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The e-commerce market is very competitive, with conversion rates relying heavily on a website’s design, usability, mobile optimization, and pricing. First off, one of the many mistakes e-commerce companies make is that they don’t have the proper analytics in place to track conversion rates. E-commerce Analytics Setup some conversion rate and value goals in Google Analytics, track if you’re meeting them, and strategize how to improve them. Monitor Your Referrals Social media is not the end-all be-all of referral traffic, but I’ve seen small businesses that generate thousands of referrals per month Facebook alone. Site SpeedThis is an easy one to check on that may not require much monitoring, unless you are having issues with applications or databases. In a nutshell, SEO for e-commerce websites is primarily your strategy for content and backlinks. Blogging OK, so you may not call it a blog; some call it a news feed, or articles, but regardless of naming conventions, it is extremely beneficial to have a section where you can release content on a regular basis.
Some of this was covered in the data analytics portion previously, but I will re-iterate a little simply because of the importance of this section, which is about creating a great user experience for your customers.
Steps to Checkout Difficulty finding products and proceeding through the checkout process will often lead to customers leaving your website to find a more user-friendly one (I know, because I’ve done it, and you may have too).
Product PicturesYour e-commerce product pictures should be cleaned up in photoshop and at a decent resolution for viewing on the web.
These tips I just covered will help you analyze where you need to make improvements on your e-commerce website.
In this article I’ll be discussing some of the enhancements that I have been progressively applying to the different Hikashop e-commerce websites that I’ve been building. One helpful feature of Hikashop is that it uses AJAX commands when adding products to cart, and updates the cart HTML when finished. Most of the big e-commerce shops use a cart icon that you can hover or click on to display products in your cart.
I typically use a click even for the cart to display, but this can also work as a hover event. To get the cart to work this way, you’ll have to either modify the existing module or publish the module in a hidden position, then use javascript to display it when you click or hover over your cart icon. One crucial component to getting this to function properly is editing the javascript function that adds the items to the cart. This is another neat shopping cart addition that you can add is a counter which will display how many items are in your cart.
Then, place an element with the class “cart-count” where you want the counter to appear for your cart. This function will loop through the product listing rows and adjust the height accordingly.
So the last two enhancements were pretty technical, but this one is relatively easy to setup. Now, I deviated a little bit from that configuration because I wanted to actually setup a filter that would send out these e-mails to shoppers that registered but didn’t purchase (the Acymailing documentation tells you how to setup for orders that were placed but not confirmed). I define a true singe page checkout feature to have a checkout process which uses AJAX commands to apply updates without reloading the page, while updating the HTML once the results are returned.
Most of these enhancements were rather technical, but if you're an aspiring developer or just really want to add these features to your e-commerce site, I highly recommend giving it a shot.
Having an exciting, interactive website is important to stand out in today’s crowded internet market. Unfortunately, some developers and companies (even large ones) just don’t care about following web development best practices, and decide that throwing massive amounts of hardware at their website will solve their problems. Loading multiple versions of jQuery – often content management systems have 3rd party applications that will have an option of loading jQuery.
3rd Party APIs out of control– sometimes you may have an older, unsupported API implemented, or the API simply no longer exists.
Poorly written javascript– if used improperly, javascript can cripple your website page load time. Choosing the wrong formats or having larger than necessary images can delay page load times quite a bit. The most common image type is JPEG, and often I need to compress images from an entire website.
Having too many javascript, CSS, and image files can lead to too many HTTP requests; when a browser hits your website, it performs a separate request for each of these files. Content management systems have some excellent solutions for this, which will combine, compress, and minify your CSS and javascript files.
As for having too many images, icons that are used can be bundled into a larger sprite image, and be set individually with background position in CSS. There are a wide variety of free options available for server-side caching, both on your web server and applications that run on your web server.
Another change that will reduce the overall size of content sent to browsers is enabling Apache compression, which is especially simple for cPanel users. This isn’t exactly server side, but leveraging browser caching is an important step to improve page load times for return visitors. Shared hosting is immensely popular with small businesses because of the low cost associated.
From my experience, a properly configured website will usually average 3-6 second page loads on a shared host.
Having great content is important but having no method of marketing the content is almost like having no content at all. Search engine optimization is the name given to techniques, tactics, skills and processes used for optimizing your website for the search engines.
It must be noted here that the search engines select these tools to analyze the reputation of your website in order to both gauge and protect their reputations. A proper network of backlinks on the internet should manage to create a good image of your website in the sight of search engines. Guest posting and article writing are also methods for creating backlinks, although if used improperly they can actually damage your website’s reputation. For example, your SEO company might try to hide text by matching it with background colors of the website, purchase bulk backlinks through link-building schemes, or utilize scripts that spam backlinks onto website comment sections. These things strategies can also be utilized on ecommerce websites where duplicate content can be produced only to increase the keyword density on a page.
Make sure that your SEO services are helping your website’s reputation, not hurting it.
