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Whether you're college-bound or simply want a little extra refrigerator space in your home, this Magic Chef 4.4 cu. This question is from Mini Mosquito Trap 2 answers is this battery operated or plug-in? This question is from Mini Mosquito Trap 1 answer Can I get a replacement bulb for the light? This question is from Mini Mosquito Trap 1 answer Is this product safe to leave outside under a tree in the rain powered off? It works great and it keeps my drinks cold even though I donA?t have it at the coldest temperature!!!! The freezer keeps items frozen and in the main section I have the temperature dial set down to 3 and water and drinks are still very cold.
Mini Refrigerator in White-DISCONTINUED 1 answer can you slide it into a cabinet and not have it overheat?
Please contact our Online Customer Service Department at 800-430-3376 to get more assistance with this item.
Mini Refrigerator in White-DISCONTINUED 1 answer will you take my old unit when I receive a new one?

Mini Refrigerator from Danby has separate fridge and freezer compartments with a smudge-resistant stainless steel-like facade to beautifully facilitate all of your cold storage needs. Mini Refrigerator in Stainless Look 1 answer Can this refrigerator be run with an inverter? It fit in the area where I removed the original refrigerator perfect with room to spare and is a lot lighter, which is especially beneficial in campers.
One thing I haven't tested is the rack in the door that should hold 12oz soda cans because my local store only sells 12 packs and you have to buy 3 each to get the sale price.
You're going to love how this chemical-free trap keeps your campsite, deck or patio mosquito free. A can dispenser conveniently keeps soda in the door while additional door shelves provide space for other frequently used items.
Frigidity is controlled with a mechanical thermostat, which even on its lowest setting efficiently regulates this compact unit, earning Energy Star distinction for its modest use of electricity. I like the separation of the freezer from the refrigerator as a freezer gets less use while camping.
The only thing that bothers me is that it is that it is a little noisy, but oh well all fridges are!

The state of the art design uses acclaimed UV and carbon dioxide generation to attract pesky mosquitoes.
Glass refrigerator shelves are easy to clean and help prevent spills from dripping onto food underneath. The reversible doors can be hinged to either side of this stylish appliance to work in tandem with your room setup, while the integrated door handles accentuate its sleek look.
When I looked online at the photos I only looked at the the enlarged photo of the inside, so when the item was delivered (about 3 or 4 days) I was surprised to see the stainless steel look alike finish is only only applied to the doors, the rest is a semi glossy black.
Inside the lighted fridge are two glass shelves and a pull-out vegetable crisper to supply you with ample storage options, complemented by a can dispenser and tall-bottle bin on the door to holster beverages.
I don't need a canned drink section, but see where it would be useful if I drank canned drinks.
Features portable go-anywhere design, easy-to-empty collection chamber and a clean killing system that has no popping or exploding insects.

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