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You can set your iPhone’s flash to react whenever you receive a call, a message or any other notification. With this setting active your iOS device will provide visual alerts whenever your device is locked.
Notice how my iPhone 5s flashes when a call is incoming, a SMS message is received or any other notification arrives. FLASHr is a cleverly-designed case for your iPhone 4 or 4S that uses reflective aluminum plating to bounce light from the camera’s flash, using the aforementioned Flash Alerts feature, through its translucent frame. As you can imagine, this creates quite the light show whenever you receive a push notification.
Phaze5 is currently trying to raise $75,000 via Kickstarter to order the components it will need for its first production run. Your iPhone usually lets you know when a notification comes in with sound, vibration or both. Step 3: Toggle the LED Flash for Alerts switch to the ON position under the Hearing heading.
The light will blink even if the phone is in silent mode, vibration is disabled in Settings > Sounds and the ringer switch on the side is turned off. The reason why this feature is nested under the Accessibility section of the Settings app is because Apple designed it for people with hearing impairments, although anyone who would rather receive visual rather than audio alerts can use it as well. If you’d rather be alerted of incoming notifications through vibration, you might want to customize vibration patterns to your liking.

Note that it does not REQUIRE that the phone be lying face down to work, you just may not see the flashing as well.
Thank you for explicitly pointing out that the iPhone must be locked for the blinking alert via iPhone Flash notification to work.
I remember a long time ago when I had my BlackBerry, one of the simple features I appreciated the most was the little LED flashing everytime I received a call, or if I had an unread text message.
Can’t some savvy JB developer write a tweak that has a little square flash on the iPhone, simulating an LED on the front? You might have noticed iPhone’s that start flashing and blinking when they ring or receive a message, but your device is not acting the same. If you are using the phone, the LED Flash Alert won’t engage because your iPhone assumes that you are already aware. It's a great feature for the hearing impaired and anyone who would rather receive visual rather than audio alerts. This means that unless you happen to see a push notification come through, you have to unlock your handset to see if you have any missed calls or text messages.
It uses the iPhone’s camera flash to alert users that they have new notifications, but for a number of reasons, this solution is far from perfect. And when you’re ready to take a picture, Photography Mode slides a small plastic cover out of the way to reveal the flash. We just wish Phaze5 would have held off for a little bit, as we’re expecting to see a new, larger iPhone in the coming weeks.

There’s dozens of colors to choose from and Phaze5 hopes to start shipping the cases as early as October.
I can either hear the phone, or, if it’s sitting on a surface face up, see the screen light up anyway.
But in certain situations, audible alerts and vibration won’t be enough to attract your attention, like when in a loud environment such as a night club.
To disable the notification light—excuse me, LED flash for alerts—toggle the setting to the OFF position. In addition, your phone must be resting with its screen down for this to work or you wouldn’t be able to see the blinking light. These visual alerts are great when coupled with the usual vibrations already provided by the system. Now, whenever you get an alert that would otherwise buzz or activate a tone, you’ll also get a light-powered alert. For the LED flash feature to work, you will need to put your phone in silent mode by turning off vibration in Settings > Sounds and also flipping the switch on the side of your phone to turn off the ringer. You'll also need to get in the habit of resting your phone screen down (though when face up, the screen will turn on when a new notification arrives).

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