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LEDs have been ubiquitous in electronics for years, but it’s only in the last several years that LED flashlights have really come into their own. As a music photographer, having a pocket-sized flashlight is a great accessory for dark clubs and photo pits, especially when you’re groping for gear in the dark. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum with military-spec Type III anodizing for a tough finish, this is one light that’s ready for the rigors of rock photography. The Quark AA includes a good number of accessories – some you’ll never use, some of which are more immediately handy (IE, the battery), but all of which add up to a very nice package.
One really interesting aspect of the Quark AA and AA? series is that the parts are essentially modular between the flash head, body tube, and the tailcap. The tailcap of the regular Quark AA features a reverse push-button switch, which is guarded by a rim. The flashlight head of the Quark AA features a reflector with a subtly dimpled texture, which provides a nice, smooth beam pattern. Looking down the reflector in the image below, you can see the small GREE XP-G R5 LED module.
As you can see, it’s actually relatively narrow – much more so than the flashlights most of us are used to, which have a more diffuse (and enormously weaker) beam.
The above image also illustrates that while the beam spot is relatively narrow, there’s an outer element of flooding light that is much weaker, which you can see by how quickly the outer part of the beam falls off in relation to the main spot. In practice, this tighter beam pattern makes the Quark AA a great task light for rooting through a camera bag and really penetrating darkness. First, there are two primary modes that are adjusted by either having the flash head completely tightened or loosened a quarter turn.
I have a headlamp like that and it takes several clicks to turn off and that’s just annoying.

At its most simple operation, just click the tailcap button once to turn on, and another full click to turn off.
The only time you cycle through modes is when you give the back button a half-press (almost like the half-press you’d use to activate AF on your camera, or lock EV, for example), and even then you can still turn the light off with a full click.
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These new generation of torches aren’t your standard weak, power-hungry Maglites – they pack super-efficient LEDs that are bright enough to scorch your retina at full power.
These are people who saw the emerging market of LED flashlights, understood their users, and set out to make a better product. In other words, just the kind of folks who you’d want nerding out to bring you their version of the ultimate torch. Like most flashlights in this class, it’s a three-piece design, with a semi-matte anodized finish.
So, if you wanted to turn your Quark AA into a two-AA capacity light instead, you would just need to buy the longer AA? body tube. This rim makes it possible to stand the Quark AA up on the back end – a handy feature if you ever need to put the light down and bounce the beam off the ceiling.
This tactical tailcap button would allow you to depress the switch without fully engaging the button for momentary-on functionality.
Considering how much light this little torch puts out, it’s amazing to see this tiny LED staring back, especially considering the size of standard flashlight bulbs that put out a tiny fraction of the light. For any speedlight photographer, you’re in luck, because the Quark AA is a beautiful for long-lasting batteries like the Sanyo Eneloop batteries that so many of us use for small flashes. The four brightness levels are a great touch, as they allow you to choose an appropriate level of light for any given task, particularly if you’re interested in conserving battery power.

The maximum level is super bright and immediately useful for full-power use – the strobe mode is 100% useless for me.
Normally, it’s the capture of it, but for anyone who shoots and works on location, having available light can take on a whole new meaning.
Para reproducir la musica que tendra que actualizar su navegador o actualizar el Plugin de Flash.
For the quality and the function of these high lumen flashlights we provide, we can assure you that they are your right choice. Funnily enough, we both bought each other different tactical flashlights and also kept one for ourselves. Les ZIPKA plus ou TIKKA XP sont geniales MAIS je leur trouve un gros defaut, faut 3 putain de piles AAA, et recharger 3 putains de piles c'est la merde, et avec des piles jetables c'est aussi la merde car cher.
Think about it, for the weekend, go out for a hike with your friends and families, and take the brinkmann flashlights in our shop and you will have nothing to worry about. Anyone who has used their cell phone to plumb the depths surely knows what I’m talking about here.
En ce moment, il y a 2 sortes de leds pour torches.Les forte puissance style Seoul Semi Conductors P7, Cree MC-E, Lumileds SST-50. Absolument tout ce que je voulais, sauf le bouton pas assez en retrait qui s'allume tout seul dans le sac.. Ces trucs pompent les batteries (dans les 2,8 amperes a 3,7 volts en puissance max pour une p7 par example, et crachent la lumiere (style 900-1000 voir 1200 lumens a ces puissances.) forte chaleur, grosses leds, pour les grosses lampes a plusieurs piles Li-ion ! Ca crache FORT, ca chauffe fort, j'en ai une, tu la met sur le velo et t'eclaires la route comme un semi-remorque, mais tu t'en sers aussi de chaufferette a 60 degres ! La difference c'est que Cree est une marque chinoise et qui pipotte des specs theoriques, et OSRAM des teutons qui mesurent des specs reelles !
On peut brancher une led 3,7V directement sur une pile li-ion 3,7 V, mais comme la pile chargee fait 4,2 V et vide 3,2, on a le risque de la griller, et on n'aura pas un resultat constant !
Certains drivers boostent le voltage, par exemple pour alimenter une led 3,7 V avec une pile AA 1,5 V.

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