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Intro: Hand crank LED flashlight hacked - now also USB chargerHere in Russia people sell stuff on the commuter trains. Here are some pictures of flashlight being taken apart and a USB connector being soldered to it. A hand cranked flashlight is a useful type of flashlight that can be used without worrying that the batteries are still good. The parts of the hand cranked flashlight are the crank, gears, electric generator, electronics, battery, and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Cranking the handle rotates the gears inside the flashlight, which then turn the generator rotor.
The rotors of the generator convert motion into electrical energy that then charges a battery. The flashlight has a crank on its back side that you can turn to generate the electricity required to charge the battery and light the bulbs, which are light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. The hand cranked flashlight is an electric machine that uses muscle power to turn an electric generator and create the current needed to light the LED bulbs. Please include it as a link on your website or as a reference in your report, document, or thesis. Buyers can return item(s) for a refund within 7 days from the day the item(s) were received, and the buyer is to afford the return shipping cost. In fact, if you’re a complete newbie and you have $25 bucks to spend on preps, then you’re well on your way to getting ready for a variety of survival scenarios. Of course, to truly be prepared for medical emergencies you’ll need not only a serious survival kit but also the knowledge. Although some say they haven’t used it once while hiking, let’s not forget that bugging out and prepping present a whole different set of challenges. If you get the ones with AA batteries in them you can charge any AA battery because they charge very slowly. This setup worked for me, but I really can not tell you or guarantee you this will work for you also… you are risking your ipod with this!!!
I understand that it’s a lot of work to hand crank, what about an alternate source of cranking?
I would however very much like to see the voltage at the input and output of that regulator as the iPod is charging. The iPod wall charger outputs 12v, so if you can manage it, you can double the output of the crank, although, I have no idea how. Ok my basic electronics are a little rusty, but you should be able to combine 2 ideas here with a third and be ok. If you make a small transformer inbetween the generator and the ipod, and then a rechargeable battery sequince set up to twelve volts after that you should get better results. I dont remember the specifics on the number of turns you need to step up power, but I remember the experiment from shcool and its a direct relationship. I’ve heard that if you buy a charger and plug the charger into the ac outlet of your house and put your iPod in the charger you can also charge your iPod that way. Have you ever seen the old ‘dynamo’ system for powering the lights on your bicycle? Similarly, a device that harnesses the power from an exercise bike would be incredibly useful.
One more thing, i´ve a PowerToGo für my Palm,is it possible to build an connector to take this Powerdevice as charge unit ? I made a similar cable that works for PSP, and Had an interchangable head For GBA, But when used on a Nintendo DS, It Fried it. I hav an iriver H10 is there a way u can use the came handcrank flashlight on this type of player? Awesome, I had the same idea (bought a similar, but smaller hand powered flashlight from the drugstore last week).
The main problem that has always been a major stopping point for the completely electric car is power. I have some flashlights that use a multi-phase alternator that charges an internal coin type lithium ion cell. I need some help in developing a very cost effective but efficient hand crank flashlight to distribute to villages around this area. You all seem like very smart people, and I was wondering if it was possible to develop a way to use gravity to power a flashlight.

