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From a practical point of view, having a flashlight AND your knife together in one place is just common sense. Surefire Strider collaboration with M2 flashlight and Strider fixed blade residing in a Special Ops holster. I drilled a couple hole in the sheath that came with my Extrema Ratio Shrapnal and mounted a Surefire light holster to it. I have a small Victorinox leather holster that is a great (tight) fit for a SAK Soldier and an Arc-P: two quality, reliable items in a very portable package.
I carry an (old) Leatherman PST-II combination tool along with an (old) Nuwai Q3 in a hardsided Leatherman case originally intended to hold the PST-II plus an auxiliary tool holder with bits. Flashlight Review: Power on Board 3500 Lumen HID Spotlight - Laser Pointer Forums - Discuss Laser Pointers Welcome to Laser Pointer Forums! Decided to redo this review since I have a better camera now and can retake all the pictures as well as update some of the info. This is a Power on Board 3500 Lumen HID Spotlight, I bought it on eBay all the way back in 2009 for $50.
Side view of the light showing the port where the charger connects and the four small LEDs that show how much power the battery has remaining.
Holy crap biggest risk of that is that you'd get shot when someone mistakes for some kind of anti-tank missile. I created a quick reference chart from NiteCore provided images, to help with comparing these three models.

It seems that 4300K lights usually give the highest readings on light meters for a given wattage but there are so many variables that it's sort of difficult to track.
I'm going out with it now, nice and dark, walk with my yellow lab, 3 miles around a nearby lake community. Start out with some serious competition, the HID headlights of a modern German car in Germany without the restrictions on headlight output that we have here in the States.
I think there is some difference between the HID pictured above and the one linked below – aside from just the metal bars on the back.
Never bought the Stanley HID, but the 2M series is a totally real 1,365 lumens otf and was my brightest light until the SR King. I watched a beamshot comparison vid on the tube last night and was impressed with the Stanley light.
The same ORACLE HID lighting is now available from ORACLE in a compact, hand held flashlight. The same Xenon Technology found in our automotive HID components is now available from ORACLE in a compact, hand held flashlight.
The rechargeable EPL-UV-20W-G2 has been upgraded with a high intensity discharge bulb that produces most of its output in the UV range, increasing the effectiveness of its ultraviolet beam.
This rechargeable UV flashlight is constructed with an aluminum body for durability, an internal ballast, and features a deep anodized finish and rubber lens and end caps for added resistance to dropping and impacts.
I have got it slightly wet before (like pretty much all my stuff at some point lol) but I wouldn't recommend getting it soaked or who knows what will happen.
Often though, the actual difference is more than what's specified on paper, especially in the case of Chinese bulbs. The ORACLE 24X-9 compact design incorporates all the necessary components of the High Intensity Discharge system such as the Xenon Bulb, Digital Ballast, Lithium Power Pack, and HID Igniter into a 9 inch all aluminum body. The ORACLE 35X-14 cutting edge design incorporates all the necessary components of the High Intensity Discharge system such as the Xenon Bulb, Digital Ballast, Lithium Power Pack, and HID Igniter into a 14 inch all aluminum body.

Previous versions of this flashlight produced a beam reaching 35 feet in length, but the upgraded HID bulb in this unit increases beam throw to 200 feet while improving UV output as well. This unit includes a newly designed HID bulb that produces its peak output in the ultraviolet range of the light spectrum. This rugged flashlight carries an IPX3 Waterproof Rating and an Unconditional 1 Year Warranty.
This rechargeable black light is ideal for workers in the aerospace and military sectors where portable black lights are used for inspection and testing. An included 365 Nm UV cutoff lens further tightens the UV output of the 20 watt HID bulb to help produce a 200 foot long UV light beam that is well suited to aerospace and industrial applications where UV light is used for inspection and testing activities. Although this unit produces peak light output in the UV range of the light spectrum, users can also switch the UV lens with an included clear lens to produce a visible light beam and use it as a normal flashlight. It would sure make this a much more useful light as the battery is probably 80% of the total weight. The EPL-UV-20W-G2 black light is rechargeable and comes with a removable 2600mAh lithium ion battery pack that can be unscrewed from the light for recharging and easy replacement when the battery eventually reaches the end of its useful operating life. The long life lithium ion battery pack provides simple charging without any of the confusing charging procedures associated with other battery types and will power this unit for 90 minutes on a single charge. This light is approved for use in hazardous locations with a  Class 1, Division 1, Groups, A, B, C, & D rating and is IP68 rated waterproof to 3 meters, making it well suited for outdoor use and areas where water and flammable materials may be encountered.

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    And has multiple modes the punch of a 920 lumen output not a keychain flashlight , this flashlight.