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VOX Super Power Long Distance Rechargeable LED Torch is not available for purchase currently.
The Vox Super Powerful Long Distance Rechargeable LED Torch is very useful for areas where there is frequent power failure. Weather proof construction, has White LED Powerful Bulb, Equipped with a 6V 6.5Ah sealed lead acid battery. Disclaimer: Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and information purposes. The offer includes a rechargeable LED light that is for emergency and is a must for a place where there are frequent power cuts.
Rechargeable emergency LED torch lights are designed to provide relatively brief light at the start of a power cut. The powerful bulb inside it covers long distance thus making it ideal apparatus while traveling, campaigning, picnics and for any outdoor activities.
This appliance has multiple uses and is a sure a go getter for all at an easy pricing only from naaptol online shopping.

Lightorati's take on this light: This might not be the most reliable light but is a bang for the buck if you are in the market for low cost but high power lights. Please note that this light, which has a large head, is more of thrower than flood light(it however has a minimum amount of useful flood).
The actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website. On the other hand there is a multi-purpose tool kit which is essential in house office or shops.
These are plugged into an AC outlet for charging, and then turn on automatically when the power goes out. It is the most cost effective light for some requirements like Security personal equipment which need low end lights but working ones. There is neither manufacturer warranty nor Lightorati's 15-day return and lifetime support on this light.
Neither we can nor any other seller can give any warrany on this light and if they are offering, its a gimmick.

We however check all lights if they are in working condition or not before we ship them out.
Some websites and Ebay sellers list it as 1300-1800 Lumens, we believe that is not right, they are all the same lights. Some lights that are available in the market(same model) are with Q5 LEDs, these are the older versions and are much less brighter than the T6 LED that we are carrying and some lights are clones of clones which fail in a week or two. For many of our customers, this is a great backup light which out-perform even the best lights available in local market.

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