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The rugged construction of the LED Lenser X21 is also worth noting – will withstand rough treatment from you and the elements.
Avec la X21.2, LED LENSER propose une lampe ultra lumineuse, fiable a la duree d’utilisation remarquable. Entrepreneurs de chantier, professionnels de la securite, services de secours, artiste, photographe, light painter, ou grand amateur de technologie, cette lampe de poche peut s’averer beaucoup plus efficace qu’un projecteur.
Grace au systeme de gestion des fonctions lumineuses Smart Light Techonoly (SLT), l’eclairage s’adapte a chaque situation ; besoin de puissance, d’autonomie, ou d’un mode d’auto defense. La concentration du flux lumineux s’ajuste egalement tres rapidement et simplement avec le Speed Focus, une technologie presente sur la majeure partie de la gamme de lampes Led Lenser. Dans le cadre d’une enquete ou de l’aide qui peut etre apportee aux victimes, aucune foret, aucun lieu d’accident ou scene de crime ne doit rester mal eclaire. L’autonomie de cette version 2014 du modele de lampe torche la plus puissante chez Led Lenser, a ete multipliee par 4, La X21.2 peut rester allumee durant 100 heures et fonctionner avec des piles rechargeables.
Si vous recherchez encore plus de puissance et de securite d’eclairage, decouvrez egalement la X21R.2, equipee du systeme d’alimentation et de recharge Safety Ytrion Cell. A propos de Led Lenser FranceLed Lenser France, importateur officiel de la marque de lampes torches et frontales a technologie Led. CR18650 3.7V Rechargeable Battery05th September, 2014Ledlenser shifted its focus to sport and outdoor activities just under two years ago. In 1993, the bank refused to grant them a business loan and they had no real estate to offer as collateral, just fresh ideas and the prototype of the first LED LENSER V8 flashlight. With all the passion and courage of two young, newly-minted entrepreneurs, they managed without the bank and to their own surprise ended up selling more than 200 million Euros’ worth of LED flashlights in the first five years.

Fast forward 17 years, hundreds of patents and design awards later, and LED LENSER is now a company of more than 1000 employees, three manufacturing bases and a range of some of the world’s highest-quality LED flashlights. Please select a QTY from above, your Country and Postcode (if you live in AUSTRALIA) or just your Country if outside of AUSTRALIA and click apply to receive a shipping quote in the table below. Toute copie et ou reproduction total ou partielle sans l’autorisation ecrit de l’auteur est formellement interdite et sera poursuivi selon les lois en vigueur. Luminosite en nature pas specialement agressive, c'est plutot pas mal ca evite de se fatiguer les yeux. You see, the Led Lenser X21 has been touted to be the world’s brightest mass-manufactured LED light. The LED Lenser® X21 will cause a sensation because it allows for a whole range of new applications in light engineering. The LED Lenser® X21 offers a broad, circular low beam as well as a sharply focused searchlight beam.
Plus legere et capable d’eclairer des surfaces telles qu’un jardin, un terrain de camping ou un chantier de construction, cette lampe torche est incroyablement puissante. Avec la lampe torche Led Lenser X21.2, quelles que soient la surface a eclairer et la duree des recherches, personne ne sera oublie. The lighting specialist then began introducing new product developments to the market – such as the XEO 19R and the SEO and NEO series – for extreme sport and outdoor sport athletes as well as runners.
For the gentlemen at the bank, who told them that the V8 was unsellable, that wasn’t enough. The V8 became an international design classic and one of the the top-selling LED flashlights in the world.

And today, just as in the beginning, we remain driven by light – the emission, channeling and powering of light. Il possede des failles de securite et pourrait ne pas afficher certaines fonctionnalites de ce site internet. This torch has a light output of up to 950 lumens, thanks to the Advanced Focus System, the light cone can be adjusted dynamically. 7 ultra-bright high-performance chips and 7 terminator lenses produce a quality of light that you have never experienced before – a blazing beam that makes even car headlights look pale in comparison. So In 1994, with 1,000 DM, a sketch book, toolbox and old Atari® computer, twin brothers Rainer and Harald Opolka struck out on their own and founded LED LENSER in their garage in Germany.
The XEO 19R headlamp is the first of its kind with a bright 2000 lumen output in two independently operated LEDs, state-of-the-art technology, and transformative design that allows the user to wear, carry and mount the light comfortably for all situations.
Celle-ci s’applique aux pile(s) fournie(s) a la livraison de l’article correspondant ou, dans le cas des lampes avec accus, aux accu(s) contenu(s) dans la lampe, en etat entierement charge. It also comes with rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries and IPX8 waterproof housing all squeezed into a 11.5cm light. Available in five funky colours, the Led Lenser NEO is a modern, innovative and lightweight headlamp with an ergonomic design which gives different options for lighting and dimmable brightness. Multi-coloured light has become essential, for example, as a signal in road and traffic situations as well as in the military.

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