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The Nitecore SRT7 SmartRing tactical flashlight gives you full brightness control with up to 960 lumens.
BrightGuy, Inc is a major supplier of flashlights for firefighters, police, industry and outdoor sports. The NiteCore SRT-7 Revenger (Revenge for what?) is the newest entrant into a relatively narrow field of torches that don’t feel constrained to simply one color. The user interface is, in my opinion, the most brilliantly implemented part of this whole package.
Boasting an impressive 960 lumens at peak output, the SRT-7 is a stark reminder of how far portable illumination has come.
If you’ve been following my reviews long enough, you might already know one thing I’m going to mention here.
Any time you pair basic 5mm LEDs with a reflector, you run the risk of some oddball beam characteristics.
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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Bred From a Family of WinnersThe SRT7 Revenger is the most powerful and full-functioned member of the revolutionary SRT Series of flashlights. I purchased this flashlight because it was one of the first with the new XM-L2 LEDs putting out close to 1000 Lumens.
My young daughter now uses this light as I have moved on to other XM-L2 lights for my long throw needs and she has yet to break it. Pros:- Outstanding output, infinite adjustment, plus the beam is a perfect balance of throw and flood (at least for my personal taste), plus white beam shows no aberrations due to the presence of the other three emitters positioned on the reflector. Cons:- Should have a thicker, crenelated bezel, doesn't have to be too aggressive, just to offer the lens a little more protection.
Excellent product that is impressive by its small size, yet very powerful light and distance capacity!
Ordered several of these for nighttime field work and wildlife study at a conservation property.
The Nitecore SRT7 "Revenger" is a formidable light for any carry, but when you need a whole lot of light downrange in a small, convenient tactical flashlight, It really doesn't get much better than the SRT7. Initially, I was carrying this light in my pocket for the first day, but people kept looking down at my 5.11's wondering what kind of boner I'd just sprung, so I moved the light to my Every Day Carry (EDC) most of the time. Other than those two notable tests, I used the SRT7 for regular duties, rummaging around the basement, tinkering in the garage and even reading my kids bedtime stories. The front end of the flashlight is noticeably heavier than the rear, but it's not uncomfortable.
The Nitecore comes with three additional LEDs that put out red, blue and green light, as well as having a "police flashing" mode between red and blue. Besides for the police flasher, the SRT7 has two other special modes: A Location Beacon (Flashes once every couple seconds) and a Strobe (fast flashing) that's good for getting people's attention (Not like the police lights wouldn't). A team member will respond to your request with a formal price quote, product information, and shipping quote. Using what is likely my favorite control method, the selector ring, NiteCore has combined fully variable output and multi-colored secondary beam selection into one well-organized sequence. It gives you very precise control over how much output you want, and has just enough tension to hold it there without being cumbersome when you need to adjust. NiteCore has paired this top-notch emitter with a deep, smooth reflector, only sacrificing tiny cutouts for the secondary LEDs around the edges. If you’ve seen the average NiteCore product, or any of their competitors, you know that solid machining and quality anodizing are now the norm, rather than the exception.
Once again NiteCore has attempted to blur the lines between an easily accessible protruding switch button, and a fully recessed tailstanding option.
A trio of them stationed around the edges of a polished smooth reflector like this one and you get a beam that looks more like modern art than illumination. The ability to select your output independently from activating the light is always one I prefer. Like its brothers, it grew up in simple times, with the simplest of missions in life: to provide unparalleled output and unique features while maintaining an aggressive profile and tactical capabilities. Here we are at the beginning of the final work week of February with yet another update of flashlight reviews from around the Web.
Best Tactical Flashlights for Every Day Carry, Bug Out Bags, Disaster Preparedness and Personal Carry. There were a couple nights I tried wearing it on my belt for the evening, but even then, it really was a bit bulky at the head, so I really can't recommend keeping this light on your person for long periods of time. The SRT7 fit quite nicely between my neck and chin while I read, but it was a bit too heavy, so it fell off my shoulder a couple times. When rotating the brightness ring, the movement is extremely smooth, but is firm enough that it won't change brightness by bumping or brushing up against the ring.

