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We spoke with Tyson Apfelbeck, Product Marketing Coordinator about this LED work light that is not only incredibly bright, but has several handy features that make it a real stand-out. To recap some of the features, the light features 3 high-quality LED lights that put off a lot of light. The hook on the light can be used to hang the light vertically, horizontally, or it can be left in the locked position to use as a flashlight.
There is also an accessory magnet that can be purchased and used with the light so that you can mount it to electrical boxes or metal studs, or in a variety of other situations.
Insanely hot halogen lights were often more incendiary devices than user-friendly lighting. The Milwaukee M12 LED has a lot of things going for it, but it’s also not the ideal light for everything. One nice thing about the M12 LED Light is that it has a flat base created by the bottom of the M12 battery.
While the flat base and hook will cover you for most usage, there’s also an optional high strength battery you can buy. The M12 is small enough that you can cram part of it into a pocket or tool pouch, yet it provides much more usable light than any typical flashlight or headlamp. Not content to provide two kick-ass LED lights for the lumen-starved work light community, we had a chance to see a few brand new Milwaukee LED work light options at the recent Milwaukee New Product Symposium. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation introduces a new M12 Flashlight designed to provide hands-free light in a compact and lightweight package. Milwaukee’s flashy new M12 LED Stick Light (2351-20) is sure to be a popular accessory with M12 users and fans.
A multi-position stainless steel hook gives you a couple of ways to hang the flashlight for hands-free lighting, and there’s also an optional magnetic base attachment (49-24-2351) that you can buy separately. While not available just yet, one authorized distributor has the LED Stick Light priced at $79 for just the tool.
One thing I particularly like about the design, at least in theory, is how the impact-resistant lens is replaceable (and hopefully user-replaceable).
A part of me wishes that Milwaukee was a little more creative and innovative with the design, but I suppose it’s more important for the product to do its job and do it well. When I first saw the pictures of this new Milwaukee light and started reading the article, I thought this was a big step up. I really wanted to put the nextec light out to pasture when this showed up since I run mostly M12 tools and the nextec is the oddball battery and charger.
But seeing as how their 1-LED light is priced at $39, I don’t think $79 is too outlandish. I love their tools, but Milwaukee is way off with their flashlight prices, which tool companies usually treated as throw in items to sweeten the deal with their tool combos. The Dewalt 12V is a really, really good worklight, but its bright center spot might be a little too intense for some applications. New Craftsman 4V Slide Screwdriver We've Got a Comment Spam Problem - Feedback Requested My New Knipex Automatic Wire Strippers are Pretty Good So Far What Would You Store in This Durham Dispensing Wall Cabinet? Powered by an M12 REDLITHIUM battery, the Milwaukee M12 Cordless LED Work Light offers twice the brightness and run time of conventional incandescent work lights.
Reviewers may have received a benefit, like a sweepstakes entry or rewards program points, in exchange for writing a review.
A flood (get it?) of LED lights solved the temperature problem, but most of them were plagued weak brightness, uneven lighting, and sickly color temperatures. We’ve been reviewing their M12 LED Stick Light and M18 LED Flood Light for almost a year now. Compared to many other lights in its class, I found the lighting to be even and very usable. That base makes it easy to plop the light on a bench, floor, shelf or other relatively flat surface. That’s handy for hanging the light on a nail, screw or other protrusion of convenience.

