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Motion-sensing LED lights — these lights are perhaps the most efficient lighting devices available today. I also use some similar lights called PIR 6 LED Motion Sensors, they are very similar to the Philips SpotOns.
This Maxxima 5 LED Sensor Light is similar to the one I described above, but it is brighter and it does not have a frosted window, so the light more intense.
I’ve picked up a couple of LED motion sensing lights that work great in our dark hallway. We use several motion-sensing light switches to control two sections of our basement; one turns on a couple CFLs, another a standard double fluorescent tube overhead light.
We also have a light-sensing LED nightlight in our upstairs bathroom (uses less than 1 watt when on, turns off when the sun rises), which is great so our sleepy kids can avoid falling down the stairs adjacent to the bathroom.

And, lets face it, as well as being environmentally sound, motion sensors are just a cool thing to have in the house.
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They switch on whenever their infra-red sensors detect movement in a room — such as when someone begins to walk down a dark hallway. Once you attached it to the wall or ceiling, you do not have to unscrew anything to replace batteries. You don’t happen to know the name of the contraption that is on the? inside of the disc drive that holds the disc when the mount pops up and tries to put the disc hole into the nub the piece above the disc that holds it in place. Testeur de tension 3-en-1 760 mmIndique les plages de tension alternative de 110 V, 220 V, 380 V.

At night, I’m able to go down two floors to the basement, without turning on any lights. They run on three AAA batteries, you can use rechargeable batteries of course (I recommend using hybrid rechargeables because they keep their charge for many months). They are intelligent enough to only turn on at night (and only when they sense motion in the room). Pour arriver ici, rien de plus simple, les internautes en quete du meilleur de l’equipement pour la maison ont recherche par exemple Prise Double RJ45 Cat6 FTP Arnould Espace Evolution Blanc.

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