The latter is totally useless for me because I really don't need to be cited for impersonating a police vehicle, and I really can't imagine when I'd actually need to use it. I took it off the first day because it would get snagged on clothing or my EDC when pulling it out. Continue to rotate the ring for flashing white modes plus red, green and blue output modes.
Placing the more “interesting” blinky options out on the fringes and the well used constant outputs together in the center is definitely my preferred layout. The control ring as implemented here is one of the best I’ve yet used (and I’ve used a fair amount).
This translates into a tightly focused thrower that completely belies the large die of the XM-L2. The styling on this particular model is a little more aggressive than many I’ve seen lately, and as such has some edges that are a little more grabby, but nothing feels inordinately rough like it is unfinished. If I were able to get to them, I might try roughing up their surface with some steel wool with the same treatment I gave to my Fenix E01, but the head on this beast seems pretty well sealed. The Revenger combines the Dual LED format of the smaller members of the series, with the tactile configuration of the SRT6, giving it more power and versatility than any member of the SRT family.Tough Meets TacticalAdvanced circuitry provides smooth and efficient current to the XM-L2 LED for a tremendous 960 lumen turbo mode.
Use them for everything from checking I.D\'s at the on mountain bars to looking for lost skiers at night, to chasing Bears away from the common areas. Today’s list is rather short however there are some popular lights including the Thrunite TN30, NiteCore SRT7, Fenix EO5, Powertac X3000 Gen II and DQG Tiny 26650 among the user submitted reviews. I took the light out on a bike ride, and for a couple blocks, I had the light at full power (960 lumens). I never really took the light all the way back up to full brightness, and usually it stayed between 25% and 75% power depending on the job needed. Continuing to design and manufacturer personal lighting products under numerous brands, both in China and through the U.S.
I will say this, the SRT-7 has some very unique extra modes that I haven’t seen on any lights before. I don’t personally think my sample goes down anywhere near the 0.1 lumen minimum claimed by NiteCore, but for a torch with “infinite” adjustment up to “burn your retinas”, this isn’t a deal breaker.
Where once an LED as sizeable as this would mandate a floody beam, now we have a focus that speaks volumes to improvements in reflector geometry.
I don’t know if there is any easy fix for this one at all, so this critique ends up being more of a caution to buyers. This innovative technology is housed in a hard-anodized aluminum body fitted with stainless steel components and O-ring seals that allow water resistance up to two meters. Even though I lit the street up, oncoming cars were flashing their high beams at me as my light was just too bright.
It's formidable enough to convey the message that you mean to light something up downrange when you pull it out.
NiteCore has ratcheted things up several notches however through some serious improvements. This does make a barrel with a good amount of grip, which will help during damp or cold conditions. All of this means the Revenger is tough enough to take with you into harsh environments, and depend on during tactical situations. Friends like to borrow it just because it's more powerful than their Maglights ever could hope to be. Nitecore’s origins are highly unusual, born out of forging alliances with several small niche manufacturers and drawing inspiration from the vast collective of knowledge that exists within online hobby groups and enthusiast forums the world over. Instead of the limited output of the incandescent bulb, the SRT-7 sports the most cutting edge of available high power LEDs, the Cree XM-L2. Also, the hyperactive strobe mode proves that nearly a thousand lumens can easily be rather nausea inducing when applied correctly. You will alienate a few customers either way, but you will have a product that works significantly better for the other crowd. Adding to the light's versatility, the SRT7 is compatible with Nitecore's Remote Pressure Switch and Tactical Weapon Mount so you can light up field from the barrel of your rifle or shotgun.Revolutionary ControlThe SRT series' interface combines the best in tactical readiness and practical ease of use. The Nitecore SRT7 is powered by two CR123 lithium batteries or a single rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery. Also improved upon, the single output secondary LEDs are full RGB models that remove the need to choose your chromatic output flavor at the point of purchase. Shoot, why not make tailcaps completely modular and allow people to easily purchase the option they would prefer?