The magnet would come in very handy for use around electrical boxes or other metal utilities. Thanks to its compact size and versatile positioning, I found it to be one of my most reached-for work lights. If you need a bright light, or a light to fill a larger area like a room, that’s where the Milwaukee M18 LED Flood Light comes into play. Regardless of whether it meets that exact spec’ or not, I found it to be very bright. In addition to the great design of the M12, the new M18 version will feature an articulating head, further increasing the versatility of the light.
The 2351-20 M12 LED Stick Light will set you back about $80 at our sponsor Ohio Power Tool. Featuring a 90° rotating head, the M12 Flashlight allows light to be projected in any direction.
It’s part automotive worklight, part handheld flashlight, and part general purpose stick-it-anywhere worklight.
Broad, exposed, and curved worklight lenses are much more vulnerable to damage than smaller recessed ones, so it’s good to know that replacements are available, just in case. In that regard, I have no doubt that the Stick Light will be a useful addition to any M12 user’s tool kit. I bought the same type of this tool (stick flashlight, LED, incandescent, or flourescent bulb available) for the Craftsman Nextec 12v platform for $29.99. Right now ToolBarn is the only retailer accepting orders at the $79 price, and there’s a (very small) chance that price is a bit inflated. I have a fair amount of m-12 stuff, but haven’t bothered with their flashlights after I bought one of their overpriced pieces of junk couple years ago.
My EZRed 3000 lights include a magnet, a whole lot more LEDs, a charger, and have a built in battery, and they’re around $80, too. I can’t say whether that light is better or worse, but just comparing the LED count is apples to oranges. The former is what gives you reliability and power, the latter a nice diffuse light that covers the work area. While flashlights still have their uses, I often find myself using headlamps when it comes to working on the house.
Milwaukee stepped in with an impressive line of cordless LED work lights designed to eliminate many of these problems, and a few others you didn’t realize existed. Many work lights have an intense center hot-spot which is a bit like staring into the sun while trying to do detail work.
Given that the bottom of an M12 battery isn’t very wide, the light is not well suited to uneven surfaces.
If the loop doesn’t cut it, you can notch the end of the loop over to release it, and now you have a handy hook. I would have liked to have seen the magnet integrated into the design by default and not as a separately-purchased add-on. When I had the light mounted from on a nail, I was always fumbling and searching for the buttons.
They also featured a unique rotation that enable you to focus the flood in one area, or it can be adjusted for full 360 degree illumination. The 49-24-0145 utilizes a 12V Lithium-Ion battery to provide longer run time and featuers a Xenon incandescent bulb that maximizes brightness of the beam over a specific work area.
Runtime is rated at 4+ hours, which seems pretty reasonable, at least for a >200 lumen worklight.
That way users don’t have to worry about babying their worklights, at least not too much.
Do u think they will ever come out with an m12 circular saw, battery power definitely seems powerful enough now? But if you’re working up high, you need something stronger, which means larger and pricier.

It’s true that in terms of light temperature there are big differences, but not so much in output or any of the other important characteristics of various LED brands. As handy as it is to have directional light wherever you point your face, headlamps still have to be strapped to your head.
We also recently attended the Milwaukee New Product Symposium (aka Heavy Duty ToolFest), where they unveiled new LED Lights we’ll give a preview of at the end of this lumen-packed review!
Those same lights often leave a very dim perimeter which is equally challenging to work effectively in.
I spent a good chunk of time with the M12 LED in our crawlspace, and sticking it on the dirt wasn’t going to work. Once you place it down, it’s not likely to move unless you accidentally drop-kick it out of place. This space had no existing lighting, leaving the M18 to provide all the illumination for the job.
Halogen work lights are notorious for getting so hot you can use them create char stripes on your favorite steak. I think a single-button design that cycles through settings is a much more elegant solution (and one that Milwaukee employed on their new LED lights I’ll be mentioning below).
An integrated magnet provides hands-free use and a lightweight, compact design provides superior durability and portability. I bet that they looked into including it with the worklight but realized the price was too high, especially since not all users are going to find the magnet handy. I kept thinking to myself how awesome it would be to have something exactly like this, but hopefully not at $80 for a bare light. Unless people are doing PANTONE matching underneath the lights the colour temp or CRI is unimportant within reason. Aside from that lack of comfort, they also don’t always put out an even field of light that covers a wide area. The Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light casts a very uniform light which makes for a very natural work environment. I wonder if this led stick light is more for up close use or if the beam can travel a good distance?
I was replacing a couple filters on my car, and the M12 LED light worked great in the horizontal position, evenly lighting the entire engine bay. I even balanced it on a beefy joist while doing some work in a dark and hard-to-access nook of ceiling space. This worked fine, but given the fact that I was working on the floor I found myself constantly moving the light. It did a great job of turning an otherwise pitch black hole into a completely well-lit area. As a result, I hammered a quick nail into a nearby stud and hung the M18 Flood Light from its built-in key hole mount. That policy came about after a couple brief run-ins with halogen light parts I assumed had cooled off already. The built-in magnet works great but I can’t hang the light if there is no flat metal. Unfortunately it did not manage to shrink my shoulders so that I could get anything other than either my head OR my arm into that same space, but it’s hard to fault a flood light for my confined space work conditions. Not only did this get the light out of the way, but it also made for more even lighting on the work area since the light was coming from overhead rather than a very low angle on the floor. Aside from not branding you with a grill mark, the M18 Flood Light delivered impressively even lighting.

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