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Due to this manufacturer's corporate policy we are unable to ship this product internationally. We have the item in our warehouse and will ship it out immediately or within 1 business day. Customers worldwide have requested a dedicated red LED tactical style light and we like to make our customers happy, so we are happy to introduce the Olight M20 Crimson. Even though I cannot find anyone who has actually used one of these, based on my other excellent Olight products I went ahead and ordered this light from Battery Junction.
The KillLight puts out a really strong central throw to 250 yards, making it my favorite night hunting light so far.
Although I already have two Olight M-20S 340 lumen and two Olight M-20X 500 lumen white LED weapon mount lights, I was worried about the 105 OTF lumen rating on the M20 Crimson not being strong enough for hunting use.
I was totally wrong, this light has an awesome throw out to 150 yards in the woods in complete darkness and is an excellent retina illuminator!
Absolutely love this great RED LED Olight - wish someone had said something about this earlier as a dozen of my friends will be ordering them now that they've heard about it from me.
Remember, most mammals, except the bipedal primate kind, are all Red-Green color blind on the account of their retinal ganglion cone cells all being dichromatic. Actually, I have discovered that the Olight M-3X with the green filter is quite a night thrower with a superb beam even with the filter!

Here is my Olight M-20 Crimson Red Led and Olight M-3X with green glass filter no joke setup on my Thompson Center Contender Carbine that is accurate out to 250 yards precisely. Olight needs to come out with an Infrared LED powered M-20 series in IR 850nm and 940nm, OSMRAM makes the IR LEDs, they would perform terrific in this flashlight for tactical night vision uses! Die MH40 gehort zur neuen Multitask Hybrid Serie von NiteCore und ist das "Flaggschiff" der Serie.
Die Olight i6 ist eine kraftvolle und praktische LED Taschenlampe mit einer benutzerfreundlichen Bedienung und der neuesten Cree XM-L LED sowie einer maximalen Leuchtleistung von bis zu 420 Lumen (OTF).
To meet your everyday carry needs, OLIGHT brings you this highperformance EDC type LED flashlight -- S10 Baton. Olight i2 lumens flashlight battery - Olight s15 baton led flashlight with cree xm-l2 led - 280 lumens uses 1 x aa - minimalist design easy-to-use interface next up in the s-series is the s15-ti batonOlight h15s wave 250 lumen rechargeable led headlamp.
On day 30 we will charge 50% of the remaining balance, followed by the final payment on day 60. Sometimes we get it the very next day, but typically it will ship out within 5-7 business days.. It has about the best OTF lumen rating I have seen and I am in the market for a red led light that has a good throw for night hunting. They simply do not have the means to see Red or Green, same as a human that has the X-linked Red-Green color blind gene mutation.

Alle Modelle dieser Serie verfugen uber ein eingebautes Ladegerat und haben die gleichen Funktionen. OTF bedeutet out of the front und mi?t die Lichtleistung, welche effektiv von der Lampe erreicht wird. I was curious as to the difference in the M20 vs the M20CS as just mentioned in the previous post. Der Unterschied zwischen den einelnen Modellen besteht nur in der Stromversorgung und damit in der Leuchtleistung. Durch den Einbau der neuen CREE XP-G2 wurde die maximale Leuchtkraft auf 420 Lumen angehoben und zudem wurde eine Einhandbedienung eingebaut.
320lmoutput and a small side switch, which is perfectly compatible withCR123A and RCR123 battery.

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