The tail-switch allows instant activation with one hand, meaning this light can be operated comfortably in conjunction with a firearm. It features the latest technology, the third generation SSR or “Smart Selector Ring” and is part of the Smart Ring Tactical Series, which includes a total of 4 flashlights.
At the bezel of the light is Nitecore's Smart Selector Ring which allows you to choose your exact output, from .1 to 960 lumens by simply twisting the ring from left to right.

As the name suggests, it is primarily marketed toward law enforcement, military as well as hunters. Keep twisting the ring, and you'll click into turbo mode, a blinding strobe, and a Red, Green, and Blue lights. Each mode can be selected when the light is off and accessed instantly when the tail-switch is engaged, so you'll never have to fumble through modes on the way to your desired setting.Colorful VersatilityRed, green, and blue LED's are useful for a variety of tasks including, preserving nightvision, making yourself less visible, tracking, game, and reading in the dark. The ability to access these modes directly using the brilliant interface mans you can immediately pick the setting you need when you need it. The main barrel is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum that has been anodized, giving it a tough exterior.The typical tail switch like other tac lights is covered with a rubber boot. No other tactical light combines the versatility of colored LED's with the ease of use offered by the SRT7.
Also great for gun mounts so when the gun recoils, you still get a consistent light source without a flicker. One thing to note is that the head spring contact is recessed so it does not make contact with flat topped batteries. It does come with a cigar style grip that fits directly between the main barrel and tail cap, if screwed off.  The tail cap is protected by to raised edges that each have a hole in them for a lanyard attachment. Also this raise portion around the tail cap makes for a flat surface and the light can stand on end.The Nitecore SRT7 boasts the very latest CREE XM-L2 T6, configured for a maximum output of 960 lumens. While there are three secondary RGB LED’s built inside the reflector wall, the real action is in the main LED. You can purchase EagleTac 3400mAh rechargeable 18650 batteries which should yield longer runtimes.The user interface consists of a tailcap switch and the Smart Selector Ring.
All the modes can be momentarily accessed by partially depressing the forward clicky tail switch. However, all the modes are separated by the noticeable detent.The very first mode is the standby mode. When the light is powered, a small red LED on the side of the head blinks every two seconds to indicate the light is on.
This is a great energy saving feature that most others don’t incorporate into their designs. This is a the smooth ramping power of the CREE LED from .1 lumens all the way to 960 lumens.
This is a great place for it because law enforcement professionals can set this easily without a hassle. If you turn the SSR counter clockwise from the standby mode, it will cycle through the Red, green and blue LEDs. Finally, the furthest click over is the beacon that flashes at slow intervals but on the highest brightness.Like a MAC, the Nitecore SRT7 interface is intuitive despite the number modes it has. With the exception of the SSR which is the wide smooth area of operation, it is just a few single clicks from one mode to the next.As for the output, the primary beam is bright and has a fairly focused hot spot with a large spill area. I think the RGB LED pockets contribute to the blending from the hot spot to the spill and actually plays to my advantage as a user.
Some lights that reach 336 yards like this does, tend to have a more harsh difference between the hot spot and the spill. I prefer to use this type of beam for the majority of outdoor use.The least impressive aspect of this light is the RGB LEDs. The brightness is low on all of them and is probably only suited for close up jobs like reading a map, compass.
These RGB LEDs are in a distinct format and cast three distinct triangular shapes when turned on. If you would like to have a brighter red, green or blue light, Nitecore makes a diffuser that fits the bezel.Lastly is the carry options the Nitecore SRT7 has.
It uses a velcro flap to hold the light in place and has the bottom cut out for even more security. On the backside of the holster is a the standard D ring, which in this case is metal and a velcro belt loop for easy attachment.
Unlike many other lights of this size, the Nitecore SRT7 is a rechargeable style flashlight. I also like the fact the beacon and strobe has limits, allowing for a quick, no fuss access when needed.
I felt empowered every time I got to use that beast, until I realized that it was not the best torch for every situation I was faced with. That's when it snowballed out of control, I started buying random flashlights just because I did not own it yet.

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