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Lowe's LED Clip-On Desk Lamps were called in for recall by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, according to a press release issued by the government agency, due to exposed wires having caused electric shocks and burns to consumers. The LED Clip-On Desk Lamps, of which 33,000 units were manufactured and sold via L G Sourcing Inc.
L G Sourcing reported, according to the press release, that they received five complaints of cords detaching from consumers, including one incident where a person received an electric shock, and another of a child having received burns to her hand and leg when in contact with the exposed electrical wires. The CPSC noted that consumers who purchased the lamps should immediately stop using them, unplug the power cord, and cut the power cord off two-to-three inches above the plug.

The lamps, manufactured at He Shan Lida of China, were sold exclusively at Lowe's stores across the country from May 2011 to December 2011 for around $20, said the press release. The recall listed specifics for the two types of plastic LED Clip-On Desk Lamps, in pink and blue, stating it had "a flexible metal neck approximately 12" long and a clamp at the base. In order to receive a refund from the manufacturers, He Shan Lida, the CPSC suggested mailing the faulty lamps back to their facility in China, including the cost of postage. Get your selection of energy efficient, flexible LED rope lights for your custom accent lighting project.

The other side of the label includes the model number F3044-AC-01 (pink lamps) or F3044-AC-02 (blue lamps). LED Rope Lights (3) Super Bright LED Rope lighting is a decorative lighting, that is made with series of miniature LED’s embedded in a PVC tube.

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