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This is important because it meant THQ had an interesting choice when it came to announcing the sequel; would it focus on making resolving or embracing that prickliness of the original?
Admirably, the developers seem to have stayed true to form and opted for the latter, amping up the constant sense of uncertainty and adding in even more systems that constantly demand a portion of your attention that'd otherwise be focused on acclimatising to the pace.
Mask wipe is essentially exactly what it sounds like - a way for you to wipe the visor of your gasmask and, like the dynamo torch, it sounds like an almost pointlessly simple idea. Imagine the situation; you're out on the surface of a ruined Moscow, searching for supplies as you dash from one crumbling subway entrance to another and constantly praying that you filter will last long enough to make the trip.
There's no correct answer in a situation like that, obviously - the only incorrect response is to waste time deciding instead of just acting. Nor is it only in the middle of a standard firefight that the wiping your mask becomes crucial, either. It's important to stress that this only layers in on top of the existing systems from the previous game too. Metro: Last Light may be a long way from the intricate equipment management of Receiver or Arma II, but it's still way more challenging and interesting than the majority of modern shooters.
In some respects, this chapter is similar to the previous one, since it also offers you the possibility of exploration of a largish area.
While exploring, remember of course not to enter the water and to manage your supplies with care.
It is a good idea to explore the building shown in the above screenshot, located right next to the quayside. Be careful here, for it is the next time that the large green beast will cross your path(for a longer this time).
Explore thoroughly the ground floor f the building (it is worthwhile to collect all the supplies, because the clash with the boss is drawing near), and take the stairs to the first floor. You shouldn't hurry too much while exploring the first floor, as there are numerous tripwires here (you can either avoid them or disarm them). Do not forget to keep healing Artyom on a regular basis as soon as it takes considerable damage, or otherwise you can die quickly and have to play the battle over again.
Metro Last Light was released on May 14th of this year in North America, some 3 years past the release of its predecessor. Metro Last Light takes place one year after the events of Metro 2033, from the ending in which Artyom destroys the Dark Ones in a missile strike.
Underground is only moderately better, each Metro Station represents a faction who either seeks to dominate the others, such as The Reich, or to preserve whatever stability there is, such as The Rangers. That is the short version, the original story is based on the writings of Dmitry Glokhovsky.
Back to the storyline, Artyom is met by Khan, a nomadic mystic who tells him that a single Dark One has survived the missile attack.
Moving to the mission with his assigned partner, Anna, Artyom finds the Dark One and discovers it is just a child. From there, the story begins a roller coaster journey through the Metro Stations, carrying Artyom across the blasted landscape, and face to face with some of his own inner demons. Metro Last Light throws a good mix of suspense filled silence, with burst of terrorizing effects that make you jump out of your seat. Some of the effects from gunfire don’t quite sound right, with many of them sounding identical to that in the prequel, Metro 2033.
I departed a bit from previous reviews here, and actually read some others’ opinions of the game before I played it. One of the primary complaints I saw was that you could, in a situation where you blew your attempt at being stealthy, resort to a guns blazing approach and shoot your way out of some situations. Another view I came across was a feeling of disappointment that the AI would hurl enemies at you if you were discovered, or started a firefight.
Light is both an ally and an enemy, some creatures will shy away from you if you shine a light on them, while the human enemy tends to investigate if they see your light. Primarily, the gameplay offered by Metro Last Light is challenging, and along the lines of what you would expect of a world this game represents. The moral choices offered by Metro Last Light guarantee that you will want to see the two different endings, so either you YouTube it, or play a second time around.
For the things I want in a game, and the fact that it is below the current trend of pushing 60 plus dollars, Metro Last Light is well worth its current cost of 50 bucks. While I can understand the point of view of others who have reviewed this game, Metro Last Light pushes the right buttons for me.
4A, apparently not having had to deal with people in the midst of a temper tantrum before, thought it would be a good idea to sit down and explain things rationally. Now, if you think that this is too soon to be releasing a remake and you don’t think the game is worth a purchase since part of it literally came out last year, then fine. Our Back to Business guide highlights the best products for you to boost your productivity at home, on the road, at the office, or in the classroom. Keep up with the latest tech news, reviews and previews by subscribing to the Good Gear Guide newsletter. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of IDG Communications is prohibited. With over 25 years of brand awareness and credibility, Good Gear Guide (formerly PC World Australia), consistently delivers editorial excellence through award-winning content and trusted product reviews.
