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Stop lugging around that massive, heavy, CHEAP PLASTIC flashlight, and snag yourself one (or two) of these bad boys!
That weak yellow light that lazily rolls from your gigantic flashlight powered by those big, expensive batteries HARDLY gets the job done.
Has your wife ever dropped her wedding ring and had it roll into the dark, dusty depths beneath the couch? Your standard flashlight doesn't even have HALF that power, not to mention an LED light!
What's so amazing about this thing is it's unbelievable power in such a small, ULTRA-CONVENIENT package!

What if you need a light that RELENTLESSLY CUTS THROUGH THE DARK and gives you a beam of light that'll blow your mind? Have you ever dropped something important, like your phone, outside at night and not been able to find it? This system offers reliable bright light illumination as well as an integrated top quality red beam laser sight. Single battery is easily changed by unscrewing the light head with no need to disassemble or remove the laser combo from your weapon.
Power by one CR123A battery that provides approximate 36 hours continuous laser use or 45 minutes flashlight use.

But as soon as you really need a flashlight that performs, you'll be kicking yourself for missing out!
Innovative independent switch function make close quarter operations natural, so focus is on the situation at hand not the operation of your equipment. Linear windage and elevation adjustment and a lightweight compact design make this product the ideal choice for professionals who depend on their equipment.

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