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Would a XP-L HI emitter with a < 1.2 inch smooth reflector make for a considerable thrower? More details please check here and you are welcome to post your impression and opinions, thank you. Please be noted only your first post will be counted, double posts or posts without this phrase will be neglected.

We will update the result of the free light winners here after next Friday when the NYSE Composite and Dow Jones Ind. If the 6V output isn't a mistake then maybe instead of the MT-G2, they're looking at the Luxeon M for a SC63d but the M also comes in 3V versions. 29th.), so this activity will go for more than one week from now on, Please enjoy and post reminder when the market closes and index result will be highly appreciated, thank you all!

If it's in order to make the light slightly shorter, I don't think it's worth it to eliminate alot of cells that people already own (and potentially purchased from ZL).

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