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The AR-15 rifle is available in a wide range of configurations from a large number of manufacturers, and is America’s most popular rifle. AR-15 configurations range from short carbine-length models with features such as adjustable length stocks and optical sights, to heavy barrel models. No doubt there are ten times as many opinions as there are manufacturers, variants, and accessories. Going to get slapped here for saying this but AK builds are much more forgiving, and in a survival enviro you won’t need long range.
HAHAHA, gata laugh Kula, I once had an drill instructor a billion years ago that said “NEVER clean an AR, just dunk it in a barrel of diesel”, I actually watched him do just that, of course it smoked like he!! After that, I like the Rock River and the DPMS, they are both fairly well built, and at a very reasonable price. Green Laser, EO-tech (red dot), Surefire Light, Collapsible Stock with compartment for spare batteries, 1 point tactical bungee sling, 30 round Magpull Mags (lots of them), 10,000 rounds of ammo. The Grendel is certainly sweet, but the ammo is proprietary and expensive, so I stick top my home build job. Actually Wolf is making 100 gr steel case Grendel ammo and I have been able to purchase Hornady ammo from Selway Armory at very reasonable rates. I was once told a bayonet is nice but, if you gotta use it, you should re-adjust your sights.
I know many Vietnam vets who have the same opinion as you when it comes to the AR platform and with good reason. I should have mentioned the larger 308 AR-10 receivers will not match the smaller AR-15 5.56 receivers if you did not know this already.
All the toys and doodads in the world aren’t gonna save you if your rifle jams more quickly than you can get allergies on a dusty day.
I know, it is not an AR platform but these are the things I grab when I have to take down critters that are amongst the livestock in a land where Gun Control is the rule of the day. Years ago when I moved into a more dangerous neighborhood ,in California, on a cop’s salary, I bought a used lever action Marlin rifle that fired 44 magnum rounds. You might be interested in a class action suit against Remington that may apply to your rifles. Still, if I were to lose these rifles in a housefire tomorrow, I would probably replace them with Savage rifles with accutriggers in 223 cal. Another day, another headline that must surely be “conspiracy theory,” but unfortunately for us all turns out to be conspiracy fact.
While Duncan acknowledges that the IRS has an enforcement division, he questions if that level of firepower is appropriate when they could coordinate operations with other agencies, like the FBI, especially in a time of austerity. Given the increased scrutiny amid the agency’s targeting of political groups and excessive spending, Duncan said, he intends to seek answers from the IRS.
Buy anything you like at Amazon and use our link to enter Amazon and we will get some commission. As the internet provides a lot of information about different things that are of your interest and needs, there will always be a site that you will help you with your concern. Whether you use AR15 for a target practice, hunting or self defense, you will always go down to the bottom line of finding the appropriate scopes for your AR15 which will fit your activities’ needs. When you are looking for AR15 scopes, ask yourself what type of shooting you will be doing? Using AR 15 under tough circumstances especially if lives are on the line, you might as well spend for high end scopes that are worth your money. In today’s ever improving technology, new scopes are developed and old ones are being improved. Due to the AR-15 rifle’s modular design, one upper receiver can quickly and easily be substituted for another.
I have fired many upon many many many boxes of shells from both manufactures and they seem to maintain there quality and accuracy.
I also have a pair of “long range (300 yard) 22inch bull-barrel with 4-22 scopes (again backups).
That said I did last time we obummer got reelected, it’s crazy what some will pay for a 5 year old firearm no mater what it is.