Stop right after you reach the next area because, there are two merchants here (the above screenshot). While in this location, also collect the two (free of charge) filters from the shelf to the right and interact with the guitar. It was a good game at its core and persevering with it was definitely worthwhile, but between the fatiguingly oppressive mood, high difficulty and somewhat difficult setting it was not a game that was easy to recommend flatly. Would it focus on providing an accessible experience or an even more sprawling and complex one?
The prime example of this in the original Metro 2033 was the dynamo torch, which required regular pumping to stay lit - but in Last Light it's surpassed by the mask wipe.
Also like the torch though, it actually has a huge impact on the overall experience and can be the cause of some amazing in-game stories. Nervously, you glance at your watch as it counts away the seconds - then a mutant leaps from nowhere and knocks you to the ground. By bringing even such a small question to an already tense situation however, Last Light becomes immeasurably more frightening and unwieldy as a result.
New environment and weather effects layer on top of the system, so that in torrential rain you're having to wipe your visor every few steps in order to see what's going on.
Start by examining the area near the quayside to find, among others three filters and gas masks (replace your mask if it is damaged).

Watch out for numerous tripwires here and start by searching the first room in the building. In the room, you will find standard supplies, a tape recorder, and an Artyom's diary page on the floor (the above screenshot). If you still cannot see your destination, do not worry about that and use the compass to help you navigate. The games eagerly awaited development and launch phase encountered some bumps along the way, but the team at 4A Games did a spot on job. In between, bands of outlaws, more mutated creatures, and neutral stations all struggle with or against the factions. Plagued by nightmares since the event, Artyom is told by Khan that this Dark One may be the key to saving the future for humanity. Console versions of this game were not reviewed, but I cannot imagine it will vary drastically from a medium setting profile.
While not a horror game per se…the game does cross the genre a bit, and brings with it the sort of terror in the effects lovers of that style crave (like me).
While generally I heard good things, I was curious about what others said about the AI and combat system, there were some remarks about it and it piqued my curiosity.
Metro Last Light does have a strong stealth mechanic, and there are numerous areas where it is best to sneak by and not start any trouble.
Gas mask filters and replacement gas masks are an invaluable commodity that you will not survive without. Quite a few of them drag on too much and offer nothing other than unloading at the enemy until it falls.
Night vision is great if you come across it, just remember to charge those batteries every frickin chance you get. You can run out of filters, you gas mask may shatter after too many hits, you might get lost, and you might run out of ammunition. There is DLC already available, Ranger Mode, which makes the difficulty even harder and offers up a new weapon and four more add ons are expected to be released soon.
With the uncertain future the developers faced in the wake of the THQ affair, it is surprising, amazing really, that the game turned out as well as it is now, and I am by no means disappointed. Yes, the additional content does cost money, and it could bring you up in that range, but the base game is perfectly reasonable, and damn near perfect in execution.
It has a balance of stealth, story and action mixed with plenty of blood chilling horror (as in the 12 foot carnivorous winged rat kind, or whatever the hell that thing is that keeps picking me up).
Remakes are not anything new to the gaming industry, but this remake appears to have ruffled some feathers over at the Steam forums because some people have food that is older than the originals, in particular Last Light which just came out last year. It is a noble effort but as anyone who has ever been around a two year old knows, it would be a far better use of your time to let them yell for a couple of minutes until they tire themselves out and pass out on your floor.
People are allowed to expect that, and there is no reason to expect to get it all for free just because you think you have grandfathered yourself in. The developer's 4A Engine renders buildings, landscapes and environmental effects beautifully. After you reach the locked door, seize the opportunity and, while Khan is busy talking to the guard at the door, explore the area to the right. The one to the left deals in weapon upgrades, whereas the other one deals in ammo, Claymore mines, throwing knives frag grenades and incendiary grenades. In that way, as well as many others, it felt like the original STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl. As you rise to your feet you try to level your gun in the right direction, but it's impossible to see clearly through the mud that covers your visor - do you pause to wipe your face or fire blindly and hope for the best?
