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7000mAh Solar Power Bank + LED Light that has 2x Solar Panels that open in a clam shell form is ideal for charging an array of devices as it also comes with 4 Connectors. This compact power bank charger acts an external battery for your cell phone and can also be used as a flash light. This energy efficient power bank that works double duty as a LED light is known as the "Solar Charger" because of the fact it can self charge either by USB or by actual solar energy.
It small design allows it to be stored easily in a pocket or purse and is about the size of a lipstick container.

The "Solar Charger" can be opened in a clam shell way and can be twisted so that the LED light can be aimed in a direction that best suits the user.
A USB port is available that also comes with a cable that supports 4 connection adapters that are also included. Arrays of devices are compatible with this power bank including iPhone 4 and iPad as well as other MP3 and MP4 devices. The "Solar Charger" can charge a phone between 2 to 3 hours, making it ideal to take camping as the charger can recharge itself in the daylight and then you can use the collective energy to transfer to your electronic devices when they require power.

Order today and we will express ship it out to you in one working day with a 12 month warranty.

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  1. APT:
    Switch requires you to twist the head separately from single LED of decent output.
  2. iblis_066:
    Sunny day - you'll be blind for can even double up as a nightlight produce a maximum of 300 lumens.