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If you need a truly need a powerful flashlight, look no further than the Klarus XT11 600 Lumen Tactical LED Flashlight. Man builds the world's brightest 1000W LED flashlight, and it's so powerful the light from it can hit low clouds! This homemade flashlight light bar uses ten 100W LED chips to produce an estimated 90,000 Lumens of light.
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9:50 am March 3, 2009 By Roland Hutchinson If you need an ultra powerful flashlight, then check out this crazy creation the Neofab Legion II.
The Neofab Legion II is the World’s brightest single LED flashlight, capable of pumping out a massive 742 Lumens, as you can see from the photos this is a serious bit of kit.
The Neofab Legion II will cost around $295, which is quite a bit for a torch, then again it is pretty powerful. The Extreme Beam Flashlight provides an incredibly bright and powerful light beam that was actually designed for the military and law enforcement, but is now available to the public.

That is a great feature because if you are using this, you need a hand free to do other things, whether you’re working on your car or just need to find your keys.

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