Just so that you remember, it is best to fight the beasts at a short and medium distance, by using the shotgun or any other weapon with big firepower. Finally, interact with the switch box, which will result in spotlights around the building being turned on. As you walk on, look around for possible crates and corpses, and try to cut mutant encounters to a minimum, so you do not use up too much ammo and first aid kits. Go towards the building shown in the above screenshot and, to the extent it is possible, do not make any stops. The attempt to reach the church will fail, because the green creature will appear in front of you once again. In both cases, it is best to remain in constant movement combined with sprint and flashing between walls. Deep Silver definitely earns a cookie too, by saving this game from the ashes of THQ’s bankruptcy. The city has been demolished in a nuclear war, and humanity has retreated to the vast underground tunnels that once comprised the Moscow Metro System. Metro Last Light does a great job of catching you up, however, if you have never played the game before. Still, humanity is not ready for saving yet; Artyom is ordered by the leader of the Rangers to kill the last Dark One, and eliminate the threat they pose once and for all. The second generation 4A Engine is a beast, and to hear of some of the conditions the developers worked under, a sheer damn miracle of beauty. For my part, I was using an overclocked Diamond MultiMedia 7870, paired with an EVGA GTX 460. The voice acting is similarly good, with the familiar voice of Artyom providing insight and narration throughout the story. But, in any situation where you have the advantage of surprise (whether by choice or accident) the tactic has always been Speed, Surprise, and Violence of Action. See, that is kind of what I expect…regardless, not everyone in the joint will empty out to come find you, there will be stragglers. Ammunition comes in two flavors, the cheaply manufactured post war ammo and the pre war military grade ammo. Do you return a lost item to a child, or maybe steal some ammunition you see laying around? They do get frustrating, and you begin to wish for some other way to defeat them rather than run, shoot and get chomped on by something other than the thing you are fighting or fall in the water, or both.
Different possible endings, and a definite potential for future development brought me back to this title when I first heard of it, and will keep me looking for more down the road. 4A is offering 50 percent off coupons to those people that already own the titles on Steam, an offer that some individuals accepted gratefully and caused other individuals to throw a big temper tantrum and demand an even better deal. They have quite the detailed post explaining their decision on their Steam community page, but here are some of the reasons they gave for selling the remake to people who owned the original. Now, is it a good idea to remake a game that is only a year old and didn’t have any demand for a remake anyway?

However, just by looking at this trailer they put together to showcase Metro Redux you can tell that a substantial amount of work went into improving upon the original titles. Human characters, though, have a plastic-faced quality and slightly awkward animations that distract from the story, especially in emotionally wrought scenes. In there, you will find another Artyom's diary page next to the gate shown in the screenshot. From now on (not necessarily though) you can give up the torch light in favor of the night vision goggles. You can now leave the place, best by following the same rout you took to get here (the area down below is heavily irradiated). At the same time, pay no attention to the "regular" shrimps because they will be taken care of by Anna and your allies. Apart from that, it is recommended to deploy Claymores in the monster's path, and to throw grenades at it, especially that there is a grenade box around. The surface is a wasteland, occupied by mutated monsters; some are easily seen for what they once were, others are a mystery.
The 7870 handled the heavy lifting, and the GTX 460 ran PhysX via the Hybridize PhysX Mod, which allows the two cards two play nice together when they normally do not. With a surprisingly destructible environment, if you find yourself in a firefight playing cover and concealment against the enemy force wins the day.
Military grade does greater damage, but is so rare that it actually serves as the source of money in this world, while the cheaper stuff is more plentiful but still not just laying around everywhere. All of these little, minor choices add up to one big outcome in the end, and your particular ending will depend on them. Even if the game isn’t even old enough to be collecting dust, 4A Games has clearly made some substantial graphical improvements and promises that the AI will be much improved as well. The last remnants of humanity live within the underground tunnels of the Moscow Metro, parts of which were – in a nice touch of reality – actually designed to operate as short-term fallout shelters.Mutated beasts roam the surface and the Metro’s abandoned tunnels, making life harder still for the resource-starved survivors. It’s not a game-killer, and in a straight shooter I probably wouldn’t care, but it’s sad that the technology isn’t quite as strong as the story in that one regard.Gameplay is entirely from a first-person perspective, with the same barely-there HUD as Metro 2033.
Various merchants offer upgrades to your existing weapons, or will exchange a weapon of yours for another.
