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En el mundo virtual de Club Penguin, los jugadores pueden explorar la isla, personalizar su pinguino, comprar ropa y accesorios, ir a fiestas, divertirse con juegos, adoptar y cuidar mascotas, decorar iglús y pasar el rato con sus amigos. Antes de descargar esta aplicación, ten en cuenta que incluye compras integradas que cuestan dinero real, notificaciones emergentes para informar sobre actualizaciones interesantes como nuevos contenidos, y anuncios sobre la Familia de empresas de Walt Disney. In the virtual world of Club Penguin, players can explore the island, customize your penguin, buy clothes and accessories, go to parties, play games, adopt and care for pets, decorating igloos and hang out with friends. Before downloading this application note includes app purchases that cost real money, popup notifications to report on interesting updates as new content, and ads on the Family Walt Disney companies.

Esto incluye acceso seguro y protección de los datos privados de su hijo, chat filtrado, posibilidad de reportar jugadores y moderadores en vivo. From playing ninja battles to organize fashion shows, in the virtual world number one Disney you're free to be whoever you want and do what you want: exploring the island, join the last party, make friends and chat with them, have fun with games adopt and care for pets, visit the igloos of friends, give "Like" and more.
This includes secure access and protection of private data of their son, chat filtering, ability to report players and live moderators.
Children should always get permission from their parents or other responsible adults to download the app and play.

Committed to Internet security, Club Penguin is synonymous with fun for kids and peace of mind for parents.

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