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I began customizing in 2000 and have enjoyed watching the art grow from a handful of people posting online to countless people all over the world.
Amimon, producer of HD wireless video transmitters and receivers, is catering directly to FPV drone pilots with its new Connex product, the ProSight HD Vision Kit. According to Amimon CEO Ram Ofir, there were a lot of challenges to overcome in the creation of ProSight. Ofir explains that FPV transmitters need to be very small and light, but there’s more to the technology than just size.
The switch from analog to digital has already occurred in nearly all other areas of tech, but digital, wireless systems simply have not had the transmission capabilities required for FPV racing, according to Ofir ? until now. This point is vital — in an FPV drone race, every second, and therefore, every frame, counts.
According to Ofir, FPV racing pilots are accustomed to viewing lower-resolution FPV streams, but for spectators, HD video streams are a key element of successfully bringing drone racing to the masses. The ProSight Vision Kit includes a real-time, specially designed 720P HD camera, as well as the transmitter and receiver.

The issue of spectatorship has plagued drone racing — watching small, LED-illuminated UAVs zooming around a track may be enjoyable for some, but the true thrill of drone racing is FPV. Ofir mentioned that big names in drone racing are eager to get their hands on the product in order to test whether it can be applied in future drone racing broadcasts.
Drone racing is just taking off, but it’s quickly gaining speed with ESPN deals and international tournaments. Amimon also offers the Connex and Connex Mini systems, but entering the world of FPV drone racing brought forth a new array of technological hurdles.
Drone racers fly fast, low to the ground, with intricate flight patterns and significant interference from their flight environments. Analog inherently comes without latency issues — its transmission travels at the speed of light.
A bit of lag in the FPV stream is more than enough to throw a pilot off course and cause a devastating crash. But the camera is an important feature of the system, one that Ofir believes is a game changer.

The Drone Racing League edits its racing footage, using a combination of third-person and FPV to make the video easier to watch. Even in major tournaments like the World Drone Prix in Dubai, pilots expressed frustration with the quality of their FPV.
IDRA’s World Drone Prix attempted to live-stream their event, but faced some technical difficulty in their streams. The first fifty orders will come with a numbered mini shoebox modeled after the Air Mag’s actual yellow box. When racing in the vicinity of other pilots who are transmitting analog signals on the same frequency, receivers can (and will) pick up the other pilots’ signals.

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