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Terralux tle 310mr ex conversion rechargeable mag lite - The terralux™ tle-310mr-ex led conversion kit for rechargeable maglite® replaces halogen bulbs with long life led’s.
One Step conversion from any Incandescent or Xenon bulb, screw-in, flanged or pin base.Additional commercial models are avail for $20-$99 and up. See my page for how to get free components like LED's from Luxon, Cree and Nichia.What page are you talking about?

No need to build a power supply, limit current with LED's rated for 3v-5v and dry cell batteries.
LED Power varies, use high quality 3-4v Ultra Bright LED's and observe voltage recommendations. Some of these put out 5-10 watts of light from LED's!Custom models have over 10,000 Lux of output with 3v-6v batteries in series with fully regulated power supplies!

Mag Instrument, Inc.?s trademarks are used here only to identify the flashlights with which TerraLUX intends its product to work.

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