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Raise your hand if you were angry when our California Legislature enacted the law that phased out the sale of incandescent light bulbs last year…my hand is up. Sure, you spend a little more upfront for the new LED lamps, but they quickly pay off in that they use a fraction of the wattage of the old bulbs. If your home currently has recessed can lighting fixtures, you can easily upgrade recessed lighting to LED and you will love the results. The video below is an advertisement for Halo LED recessed lighting modules (I consider Halo to be a quality brand product), but it includes some very useful information. These LED Angel Eye upgrade bulb kits will change the color of your Angel Eye rings to better match the Xenon HID headlight bulbs and look like the current new BMW models with original LED Angel Eye illumination.  Get rid of the yellow halogen Angel Eyes and enjoy these brighter and whiter color matching LED Angel Eyes! Most BMW vehicles with angel eyes came from the factory with a dim H8 filament bulb to light both rings. How to adjust the color settings on the LUX H8 V5: There are 4 dip switches on the bottom of the power supply with a labeled with the associated color. Step 2: If you don't have xenon headlights or you can't find your exact vehicle on the list above, we don't carry the LED angel eye upgrade for your vehicle.
Pull out the switch from your LED hoop and also pull out both the positive and negative wires that lead to the LEDs.  Connect the orange wire to the positive LED wire. After connections are made you can push the AA circuit in through the switch hole and seat the switch. Begin assembling your hoop by following the standard LED hoop instructions like you normally would up to and including Step Eight. Then in Step Twelve, instead of attaching a plain battery you will be attaching the battery holder. Does this mean that during when you are attching the LEDs to the wire you have to have at least 7 attached before you to test the LEDs? Because I have just been trying to test the one (before reading this bit!) and it did not light- so I should just do 7, and then test them?
2 alkaline batteries give 3v but not for long, and 2 rechargeable nimh batts only give 2.4v. Website Optimizer tool can get more users if the team can get the vaaiiltdon from the Webmasters Sitemap vaaiiltdon ( Single Validation for any domain in the Webmaster Account instead of putting diffrent codes for every features eg. What is the optimum nuumber of LEDs to use with your AA MOD to get the best brightness from your LEDs and the longest battery life? The on board computer (OBC) in an E30 uses two regular light bulbs wired in series on a removable circuit board to light up the display on the OBC. A blob of hot glue should be added for a little more structural strength and to make sure that the wire leads do not accidentally come into contact with each other.  You should probably try fitting the white reflector on before applying the glue, just in case you have to do some last-minute tweaking on the position of the LEDs and resistor.

Now you can clip the white plastic reflector plastic back on, stick the light assembly back in the OBC, turn the ignition key on and behold!  You should never have to change the backlight again. How to diagnose a bad wheel bearing everytime and how to change front wheel bearings on an E30.
These LED Angel Eye upgrades will change the color of your Angel Eye rings to better match the Xenon HID headlight bulbs.  Get rid of the yellow halogen Angel Eyes and enjoy the color matching LED Angel Eyes.
Installation is very easy, all you need is the LED Angel Eye kit, a flat-blade screwdriver, needle-nose pliers and a 2mm Allen tool.
2)  Gently pry the ends of the locking tabs, rearward, and pop the cover up at the front.  Remove the cover. 4)  Twist the bulb assembly so that the connector plug rotates toward the outside of the vehicle and remove the bulb (along with the harness plug).  Once the bulb is out, disconnect the harness plug. 5)  Install the LED Angel Eye bulb assembly.  Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to twist the bulb and lock it into the housing (twist in the opposite direction that you removed the original bulb). 6)  Slide the heat sink over the bulb’s power wire and seat the heat sink onto the back of the bulb housing. 7)  Use a 2mm Allen tool to tighten the locking set-screw on the heat sink.  This will secure the heat-sink to the bulb assembly. Simply adjust the position of the switches and the intensity of the white and blue LED's will result in a new color. Never connect power (attach battery) to your AA circuit unless you have already connected LEDs to the orange and green wires properly. If you followed my LED hoop making instructions the wire from the switch should be positive. Cut your negative LED wire so that you can attach it to the the green wire of the AA circuit. Connect that remaining wire to the black wire of the AA circuit so that it reaches through your tubing connector and into the battery area. And the other side of your switch should already be connected to the remaining wire leading out through the connector and to the battery area.
The remaining wire on the other side of the tube connector must be attached to the battery holder with the correct polarity.
But before fishing the wire through in Step Nine, you could connect only the AA circuit (orange and green) to the appropriate polarity of the LED wire just after your last LED where the switch would go.
But at Step 10 you must be sure to pull the red wire through the switch hole and connect the red wire only to the switch as shown in the diagram.
However I just read something about not attaching the battery unless you have the orange and green wires sorted.

Website Optimizer requires some java script to be integrated in the website pages, that is really very much tedius task.). All upgrade kits on this site are for those you have already built a hoop and therefore already have the connector.
By installing LUX brand LED angel eyes not only will you be upgrading from halogen to the brightest H8 Style LED Angel Eyes on the market, you will also be able to change the light color of your BMW angel eyes from a neutral white 5000K all the way up to a cool blue 12,000K color. Please note that the bottom 4 color settings (7,800K – 12,000K) are for off-road use only due to the blue hue of the light.
All LED angel eye upgrades sold on this website only work with vehicles with factory xenon headlights.
Powering fewer than 7 LEDs will send too much current to each LED and most likely damage or burn out the LEDs. That is your negative battery wire and must connect to the negative part of the battery holder you will attach later.
Then take some extra wire (used for you LEDs) and connect the other end of the AA circuit (red and black) to the proper polarity of that extra wire.
There are 9 pre-set color settings that are adjustable by small switches on the power supply. Whatever you do, make sure that the red wire of the battery holder is leading to the red wire of the AA circuit.
The positive side of the battery has to be connected to the red wire, negative side of battery to the black wire. In regards to finding a connector nearby I have only seen these sold in some of the Lowes stores.
The advantage to LED’s is that they will last almost indefinitely and are very inexpensive.
The LUX H8 angel eyes use the newest Cree LED's for unmatched brightness while its patented design makes both the inner and outer angel eyes as bright as possible. Those extra wires from the Red and Black side of the circuit is what will eventually connect to the battery holder. And the orange wire connects to the positive side of the LED, Green connects to the negative side of the LED. Some E60 5 series look like they have xenon headlights with a projector lens, but are halogen.

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