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Sportsman's guide has your ncstar pistol & rifle mount laser and flashlight available at a great price in our laser sights collection.
More than 40 years ago the beginnings of Streamlight were in Fairfield, NJ, when a few engineers went to work trying to replicate the light of the sun outside of the Earth’s atmosphere for NASA. In 1973 after their work with NASA as over a private investor from Philadelphia took interest in the company and purchased them. Streamlight flashlights are some of the best tactical flashlights in the world, they are in an elite group of high quality manufactures that definitely deserve your attention and research when trying to find the best flashlight. Glock is a name that is proven to be trustworthy in every characteristic including being extremely durable, completely water resistant, impact resistant, and easy to maintain and repair. Featured is the super bright Xenon bulb (with focusable zoom) with an output of 65 lumens, giving the light a maximum range of 100m.
The second switch is separately used to turn that specific setting on that you have chosen.
Most e-commerce websites that I see out there just give you a picture and a couple sentences and some stats, but don't really tell you very much about the products. If you come across any inaccuracies about the products, or simply have additional insights or contrasting opinions of them, please don't hesitate to contact me so that I may research them further and provide a better experience for our readers. Being out at night increases your risks regardless if you are a police officer, private security agent or a civilian.
The Defender is distinguished from the rest of the Fury line of tactical flashlights by the patented strike bezel. At 500 lumens your Defender casts a powerful wall of light capable of disorienting potential aggressors giving you the upper hand. Being able to light up your surroundings is important for your safety whether you are a civilian, in private security, or a member of the police.
The Tactical Police LED Heavy Duty all weatherproof Flashlights provide great advantages to its users. Fenix is a name known throughout the flashlight industry.  The E21 is known for its ultra powerful CREE XP-E R2 LED light that is unbeatable for the price. You can use two AA batteries, the kind that you can buy anywhere, or to be more cost-effective, try out rechargeable batteries. What’s even cooler is that this all-use flashlight can even take being dropped into water of up to two meters. Keeping a good flashlight handy is one of the best pieces of advice to listen to if being secure is a concern.

BrightGuy, Inc is a major supplier of flashlights for firefighters, police, industry and outdoor sports. Due to their task specific designs you may find a Streamlight that fits your needs better than anything else. Come check out our Best Flashlight articles to see where we think Streamlight takes the cake. All of these things you can expect when you purchase a Glock handgun, and this is also true when you purchase Glock brand accessories. Most newly designed lights now are LED; this comes with many benefits such as brighter light, no overheating and longer battery life.
Potentially dangerous situations are around every corner when the cover of darkness obscures your vision. Weighing in at a mere 5.7 ounces with the two 123A size batteries the Defender conveniently slips into your pocket.
The powerful white light is produced by a near indestructible highly efficient LED emitter that will give you a solid 1.5 hours of intense illumination.
Surefire are leaders in the searchlight industry producing some of the highest handheld lights in the world. Security guards or law enforcement officers may find it perfect for its ultra-bright light. The construction of it uses aircraft-type aluminum that can take being dropped or thrown about with minimal damage.
At the prices Fenix offers, anyone can afford to stock up on this important item to have around. A team member will respond to your request with a formal price quote, product information, and shipping quote. The only tool you will need is a small Allen-wrench for your elevation settings, which is included. You can quickly turn the Defender on and off with a sturdy click switch located on the tail cap, which also includes a switch lock that prevents you from accidentally turn it on.
The strike bezel is notched like the crenels at the top of a turret and is meant to be used as a last line of defense in an emergency.
The specially coated window protecting the LED emitter is tempered to resist heat and impact while maximizing light. The Surefire P2X Fury pocket sized defensive searchlights is capable of producing a wall of light that illuminates an area and disorients aggressors with a single click.

That means that you can easily put it in a glove compartment or right in your pocket for easy access. Once you choose which setting works best for you, depending on the application for whether it is home defense or an officer in the field or military use, your Glock light is ready when you are.
Casting a wall of light on suspicious areas can disorient potential aggressors and give you back the advantage.
O-rings seal both ends ensuring that even in the harshest weather you are able to use the Defender with confidence.
The reflector surrounding the LED is precision designed and micro-textured to optimize the beam keeping it smooth and focused allowing you to illuminate specific areas with confidence. In an emergency, the specially designed strike bezel on the Fury Defender serves as a last line of defense to keep you safe. Our Police Tactical light comes with a Cree 3W super bright LED with focus one powerful beam.
If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible.. This is exactly how Glock has designed this light, all you have to do is hit one button to active your preselected setting. Time and time again, professionals turn to the Surefire P2X Fury Defender LED Tactical Flashlight for their illumination needs. Aluminum is used for the entire external casing and the grip area is crosshatched in addition to a hex-shaped ring at the top to keep it from rolling.
Shine the flashlight for hundreds of meters away, or use it to impair the sight of a suspected assailant.
It comes complete with a regular power outlet charger and a car charger which also includes and environment friendly UltraFire Li-ion rechargeable battery with a 3200 mAh and a 3.7 volt.
This flashlight is great for Police and regular folks for the ultimate tactical protection in the dark.

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