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Try searching with the Part Number (UPC Code) or Description from your light bulb, ballast or lighting product. Wherever you see this badge, you can be assured that the review has come from a customer who has purchased from eLightBulbs, ensuring the authenticity of the review. Thinking of how many flashlights I have purchased over the years for $5-10.00 each, I gave serious thought to this one. This flashlight does everything in a very compact package, AND does not roll off of a flat surface like round ones do.

Constructed of anodized aircraft grade aluminum, The EDGE™ outputs 50 lumens with 1 powerful LED. You might love that feature more than any of the others because it saves you a lot of pick-ups from the floor. It is used whenever I get a chance.They didn't lie when it came to talking about the distant the light will go and the brighten. The water-resistant body design also features a steel clip to keep this flashlight handy, or gives you the ability to use as a cap-light for convenient hands-free lighting.

The glow-in-the-dark button is positioned in the back so that you can keep constant control of the flashlight while activating the button.

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