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The SL 200 Head Torch utilises the most sophisticated and up to date controlled technology to give maximum output of light intensity and battery life. With a maximum output of 51 lumens the SL200 provides a more focused and smoother main beam with additional LED settings designed to give dual light sources for both night vision and close up use.
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A unique design partnership between a physician and Kevin Nash produced the ultimate Rucksack for the top specialist carp angler.
The ultimate for total rod protection Nomad rod skins are also popular for their ease of loading. Features a double zipped main compartment for total uninterrupted access, three external pockets which are zipped for secure containment.
Cavernous military style holdall designed to carry clothing and accessories for long-stay and overseas trips.
This pouch has a ring binder system with ten clear rig wallets and two zipped accessory pockets.
A dedicated pouch with six separate compartments for all your various hookbaits, dips and pop-ups.
Incudes two cups, two plates, two knives, forks and spoons, plus salt and pepper pot and tea towel.
A padded buzzbar pouch to safely transport front and rear buzzbars complete with alarms, bobbins and rear rod rests. Features a heavy-duty insulated lining - guarenteed to keep your boilies etc cool and fresh.

The session and carpers foodbags (below) are insulated to keep food cold and fresh, with detachable liners for easy cleaning.
The Nash baitmate puts everything you need to hand - from bait to hookbaits, baiting needles, drills, boilie stops, catapult, PVA bags and tape etc. Featuring a pivotal head which can be easily adjusted during operation to alter the projection angle of the beam whether using in a bivvy or netting a fish. The pursuit design achieves optimum loading with the minimum strain to suit all anglers, satisfying the important equation of balance and support between shoulders and waist.Pull-in webbing straps maximise body contouring for total comfort on long treks.
The lightweight aluminium frame fully supports the Stacksac when it is partly emptied, enabling easy access to both main compartment and pockets. On one side there's a rig board and elasticated tool pockets; on the other side a ring binder system with five clear rig wallets. Luxury foam padding to protect your stove plus a 350 degree zip opening, utilising a top quality heavy duty zip with dual puller operation. Separate compartment for fuel, stiffened internal base plate, rubberised waterproof base, plus detachable padded shoulder strap. Both contain a utensil department supplied with 2 plates, 1 mug, 1 each of knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon, bottle opener, 1 chopping board and 1 hand towel.
The perfect companion for stalking carp made from hardwearing fabrics with high quality workmanship. The SL200 has a slim power pack fitted to the back of the head band which is fully adjustable for hands free operation.
The clever boys at Nash have noticed this as well and produced the logical holdall to meet our needs - a five roder.

The Pursuit's stiffened back stops sharp contents digging into your back, while generous padding and lumber support provides optimum comfort. Foam lining ensures total rod protection and inside the top area is lined with PVC to prevent 'flying' hooks embedding in the foam. Supplied in pairs, Tip Tops will protect your valuable carbons and hold rod sections neatly together.
Security address window, reinforced carrying and double ended handles, plus padded shoulder strap. The session bag featured here also includes a fully zipped stove compartment which the cheaper bag does not. This achieves a slim design - no wider than your average three rod holdall.The padding is substantial - this holdall is a true guardian of your trusty carbons. The three up two down concept works superbly, the rods neatly fit in the holdall and are quick and easy to load .
Holding the rods in place is achieved with Velcro straps, neat and quick - certainly a lot more efficient than string ties. Two big pockets, Nice touch too is the adjustable webbings to pull the pockets in nice and tight.

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