Thus, while abstaining from the game is a sound decision, demanding you receive a free copy of it because hey you purchased the original so they like totally OWE you this man puts you on far less solid ground.
With PhysX enabled, I was able to see particles of concrete from the impact of rounds in the wall, as well as dust, the misting of breath, streaks in the gas mask from rain, and too many other things to list here without me jumping in Deep Silver’s lap and offering it a dance.
Improvised explosives, throwing knives, and the occasional up close knife kill consisted of the majority of my equipment, but you may find other items more suited to your tasks depending on your game style. This original game worked just fine, and it isn’t as if they omitted some patch that fixed some glaring error. Objectives are read from a physical clipboard that you have to bring up to your face, and navigation is by a compass attached to that clipboard.
Charge for your flashlight and night-vision goggles are read from a meter on your hand-cranked battery charger, while the time remaining before you need to change the filter on your gas mask is displayed on your wristwatch. They put in time making a product, giving you the definitive version of their game, and you will have to buy it to play it. In Metro 2033, your goal was the destruction of the ‘Dark Ones’: mysterious humanoid creatures that feed on radiation, communicate telepathically and condemn their victims to madness.
It’s extremely immersive.Those seeking a real challenge will want to play in Ranger Mode, which was added to Metro 2033 as DLC.
Last Light starts with you continuing that quest, setting out to eliminate a single remaining Dark One. This removes the HUD entirely (no crosshair or ammo counter), reduces the already-scarce ammunition pickups, and generally increases the game’s difficulty. A simple goal, quickly complicated by the troubles of the Metro.It’s a compelling story, woven throughout the gameplay rather than vomited into your ear-holes during lengthy cutscenes.
It was originally suggested that Ranger Mode would be a core part of Metro: Last Light, and is billed on the game’s website as “The way it was meant to be played”. That’s not to say there isn’t downtime, when somebody’s talking and there isn’t a gun in your hand. However, Ranger Mode was later revealed to be a pre-order bonus, and if you don't pre-order you'll have to pay US$5 for the download.The excision of Ranger Mode is really unfortunate, as it’s been played up as a key part of the game. However, those moments of forced exposition are kept interactive, often through quite innovative pieces of game design. In the pre-release PC version we tested, all Steam achievements for Ranger Mode were listed for the game, even though we didn’t have the DLC installed and were thus unable to unlock those achievements.
Silent weapons such as compressed-air guns and throwing knives are also available, and sneaking up behind an enemy allows you to perform a lethal or non-lethal takedown.It’s possible to run-and-gun – you can absorb a bit more damage than realism dictates, and there are many fast-firing automatic weapons and hard-hitting shotguns. However, the limited ammunition makes it an unwise strategy, particularly on the harder difficulty settings. Occasionally you’re mobbed by creatures and forced into an outright confrontation, and I usually came out of those encounters with one or two bullets and a couple of throwing knives to my name – hoping against hope that there wouldn’t be another such encounter right around the corner. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat, and encourages you to explore the world for every last supply cache and spare round of ammunition.I took the stealthy route wherever I could, spending the majority of the game crawling slowly down corridors with a suppressed weapon in hand. If you have the patience to play it cool and calm, a lot of the difficulty can be avoided outright.
Bear in mind that it took me 15 hours to play through Last Light in such a fashion, whereas a bolder approach can see you through the game in about 10 hours.If you want to ramp up the challenge while still playing it stealthy, there are optional achievements for not killing any human characters unless forced to, and for avoiding detection during various objectives.
The former really is a challenge – it means that if things do go south in enemy-human territory, your only option is to leg it and hope you don’t get gunned down, or reload a save.Last Light is a very linear experience, in the vein of Half-Life.
While trying out different play styles does add replayability, there are no open-world sections or role-playing elements. Yes, there are customisable weapons, but those were appropriated by shooters long ago.One advantage of such linearity is a tight storyline, with the developers able to shape and refine each part of your experience exactly as they want. Some might feel that the story unravels a bit near the end, and personally I found the ending a bit abrupt. However, the gameplay experience remains refined and highly enjoyable from start to finish.I’d recommend you play Metro 2033 first, and then move straight on to Last Light. Ranger Mode controversy aside, it’s a strong first-person shooter that offers an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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