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The maker of a popular Android mobile app that turns your phone into a flashlight has agreed to settle the Federal Trade Commission's charges that the software secretly supplied cellphone locations to marketers, even when consumers rejected its terms of service.The settlement against Goldenshores Technologies LLC, which makes the "Brightest Flashlight Free" app, comes as the FTC is taking a closer look at app developers, websites and other companies that track consumers' data without their knowledge. Our awesome (and infrequent) newsletter will make sure you always know about hot games and apps, with in-depth reviews, recommendations for channels to follow, and more!
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The company would automatically pass that information along to third parties, including advertising networks, even though its privacy policy stated initially that information wouldn't be shared outside the company.What's more, according to the FTC, the app appeared to give consumers a choice of backing out of any data collection by rejecting its license agreement.
But before the consumer could click "accept" or "refuse," the app already was sending data to third parties.The FTC says it didn't seek financial restitution because the app was free. A key part of the settlement is a requirement that, if the developer wants to collect and share geolocation data, it must send a prominent disclosure notice when the app launches. The company also has agreed to get a consumer's consent before collecting or sharing the information.Goldenshores Technologies, owned by Erik Geidl of Moscow, Idaho, did not respond to an email request for comment.

Geidl's lawyer, identified as Sam Creason, also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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