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This item is discontinued.You'll never need batteries for your flashlight again with the Nebo Redline Rechargeable Flashlight. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
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Integrated with a heat-sink design, anodized aluminum body and aggressive face, the RC has everything that you’d expect a REDLINE to have.
The fully rechargeable Nebo Redline RC300 comes complete with two adapters so you'll be able to charge anywhere easily.

And this Nebo flashlight has a heat resistant design, so it stays cool to the touch even after hours of use. It's easy to take with you thanks to the included lanyard, its super lightweight design, and compact design. You'll be impressed with the solid grip on this Nebo water resistant LED flashlight too, which makes it the perfect choice in all types of conditions. The other incredibly useful feature about the Nebo Redline Rechargeable Flashlight is that it's dimmable. Simply hold down the power button to dim it from 100 percent power all the way down to 10 percent.
You can set the brightness level by holding down the power button, making it easy to adjust using only one hand.

It has a maximum light distance of 200 meters and its highest light setting is a bright 300 lumens. This rechargeable led flashlight runs on high for just over 2 hours and at 10 percent power for an impressive 36 hours, and it includes a strobe setting, making it indispensable in an emergency.Get the durable flashlight that never needs batteries! And is waterproof, dimmable, keeps its cool and doesn't loose its grip, order the Nebo Redline Rechargeable Flashlight online today.

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