Bu the third rifle I had it down cold, and my little 16″ carbine is all tinkered down to where I like it. I reload with Lapua brass and I have been able to get over 15 reloads from it and it is still going strong. As for mags I might be in the minority but I favor the Tapco mags have done the abuse trials like on some videos and they still work , can’t say the same for the issue type aluminum mags .
The problem is the rifle,knowledge and components have changed dramatically since the Vietnam war.
There are some billet machined receivers that are not mil spec that will sometimes cause problems. I kept hearing about the accutrigger so I went and bought a Savage 243 with the accutrigger.
The AS-50 is used by the Navy SEALS and will penetrate steel and concrete from an extremely long range. And as for your AR 15, continue reading below for some simple but helpful tips that you might find helpful to you. If you have not decided what scopes to use with your weapon yet, you might consider reading a few things about scopes. But when it comes to a name that you can trust, think of the leading brand that is known worldwide today.
If it is for hunting, you can settle for those that will not cost your entire money in your wallet. Whether you stick to the number one AR15 scopes or try other brands, at the end, it is you who will testify which one will be more useful to you. There are many aftermarket upper receivers that incorporate barrels of different weights, lengths and calibers. I have some friends who went for price and got poorly assembled rifles that took a lot of work to set up for accuracy, reliability, and dependability.
They all work 100% because I took the time to use top quality components and learned the important knowledge needed to build them correctly.
Originally started with intention of building a long range weapon for myself and lightweight for my wife. Same page on the learning to shoot thing, HUGE advocate on shooting at a min of 500 rounds a month, and not all one platform. I’m not replying to start any argument but the AR manufacturing, magazines,components and overall reliability to day is as good or better than any military rifle in the world. Long distance from an obscure placement is not only a smart thing but slightly more my style. My rifle is a Rock River Elite Operator and it was shooting 1 inch groups out of the case at 100 yards before I even touched it.
IRS Criminal Investigation has internal controls and oversight in place to ensure all law enforcement tools, including weapons are used appropriately,” the IRS said. Keep in mind that your AR 15 scope will be an important investment so make the most out of your AR 15 with the best scope.
Ar15 rifle scopes facilitate an easier and speedy hitting of the target in a precise manner. Your job is to find where you will be satisfied with what you will do regarding using your AR15. After lugging these both around the property and range, I now have two lightweight and one pistol. Your lobbing the round in, but with a Viet Nam era M16 (improved) weapon I never dropped a point at that distance with iron sights.
After 5 to 600 rounds I apply some oil to the bolt through the gas release holes in the bolt carrier and the rifle is good to go. As a smart prepper, one does not engage targets in a symmetrical paradigm but rather in a asymmetrical strategy if your group has a modicum of staying alive in long term basis. I dread the thought of having a face to face firefight with Rambo and his belt-fed whatever.
The so called DI system used in the AR-15 works very well and can be superior than the over gassed long stroke AK system if maintained correctly.

There use to be some older receivers made in the 80’s that were so out of spec as to be worthless. They are designed by law enforcement professionals and for over 35 years, the company has made its name in making quality optics for guns and other rifles.
With different reviews online as well as the ones stated above, you are offered different ideas which will be of most use for you. The AR can be a great long range gun, but you will lose a lot in weight and the agility of a shorter barrrl. Nevertheless, if treated with respect they are quite nice and will be a powerful ally in a time of need. I have owned and used just about every rifle used by every nation on this Earth and can tell you there is no perfect weapons platform. Your answer will dictate and help you decide what type of scope you will need for your AR15. Aim for a good quality and time tested scope that will surely bring fulfillment to your hunting and other shooting activities. AR rifles are great rifles and easy to build but be careful when taking advice from the internet because there is a lot of ill informed advise being spewed on this subject.
A handgun will be a must for that time when your rifle is in another area and you have to fight your way over to it, so be mindful of that. For all of you gun smiths out there, picking accesories is not the definition of building your own AR-15.
If I am ever in the mood to shoot moa or better groups, I have a rifle that will do it, (700 Rem.
Just like pickup trucks we all have our favorites, but like I stated above be honest with your actual needs for a firearm and pick the best quality rifle and you wont go wrong.
I own bolt rifles from most major manufacturers, both domestic and some foreign and the Savage can shoot with the best of them.
I look for the deal at the time (DPMS, Colt, M&P, Bushmaster, and Sig Sauer) make up my collection.
There are many poorly made AR Frankengun AR rifles that have tarnished the reputation of well made AR rifles. If you have a chance to toast your combatant at 1500 yards why in the heck would you want to wait till ya can “see the whites of their eyes”? Be honest with what type of rifle you need and don’t fall into the must have the latest and greatest gizmo that will only add weight and cost money. Pretty accurate and reliable and have never had to replace any parts other than worn out magazines. There are many good and dependable AR rifles on the market and one doesn’t need to mortgage the house to obtain one. If I think I will need more penetration or bigger caliber I would grab my AR in 6.5 Grendel. Have a holographic site mounted to the carry handle and still have the iron sights installed.
It is set up for longer range with a quality 3x9x40 scope, 400 lumen light and green laser. The next one is a DPMS Sportical .308 (AR style)topped with a Pulsar Apex XD50A 2x8x44 Thermal sight.
I do reload most bullets for all but the SKS when accuracy counts, ie hunting or betting on who buys the beer after a range session. Practice ammo is whatever cheap ammo with GOOD brass I can get such as Lake City, PPU, Remington, etc. None of these guns are what I would call high dollar guns, but like I said, they are accurate and dependable. After EVERY shooting session, whether I have fired 1 round or 500 rounds, these weapons are cleaned and lubed.

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