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LED technology is currently developing at a rapid rate and in this article we look at how you can utilize the latest LED technology to light your images until the photographic lighting industry catches up. LED’s are light emitting diodes and they are very efficient at converting power into light.
However, manufacturer CREE are currently leading the LED lighting revolution and their distinctive yellow XM-L LED is now widely available in a range of budget flashlights on Amazon and they’re brightness is game changing! I recently purchased a Ultrafire torch from Amazon with two rechargeable batteries and charger for about ?17. Sure, one of the batteries is poor and it doesn’t pump out the claimed 900 lumen, but this thing is brutally bright and has real potential. Let’s be clear…from a photography perspective, it’s too bright and harsh to shine directly at anything or anybody. If you’re a regular Lightism subscriber, you’ll recall I recently made a light from plumbers pipe and glowsticks for another article.
A saw, a drill, tinfoil, small sheet of sand paper (to smooth any rough edges) and a pair of scissors. Tip:  Test the pipe with the torch before you buy it as some varieties are rather pink once lit!
Measure 11” from either end of the 32” length of pipe and cut halfway through the pipe with a saw.
Now cut the pipe down its width from the end nearest your cut, effectively removing a slice of pipe.
The end cap is the same diameter as the pipe, so if you cut four small slices out if cap be forced into the pipe.

Before fitting it to the pipe, screw up a ball of tinfoil and place it in the end far of pipe to act as a reflector (I tried various things including mirrors) and force on end cap. You can also fit a length of thick black tape to the rear of the pipe to reflect the light forward. The sweet spot as usual is on the very edge of the light, so small adjustments make all the difference. Here’s a quick summery of answers to various comments made here and on various blogs where this has kindly been re-posted. Many people commented on the color temperature issue and in previous articles where I’ve used LED lights I have recommended downloading a free color temperature app and measuring it. Would it be better to put a piece of black gaffer tape on the back of it, to direct as much of the light forward mimicking the way icelight is configured? The other modification that occurs to me is, if you use thick PVC, cut it in half length-wise then wrap once or twice with diffusion.
Thanks, please do subscribe and I’ll show you lots of simple lighting setups with this and many other ideas. Sure, they’ve been around for a while and are now utilized in a range of Photographic lights and torches.
So, you need to use a lighting modifier to defuse it or use it in conjunction with a reflector. Well, if you constructed one yourself what you’ve already made is an exact fit for the LED Flashlight, so you need to do, well, nothing! You can either simply hold it in place to use it now or fix it into place with the tie wraps.

Here’s the wider shot of the picture above in which you can see the model is holding the light and acting as a voice controlled lighting stand. The photo of the girl was shot in total darkness except this light to give you a feel for the actually quality of the light; normally it would be used as a fill with some ambient light. However, the Cree LED is a new generation of LED which doesn’t suffer from the same color issues, so try one because whatever you thought you knew about LED may well have changed! Looks like the light you sugest uses something that looks like a AA battery but doesn’t appear to be.
To save you the effort, I will show you a couple of fool proof setups in my forth coming 30 second portraits series, so subscribe below or like Lightism on Facebook to keep up to date. The light is some 10” away from her face (looks much closer in the photo) & its position was a creative choice.
I just tried it out with my 400 lumen flashlight (works on C cells) and with the sch light barely leaks thru. I found a piece of 1.5 inch sch 1120 and it is much brighter, and would be more so with a 900 lumen light. I’m guessing that even with the brighter light this will still be on the dim side, more like a glow stick.

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