient carry options when it's not in active use. Kel Tec CL-43 FlashlightKel-Tec has introduced its CL-43 Flashlight, which they have developed to use with a firearm.

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