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China Good Quality LED Torch Flashlights, LED Waterproof Flashlight and LED Rechargeable Flashlights International Trade Site. This Flashlight comes with the possibility of directly charging the light by plugging in the charger on the side of the light and is IPX6 Waterproof. This great 300 Lumens Green CREE R5 LED Flashlight throws a strong beam up to 300m distance.

Perfect for hunting and fishing, this green light doesn't attract insects and doesn't scare away fish or game! Also, green light has little to no effect on night vision scopes and gives you high contrast viewing. Unscrewing the top of the flashlight will make a power inlet appear to directly charge your Flashlight.

A car charger and tactical gun pressure switch are also included, making this the ultimate hunting flashlight kit!

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  1. Seytan_Qiz:
    Noting that the diode does not light only asks for the standard Camera/Mic see.
    I worry about getting some will not cause the fluorescence like you'll use when choosing a flashlight.