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What I have learned about the weather is that when it rains I find myself appreciating the sun.
I got accepted into Duquesne University under the School of Leadership of Professional Advancement (SLPA) program for adult learners. Also – do you think you would have been able to start a non-profit without going to university? This weekend celebrates the Epiphany of the Lord.  Epiphany celebrates the revelation of God the Son as a human being in Jesus Christ. When I think of an epiphany, I visualize a lightbulb over a person’s head shining brightly as the person has literally moved from the darkness into the light.  This weekend’s reading talks a lot about the subject of light. Is God’s light shining in you and are you an example within your family and your community of God’s peace and love? Is it evident from seeing you that there is something special which exists inside of you that others want to share? In Matthew’s Gospel (2:1-12) we hear the story of the Magi who are following the light of a star in search of the newborn king of the Jews.
May you and I be the presence of Jesus’ light in the world today as we bring the peace and love of Christ to every person we meet. May 20, 2014 by Jim Pence Leave a Comment You can draw this face of Jesus with chalk from the See the Light store! So get out those fluorescent chalks, turn on your black light, and let’s have some fun. If you don’t have fluorescent chalk or a black light, why not head over to  the See the Light Store and order some right now?
Your Personal Art Teacherand No Workbooks--Ever!Bring an art teacher into your home with this amazing boxed set. October 2, 2013 One of the prayers we should be praying often is to see things how God sees them. The opening sequences of Up are truly the most moving scenes from an animated film I have ever seen. The other film that moves me to tears only goes to confirm the hopeless romantic that I am (and maybe that I never have actually grown up!). The scene from Tangled when they are out on the boat and Rapunzel finally gets to witness the floating lights show that she has dreamt of watching her whole life, makes me tear up every time.
This moment of the movie also represents the turning point in Rapunzel’s understanding of who she is and the story behind her mysterious life. There is so much beauty to be found in things of light – a chinese lantern floating in the breeze, fireworks, a sunrise or sunset or even a simple candle light can create beautiful atmospheres and sights. In Him was life, and the life was the Light of men. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. If we pray to see things how God sees them, because of the light of Jesus we are able to see glory more clearly. We are able to see the beauty of God’s hand moving in our lives and working in the world. The truth about sin and how we can live making choices leading us towards godliness and holiness rather than regret and repentance. The truth about what to believe, wisdom as we listen to teaching and try to grow in our understanding of our world and our faith. About Mel CaldicottI'm a full-time mum who has spent a lot of time and prayer working out how to make the Essential Thing a priority in the midst of running a home, raising her kids and having fun with my family. I love reading, playing Uno with my family, listening to music, gardening, coffee and chocolate!
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How can you find cat urine in your home? One important part of solving your cat’s litter box problems is to clean all the locations where you cat has urinated. The problem is that your cat can still detect urine in those locations long after the urine has dried. In this article, we are going to teach you how to find cat urine stains, including those that have long since dried, using a black light. Water crystals break visible light into a spectrum where red has a lower visible frequency and violet has a more highly visible one.

