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LED headlamp is a tool to have hands-free light, since the lamp portion is strapped to a person’s head.
Some models have extra details, and it is up to the consumer to decide what features and light colors you need. This entry was posted in Product Reviews and tagged LED Bulb, LED Headlamp, Rescue Light, SOS Light, What's LED headlight.
Description:Our new LED Headlight provides cool, bright, white light for procedures and examinations.
It’s usually brighter than a traditional headlamp, the light bulbs typically last longer than traditional bulbs, and it is very lightweight. Thus, the wearer can have the light shine directly onto something on the ground or in her hands.

For example, in addition to white LED light bulbs, one model is equipped with an SOS light and a series of red and amber LED lights for emergency situations.
It is most often used for hiking, camping, backpacking, household projects, or detailed car repairs. There are some models where the headlamp can be easily removed and then attached to a baseball cap or other hat with a bill. This feature is particularly useful if the wearer is trying to have a conversation with another person and she does not want the light to shine in the other person’s eyes. Consequently, if a person is in a situation where she may not be able to replace the batteries in her LED headlamp, she may prefer to use yellow LED bulbs. While the bulbs of an LED headlamp will typically last 100 to 200 hours, there are a few models where the manufacturers claim the bulbs will last for 100,000 hours.
Because of the bright light emitted and the long lasting bulbs, it is also commonly used by search and rescue people, such as forest rangers, police officers, and firefighters as well.

Most models are water-resistant, although some models are better equipped to handle moist or wet conditions than others. In addition, some headlamps allow the user to dim the light that is emitted from the headlamp.
For example, if the headlamp is going to be used for night vision purposes, red LED bulbs are common. A person who is using her LED headlamp to maneuver through smoky areas or other hazards may prefer to have blue LED bulbs in her headlamp.

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