This way with one drop of the weight they could prolly get a good hour of light from the flashlight.
Sweet, I’m trying the charge the iPod thing using tons of dead and used batteries that still have a bit of charge left in them.
Running this website uses quite a lot of my resources, if you want to support me with a donation, you can. Flashlight, dynamo LED flashlight, dynamo chargerFlashlight, dynamo LED flashlight, dynamo charger Item No. Dynamo flashlight,LED torch,dynamo hand crank flashlight,mini wind up light,plastic flashlight,led lWater-proof Crank LED flashlight .
LED torch,dynamo hand crank flashlight,mini wind up light,plastic flashlight,led light,shake mini dyCrank LED flashlight . This electric machine uses muscle power to turn an electric generator and create the current needed to light the bulbs. The crank turns gears that create a speed mechanical advantage and turn the generator at a fast rate. The crank turns one set of gears that increase the speed of the final gear that is attached to the generator. Yes, reality TV shows would have you believe that bunkers and five-year food stockpiles are what it is all about … but that’s just not the case. Small ones are good for bug-out bag, while large ones are good for INCH (I’m never coming home) bags or for car bug-out bags. The good thing about them is that they don’t require batteries, so you just press a handle for a few minutes to get 30 minutes of light. Only $25 to get these amazing survival items and add them to your bug-out bag or simply keep them in a drawer nearby in case you need them. They last up to 3 years and some can more than adequately light the way for walking after dark.
And when they need clean water, elite soldiers are choosing the Paratroopers Water Purifier -- the smallest, lightest, and most durable water purifier on earth! Well, this setup works (yay!), but with a lot of cranking involved, so I have to be quite desperate for some tunes and miles away from another possibility to charge it, before I crank power my ipod this way… but hey, it is possible! If you could adapt one of them so people could charge their phones and iPods as they cycle, I’m sure you would have a markatable product. But one improvement would be to ditch the whole linear regulators(both zener diodes or regulators), and use a high efficiency DC-DC converter. Isn’t there something about how electricty flows that would make a pump a more simple device?
I’m planning on spending a year overseas in a location with no reliable source of electricity or batteries.
I admire taking the concept to the extreme, but it is quite a simple alteration; without the need for all of the safety additions that seem to have been added. It will charge up this other phone but no matter how hard i tryed i couldn’t get it to charge up my dads Nokia 6015 cellphone do you have any idea why it won’t charge?
The generated electricity not only used for lighting, but also used for charging mobile phone. They aren’t very well designed, and allow the cell to overdischarge, which is damaging.
I would approach any of this with fear and trepidation without actually KNOWNING what is internal to the iPod.
Just having one dependable source of light in a household will provide a huge amount of benefit to someone in Uganda (i.e. As in you have a weight like a bucket that turns a pulley, to turn a dynamo, which then charges the battery in the flashlight. The world needs as many people as it can get who are willing to take a fresh look at things.
Imagine if you will – hooking up a dynamo to the wheel of a bike, but instead of powering an ipod – you actually powered an LED light!!! This means that it will be no longer possible to comment on his ideas and projects, but that we all can continue to cherish his creativity. LED hand pressing flashlight, mini LED flashlight, LED, dynamo LED flashlight, LED torch.2. So, instead of keeping all of them inside your bug-out bag, you can keep a few there, a few inside your car’s trunk and even a few inside your laptop bag or your purse to have with you at all times.

This way, you don’t have to worry about having spare batteries or that those batteries will die. Of course, this is only the beginning, as there are dozens of other such items that any good survivalist should acquire. It’s so small and lightweight you can easily carry it in your pocket or purse, backpack or glove box. After that, because of the potential difference between the flashlight and the iPod, current flows to the iPod, charging it. Linear regulators can waste 50% or more energy just lowering the voltage while the dc-dc(switching regulator) can waste as litle as 5%.
Can you give me a detailed description on what was on the mother board of the dynamo flashlight U used to power your ipod?
And would it be easier to handle a pump as opposed to a crank (set it against something solid, anchor it with your foot, and start the ‘ol in and out)?
But It works for charges under 15 minutes, and Charges psp for a good hour and a half in that time. Currently there is no power in any of the inland places im headed; so i decided to seek out a simpler system.
There is a LED which dims slowly after disconnect, so there must also be an internal capacitor, and I suspect there may be a transient suppressor of some sort.
They will range from about 50% to 85% efficient from a 5V input, depending on state of charge.
I hope all the suggestions above are taken as constructive criticism, (even when the writer’s intent seems oriented in another direction!). Between you and your four neighbors, chances are that at least one of the five households will experience a break-in… or worse, a home invasion. Energy is wasted as heat, but no more than if he were just cranking the flishlight by itself. Then the power goes to the batteries, which in turn recharge the ipod safely and with little effort.
I picked up the solio solar charger, but there will be extended times when the sun is also not reliable (rainy season).
If any of you have any thoughts, or can guide me to where I can find the right parts, please please let me know. Inside there were two 3 volts batteries in series, meaning that the dynamo inside the unit generated about 6 vdc. Please make the correct the polarity of battery is positioned inside the battery compartment.
What I really want is to be able to charge up a 12v batt that can in turn be used to recharge a laptop. I also picked up the sidewinder hand charger, but there are no adaptors for the ipod or my PDA. As i only need the Nokia one, i canibalised another one, to expose the red and black power cables. I immediately soldered a usb cable and made this into a hand crank charger for my Android phone. Ask anyone whose home has ever been robbed what if feels like, and they’ll say it feels like they were violated. This is quite distressing to me…is there anyway I can adapt the sidwider to use either the USB cable or a female cigarette charger?
As such, i bought an ipod usb cable from ebay for ?2, cut off the usb end, then exposed the red and black power cables from the ipod usb adapter end. There MAY be some issues with the lower end, since a switched mode converter is more or less a constant power input device, given constant output power – if the input voltage is halved, the input current will double, unless deliberately limited. Because not only do criminals violate what should be your sanctuary from the world and walk away. It is just about impossible to safely fully charge most small lithium ion or lithium polymer cells in less than an hour. At high charge current, the voltage reaches maximum quickly, but must remain at that level for some time to fully charge.

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