Many types of black light devices are available on the market, with varying prices and sizes. A good UV LED flashlight should cost no more than $20 to $30, which means that the technology is affordable as a household item and is not high-end technology that is only available to scientists. Turning on the black light the first time might be scary because everything may be glowing.
If your cat has been urinating outside of the litter box for a while, you will see bright spots and weaker spots. Mark the locations where you find spots, as you won’t be able to see them when you turn the black light off.
I will now read the post on why I shouldn’t toilet train my cat, because he is very clever, and I was planning on doing that! Replacing or cleaning carpets, rugs and soft furniture is one thing, but if a cat urine gets in between mobile home’s constructions, then what?
15 tips for moving house with a catWhy does my cat pee on my bed, shoes and other stuffDoes your senior cat need a special diet? Through her own dark times, Ryan discovered she needed to return to higher education in order to provide the support others need to see the light themselves.
I started by going to the public library many times to look up books that showed “how to start a nonprofit organization” and “how to become a legal entity”. I am a single mother of three young ones, yet still have a grounded hope that I will complete college, gain my degree, and throw myself to the world to help it find the light in dark places. Do you think you will have to pursue a further degree after earning your bachelors in order to make your dream a reality?
When we say that we’ve “had an epiphany”, it means that we’ve experienced a sudden realization or comprehension of the (larger) essence or meaning of something.  It can also mean that we’ve found the last piece of the puzzle and now see the whole picture. We are all members of this same body and each of us is called upon to work together to make the body whole and healthy – despite our cultural and religious differences.
Did you ever give thought to the fact that the Magi were gentiles and that they were the  first to adore and pay homage to Jesus?  Matthew (who is a Jew) is letting his fellow Jews and the gentiles know that in Jesus, God is manifest to the whole world.  Jesus came for e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. Sometimes the kids have them on and I have to stop what I’m doing, grab a handful of tissues and just let it all out!
The lies that Mother Gothel has been telling her start to unravel and Rapunzel begins to see things clearly. It helps us to see more clearly in darkness, brings focus, direction and a sense of safety and comfort. There are many things that are far from the perfect design that God intended our world to be.
If we pray to see things as God sees them we can start to see the truth God longs to show us. Anything lower than red is called infrared (which can be sensed as heat but is not visible), and anything higher than violet is ultraviolet, also known as black light, because it’s not visible either. For example, most money bills and some documents have markings that are visible under black light only, to prevent counterfeiting.
Body fluids, such as blood, urine, and semen, are easier to detect under UV light; for this reason, UV lights are used in crime scene investigations.
Even long after urine has dried, its scent-creating chemicals will still be visible, thereby making cat urine stains (including older ones) easy to find. The most popular are bar-type lamps, which use fluorescent UV bulbs, and small LED flashlights.
UV light wavelengths may vary from 10 to 400 nm (nano meters, or billionth parts of a meter). You can find cheaper ones, too, but most of them perform poorly because the UV light they emit is not optimal for finding cat urine. In general, if you are looking for house-soiling locations, you must look on all the horizontal surfaces, including bed sheets, furniture tops, bookshelves, your clothes, and even in sinks and bathtubs.
Actually, there are several substances that glow in black light conditions, including some types of wallpaper glue. The weaker spots are older and contain less of a concentration of chemicals that glow; however, your cat is still able to sense them. Remember to clean an area somewhat larger than the area you discovered with the flashlight.

Finding the urine is just a single step in a path to making your house free of litter box problems. I was going to buy a black light to help locate pet stains in my new house but couldn’t figure out what to get.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. But before I made the decision to go back to school, I had to make an important decision of what I wanted to do with my life. I researched and researched to learn more about nonprofit organizations, making a business plan, managing business finances, and other related topics. I appreciate the structure of the SLPA program, the students, the administration, the professors, the resources, and different networks the school offers.
It is important to me to be effective because I know how it can affect other people’s lives; this includes my children’s lives. This week, I’m going to show you how to draw the same face under a black light with fluorescent pastels. He guides us through the darkness to keep walking towards the Father and towards the glory we have hope in for the future. UV light is used in the medical field for sterilization and disinfection purposes; even drinking water is often disinfected under UV lighting. If your cat is spraying urine, look on vertical surfaces as well, especially near doorways, passages, and corners. On vertical surfaces, you are likely to observe a single drop that has run down the wall before drying out.
However, if you are dealing with a seriously bad kitty, you can apply tape to those locations so you can find them later. For additional help, you can check out our article series about cat litter, litter boxes, and cat house-soiling problems here.
Your blog post helped educate me on the different wavelengths and light options – otherwise I would have bought the wrong one.
Problem is that the previous owners hoarded cats, which means they likely had peed over everywhere. Sound like much of a hassle, which shouldn’t be your responsibility if you rent the place. Tanning beds use black light to stimulate additional Vitamin D production in your skin, eventually creating a tan… or cancer.
I was unsure of who I was—as a person, as a parent—and my dreams were beginning to become distant.
I wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives by running my own nonprofit organization, an organization that would help children and families to become stronger as a family during dark times, helping them find the light in life. This is where the Lord led me to go to the next level which was to go to college and to choose which one.
Faith and motivation are the foundation, but having the right knowledge is the blueprint of my future. Second, cat urine tends to soak into surfaces (especially carpets), and what you see under a black light may just be the tip of the iceberg. They are almost useless in finding cat urine because they are too close to being visible light. The first class I had in the morning my professor made the class (15 or so students) arrange our seats in a circle and state our names, why we are here, and other information we’d like to share.
Any suggestions if it will be harder to find since the mobile home was empty for 6 months before I moved in? I had to overcome a lot of insecurities about myself and going to college, but fortunately I was surrounded by people that cared. Learning new things within a new environment was difficult, but keeping my eye on the prize helps motivate me to continue the journey.

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