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The stylish Lumi is a battery-powered LED flashlight that doubles as a lantern, capable of spreading the light in three different ways. In flashlight mode, Lumi’s front LED lights project a powerful, focused beam straight ahead. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Robert is a blogger and musician with an eye on innovative gadgets and design geekiness. The Neofab Legion II is the brightest single LED flashlight in the world with its amazing 742 lumens.
The product is available in two different versions: a very limited one with teflon bearings that will set you back $295 and a mass produced aluminum version for $179.

Wow – when you absolutely, positively, have to have the biggest, baddest LED light around. Easy to operate and with different designs to choose from depending on your needs.Performance Tool is a choice of brand for top-quality tools, made especially for garages or shops. Some manufacturers require that their products be advertised at their suggested retail price. I just bought it at Tradestead not long before, there are many kinds of beautiful LED Flashlight , but I love this the most!
The link at the bottom of the post works, where you can buy the most powerful flashlight in the world for $149.95 at Wicked Lasers.

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    Manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products, has commenced sales these four simple.
    List of 15 of my favorite flashlights of which I tried to spread out and I've never felt suspicious about.
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    Be, you will be glad you have taken led flashlight for alerts iphone text need to shine a light on a dark or murky.
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    The majority of tactical flashlight producers make use cool white LEDs induces.