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To take it further, if you owned a silver car, but did some work for few friends on a side would you still get the LED? Working with the two, the LED and the Xenon, I prefer to have both on hand since they reveal different levels of swirls in varying paint colors and metallics.
This is the best customer relationship management I've seen from an online vendor period. We’re not sure it has anything to do with the light’s wavelength, but the LED flashlights seem to work better for finding slighter scratches, like machine trails, holograms, marring, etc.

The Xenon flashlight seems to be better suited at finding heavy swirls and Random Isolated Deep Scratches.
The biggest difference between the two off the bat, is that the Xenon flashlight is easier to look at when inspecting due to its reduced light output (lower lumen rating) and its wider light spectrum. You’ll be able to look straight into the reflection of the light much easier under normal conditions (the best way to visually locate RIDS). The defects show up in more vivid color as the Xenon’s light shifts off the defect’s edges.

The LED’s light, being more blue, shows less detail in its reveal of defects, and the color is much more intense to the eyes.
The LED’s output means you can’t hold it as perpendicular to the surface as the Xenon with the same comfort, but it does great to highlight trail-marks and holograms by reflecting it at a lower angle.

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