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I would like to get a flashlight mount for my 581 series Mini-14 and was wondering what you guys would recommend. I eventually got a ATI stock for the many options it gave me, including an extended metal rail under the fore stock that allowed me to move the TLR2 back and add a folding foregrip. If you look close you can see that I bought the extra switch for the TLR that mounts on the grip, but I almost like the light mounted switch better.
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I would prefer one that would just clamp on to the barrel and that is relatively easy to take on and off. Still have to get a barrel clamp, but those are cheap unless your stock has a rail already. The whole setup would run about $250, but you'd then have a length of rail available for a red-dot optic, sling mount, etc.
A TLR-2 is high on my list of flashlights to get, looks like a good reasonably priced option. This is perfect for handguns that are coming with a length of rail under the barrel on either the dust cover or frame.
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The VLTOR mount places the flashlight right at 90? from the rail., so if that's where his thumb is, it will be the most natural place for the light.
That's a good place for it because you can easily manipulate the controls while keeping your finger near the trigger. Because of variations in the manufacturing process, similar products may have differing weights. If he has a higher hold, or bigger hands, that CDNN mount would put the light in the right place.
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The Amega rail has an option for installing a side rail, but not sure how that is a better choice than a Surefire with the pressure controlled tailcap.

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