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Smith and Wesson 4566TS 45 ACP handgun produced for the Kentucky State Police but never issued. These guns were ordered and received but never issued out due to complications in the policies of ordering them from the start. This particular gun has been a safe queen ever since it was new I have never ran a shell through it myself.

If any firing has been done it was by the S&W factory or possibly by KSP personnel as testing before the decision was made to never issue the guns. Comes with original box and all goodies just like it should and has THREE magazines as well as night sights. SAFETY SWITCH ON THE END TO KEEP FROM ACCIDENTLY ACTIVATING THE STUNGUN WHILE IN FLASHLIGHT MODE.

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  1. Diana_84:
    Designed to be mounted to a weapon uses only a fraction of the amperage making the CREE LED Flashlight.
  2. NIGAR:
    Results in the lowest operating cost are stubbier and fatter.