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You can set your iPhone’s flash to react whenever you receive a call, a message or any other notification. With this setting active your iOS device will provide visual alerts whenever your device is locked. Notice how my iPhone 5s flashes when a call is incoming, a SMS message is received or any other notification arrives.
Even though iPhones don’t have this feature you can use the LED flash light to strobe for notifications. This feature is very handy if you would like your phone to be silent while also being able to see notifications. Laden Sie Flash Alerts Pro im Google Play Store herunter und offnen Sie anschlie?end die Anwendung. Fur eingehende Textnachrichten (Incoming Text) und Anderungen in der Benachrichtigungszentrale (Status Bar Change) gibt es ebenfalls ein Menu, mit dem sich die Lichtintervalle des LED-Blitzes einstellen lassen. Neben Anrufen, Textnachrichten und der Benachrichtungszentrale ist es auch moglich, den LED-Blitz fur andere Anwendungen zu verwenden. Beim Auswahlen von spezifischen Anwendungen unter Application Filtering ist oben rechts im Menu ein kleines Symbol mit drei Strichen dargestellt. Falls der LED-Blitz bei den ausgewahlten Anwendungen oder bei einem Anruf nicht funktioniert, gibt es im Hauptmenu die Rubrik Flash Module Setting.
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En el iPhone a partir de la version iOS 5 se agrego la opcion de usar el flash LED del telefono como un indicador visual de  notificaciones, cuando recibimos una notificacion el telefono destella a traves de su flash LED permitiendonos saber que tenemos una notificacion aun cuando el telefono se encuentre en silencio, y es una excelente ayuda para personas con alguna discapacidad auditiva.
Pero ahora, gracias a los excelentes desarrolladores de aplicaciones para Android MegaWave Software,  podras usarlo en cualquier telefono con Android que tenga un flash LED incorporado.
La aplicacion permite configurar las alertas que quieres recibir y modificar tanto el intervalo como el numero de veces que prefieres destelle el flash LED, es totalmente gratuita y solo requiere que tengas Android 2.1 o superior con flash LED incorporado. This list of iPhone 5 tips and tricks contains hard to find features that most users won’t know about, rather than secret features that users need a special code to unlock. Here are 15 of the lesser known iPhone 5 features we discovered while using the iPhone 5 for the last six months.
The photos are 1920 x 1080, which is good enough for sharing online or most prints for home, but if photos really matter it’s worth making sure you are in photo only mode. The iPhone 5 features LTE which delivers blazing fast download speeds, but it can also cut battery life and in some situations leave users with a phone that can’t connect.
Do Not Disturb is a great way to block incoming calls and texts, but it’s tough to turn off a phone all day when you need to be available to a spouse, boss or kids. Simply add a group to the whitelist and those callers go right through as if Do Not Disturb mode wasn’t on. Former Android users may miss the LED alerts that let them know a call or text is coming in. A word of warning, it is bright and may not fit in with your sleeping habits or in a meeting, but in loud environments it’s the best way to see a call or text on the iPhone. Users who want to know exactly how much iPhone 5 battery life they have left can turn on battery percent, which will place a small battery percentage indicator in the upper right.
It’s easy to obsess over this number, so some users may not want to see this level of detail, but for users who find the iPhone 5 battery life is too short, this will help make it clear if it is time to charge up in the middle of the day.
The iPhone 5 ships with Siri which users may use to set appointments, send text messages and make calls, but Siri can do much more.
Some apps will not open when the device is locked, but other than that, users can open any app on the iPhone with their voice. From here pick between Apps, Books and Music and choose if they should download over cellular networks. From here, any music, apps or books purchased on the iTunes account will automatically show up on the iPhone 5. With unlimited data a thing of the past for most users, monitoring the amount of data used on an iPhone can mean the difference between a normal bill and one with a nasty surprise.
Unfortunately this method requires users to reset the data monitor at the end of the month.
For a more automatic method, check out Data Usage, a $.99 app that tracks data used without the user needing to reset it every billing cycle. Users who find themselves constantly typing phrases, emails and addresses can set up keyboard shortcuts that fill in a full sentence of phrase with just a few characters.
Users can also swipe from the caps lock or the number button to insert a character without tapping back and forth between the two keyboards. To use Siri without pressing the home button, users can turn on a setting that will make Siri automatically launch picking up the iPhone 5.

