Led torch sales,brighter headlight bulb replacement,tactical q5 led conversion head 90 - PDF 2016

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The data is approximate and may vary between torches, batteries and environments.Battery InformationCR123A lithium primary battery cells are NOT rechargeable.
When focused into a spot the G30 has a maximum beam range of 146 metres.The G30 has an output of 121 lumens, turned on and off with the tail cap push button.

I thought quite a bit about buying a similar touch that used rechargeable battery's but given the battery life and relatively low battery price I decided to purchase this model.
Made a mistake on the personalisation, but fortunately l managed to speak to the company before printing began.
All in all my brother in law is delighted with his personalised torch and I can't fault the service from Torch Direct.

The brightness and light options are just so useful (except perhaps the slow SOS signal) and are easily accessed.

Tactical strobe light with green laser
Joint light tactical vehicle cancelled xs


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