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The amazing led aluminum flashlight - Tektite - led flashlights, led replacement bulbs, dive light, strobes, marker lights & tekna knivesThe new maglite magcharger led flashlight is a full-size aluminum led flashlight provides an amazing 643 lumens in high with a 4 hour runtime and up to 37 hours ofThe rechargeable streamlight stinger led hl provides an amazing 640 lumens in high.
Coming in behind the Olight SST-90, one of the most powerful LED flashlight is the Coast LED lenser x21 at 1086 lumens. A super bright flashlight at a fraction of the cost is the fenix TK45 or the more popular tk 35.

More than the light output, what makes this light incredible is the amount of energy it consumes. These LED flashlights produces 760 lumens and 860 lumens respectively¬† for only around $100. Combine them with some 10 Ah batteries and you’ll be getting run times of 3 and a half hours!

If you need it for longer you can turn down the intensity and it will last almost 300 hours!

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