The iPhone automatically senses that the device is being picked up and when the proximity sensor indicates it is next to a head, like with a phone call, it will automatically start Siri. This menu also lets users choose a language, contact information and toggle Siri on or off. The iPhone home button is one of the first parts to wear out for many users, and others find it too noisy to use in meetings or while next to someone in bed.
Turning on Find My iPhone won’t guarantee a safe return, but it is an easy way to add peace of mind and to wipe a phone if it does disappear. Apple Maps isn’t perfect, but it does offer Siri enabled turn-by-turn directions and an option to make the experience smarter. In Apple Maps, users can turn on Traffic to see traffic on the screen and to get alerts while driving, which include an option to see what the traffic backup is about and to get a new route around it. This works with the standard Apple headphones and many made for iPhone replacement headphones as well.
If you listen to music with the built-in Music app on the iPhone 5 late at night, turn on the Late Night mode.
Unfortunately, the EQ settings only work on the built-in Music app, not on apps like Pandora or Songza.
The iPhone features a built-in calculator that handles the basics like tipping percentages and standard math, but not many users know that turning the iPhone on its side reveals more functionality. When using the iPhone 5 at night, the screen can often be too bright, even at the lowest setting.
There is a hidden feature that lets users turn on night mode for any iPhone app, or the closest thing to night mode. An easier way to turn this DIY night mode on and off is to set a triple click of the home button to invert colors. I think the post will come in very useful for those who have only taken up the iPhone, and you will get a good number of long-time iPhone users who will no doubt find at least a couple of them useful.
Thanks josh I never actually thought of using invert colors as night mood for safari excellente !
There are a lot of ways you can set your iPhone 5 to notify you when you receive new incoming calls or texts, or just about any other notifications. By configuring this option, you will never miss a single notification even when your iPhone is on stealth mode. While this feature had primarily been incorporated keeping in mind the needs of the hearing-impaired, anyone can use it. Go to the Hearing section and scroll till you find the ‘LED Flash for Alerts’ toggle button.
You might have noticed iPhone’s that start flashing and blinking when they ring or receive a message, but your device is not acting the same. If you are using the phone, the LED Flash Alert won’t engage because your iPhone assumes that you are already aware. Im Startmenu sehen Sie diverse Einstellungen fur Anrufe, Nachrichten sowie die Benachrichtigungszentrale.
Rechts neben dem Schalter ist ein kleiner Schraubschlussel dargestellt, mit dem Sie die Intervalle des LED-Lichts bestimmen. Um diese Option zu nutzen, mussen Sie Application Filtering unter der Rubrik Filtering aktivieren.
Flash Alerts para Android te permitira activar la funcion del flash LED para que destelle de forma intermitente cuando recibas una llamada o un mensaje.
This feature is only available on the iPhone 5, and it doesn’t take a full resolution photo, but it is great for capturing a special moment in video and photo. While traveling in New York, we turned off LTE and went form no signal to full coverage in 3G.
The iPhone 5 doesn’t add a notification LED, but it is possible to use the camera flash as an improvised notification alert. Once on, it’s much easier to see if the iPhone has 70% battery life left or 51%, so you can avoid running out of battery life by charging when near a cable. This is handy for using the iPhone in a car, while exercising or when you only have one hand free. Unlike Android there is no built-in warning or identification of apps that are using the most data. Even though there is no way to install a new keyboard like Swype without a jailbreak, users can add shortcuts to the iPhone 5 keyboard and more.
Just be careful using this setting if you share your phone and have Siri calling you anything potentially embarrassing. The emoji keyboard delivers row after row of special emoticons that will show up on other iPhones to deliver funny and lively messages.

Once setup, users can tap this button to access the home button, Siri, and to change other device functions. Of course users can also download Google Maps for the iPhone for another experience with turn-by-turn directions.
This is annoying, but users can make sure messages go through without any manual intervention required. The built-in microphone and control switch lets users perform a variety of actions without taking the iPhone out of a pocket. Some apps feature a night mode that turns white sections of the screen black, but not all apps offer it. Apple lets users invert colors, which results in some weird colors in select apps, but makes it easier to use a web browser at night.
This won’t work with the other option to triple click for a home button, but this option may prove a better use for the triple click shortcut. But lately I’ve been looking into the s4 and the htc1 just because they are different. Without a ringing or a vibration alert, how do you know if a call comes in, or you get a text message? On your iPhone 5, you can choose to get an LED flash alert every time you have an incoming notification. It is exceptionally handy when you are in a situation where you cannot set either vibrating or ringing alerts. This will obviously remind you that Apple had incorporated this feature for differently-abled people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it!
You could be in a noisy office or street where even the loudest of ringtones would be drowned out in the cacophony. Now, whenever you get an alert that would otherwise buzz or activate a tone, you’ll also get a light-powered alert.
Ganz oben ist Use Flash Alerts angezeigt, womit sich die Anwendung fur das Android-Smartphone aktivieren lasst. Mit On Length wahlen Sie die Lange des Lichtblitzes, mit Off Length entscheiden Sie, wie lange das Licht aus bleiben soll.
All umfasst dabei alle Anwendungen auf dem Gerat, System Application steht fur alle System-Anwendungen und Downloaded Application macht alle heruntergeladenen Apps ausfindig.
Users can use apps from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint to check data usage for the official numbers. Lost mode allows a user to set a passcode, enter a phone number and send a message to the thief or good Samaritan.
One thing about the iPhone is they need to make them different somehow while keeping ease of use.
The Home Screen does light up whenever you get a notification, but it’s very easy to miss it, especially if you are in a bright outdoor place; or even indoors. On the iPhone 5, the LED flash is quite powerful, and now you know you can use it not just to take pictures. Whenever you will receive a text or an incoming call, the LED flash will light up in three quick successive alerts to let you know that you have a notification. Also, it is a creative way of receiving notifications if you get bored with audible alerts.
Um die LED-Funktion zu testen, konnen Sie im Menu auf Test On tippen und sehen, wie Sie das Blitzlicht eingestellt haben. So blinkt das Smartphone auch, wenn Sie beispielsweise eine WhatsApp-Nachricht erhalten oder das Hochladen (Upload) von Bildern auf Facebook beendet wurde. Internal Storage Application sucht dabei alle auf dem internen gespeicherten Anwendungen, External Storage Application spurt die Anwendungen auf einer externen Speicherquelle auf, etwa der microSD-Karte oder dem USB-Stick. Es ist moglich, dass der LED-Blitz bei nur einer Option aufblinkt, bei den anderen aber nicht.
Ganz unten im Einstellungsfenster sehen Sie zusatzlich zwei Knopfe: Select All und Deselect All.
Mit Select All wahlen Sie alle aufgelisteten Anwendungen aus, die dann mit einem grunen Hakchen gekennzeichnet sind.

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