Hopefully you’ve found this introduction to search engine optimization and the concepts of content and backlinks. Download our FREE Requirements Gathering Form PDF, or read on to learn about how to properly gather requirements for a website. When gathering requirements for a website design project, it is important to cover the right topics in order to gather sufficient information. Keep in mind that many clients, especially on smaller projects, don’t really know what they want and are likely expecting you to make recommendations. Newcomers to requirements gathering often forget this key component, which is to define what the client’s expectations are of this project. Objective What is the specific objective of this project, and how will we try to meet this goal?
Basic Features & Functionality This should be a brief overview of a few key topics: Is this website going to be responsive or have a mobile version? I typically cover how many design mockups will be expected for the client to review – 2-3 options is usually sufficient.
The features that are implemented in the website can often be where many of the hours of work estimated are used.
Content Feeds Discuss potential feeds – these could be either internal or external content. Forms This topic is should include forms used throughout the site, such as contact and registration forms.
Depending on how many hours are allocated into SEO for the website deployment, how thorough you want to be may vary. Company Profile Gather a basic company profile – what they specialize in, what their plans are for expansion (such as adding a new product line or service), and who their customers are. Competition Define who their competitors are – this will help you see how they achieve success and analyze potential improvements. Targeted Keywords What keywords does your client think would be relevant to their business? SEO Strategy I don’t recommend going too in-depth on this topic in the initial requirements gathering session. Layout Consistency Discuss if pages will follow the same layout across menu items and while drilling into sub-menu items.
The topics previously discussed cover the business and functional requirements for you website project. These challenges can be difficult to address, but it helps to leverage the strengths of your solution. We’ve discussed some of the key topics to cover while gathering your requirements, but I recommend fine-tuning your document to fit your specific needs.
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How to meditate: 10 important tips - goodlife zen, It’s sometimes more relaxing than just sitting if that’s what you do all to actually do it… thanks for the simple steps to get you started on. Do things that make a difference - ensign june 1983 - ensign, Do things that make a difference i believe in the principle that you ought to and that you love him with all your heart and are going to do all you can to. Principle - definition of principle by the free dictionary, I like not the principle of the natives, which teaches them to submit without a struggle, in emergencies that appear desperate," he said, while busied in this. Principle definition of principle by merriam-webster, Simple definition of principle: dictionaries warn against confusing principle and principal, many people still do. According to Article 104 of Costa Rica’s traffic laws, it is perfectly legal to run a red light between 10 pm and 5 am. Costa Rica is not the only country that allows drivers to go through intersections with red lights at night. In Costa Rica speed bumps are called reductores de velocidad (speed reducers), policias durmientes (sleeping policemen) and muertos (dead men). Bringing together the country’s most RENOWNED and experienced EXPERTS in their respective fields to take care of all of your RELOCATION NEEDS. New ebook is expat guide to learn the basic introduction to the Costa Rica’s legal system in simple terms. EXCLUSIVE: Police Chief Rob Lawson tells TLS they are looking into the option of installing red light cameras at several intersections in town. Should the program be approved by the Township Committee, the pilot program would install cameras at several high-speed intersections which would be determined based on Traffic & Safety studies, paid for by the company installing the cameras. Some intersections likely to get cameras, as per the Chief, would include Route 9 and County Line Road, Cedarbridge Avenue And New Hampshire Avenue, Pine Street and New Hampshire Avenue, and Route 70 and New Hampshire Avenue.
Over the last few years, the above intersections have seen dozens of serious accidents including multiple fatal ones. However, the cameras would not be installed on roads such as Clifton Avenue, the Chief said. Red light cameras were installed at Chambers Bridge Road and Route 70 in Brick Township last year and during its 30-day probationary period caught over 1,000 motorists running red lights. Motorists caught by the camera running a red light, would be subject to a summons mailed to their registered address. Summonses will only be issued when the camera shows that a motorist’s car completely passed the white stop line after the light had turned red. The Chief says that the installation of the cameras would be at no cost to the Township, as it would be paid for by the State. People are going to yell and scream about this but the simple fact is: don’t go through red lights!
And this may even help lowering (or at the very least stabalizing) the township portion of our property taxes.
When someone is driving at 45 MPH (say at the speed limit) and all of the sudden they see a yellow light, when normally it would be safe to continue throught the intersection because they are practically in it already- due to the camera they slam on their brake and get rear ended by the car behing them. Is there anyway to make a left from countyline to route 9 south without going thru a yellow? A study was done showing that making the yellow lights longer is much more effective in preventing accidents then red light cameras.
We should use cameras to enforce traffic laws and save money by cutting down on the LPD budget as they will not be needed as much to enforce traffic laws. The only way to have safe redlight cameras, is if the camera is NOT activated for the first 2 seconds after the light turns red. The camera should ONLY be activated for the entire duration that the light is red except for the first 2 seconds.

Who cares if the impetus behind this initiative is revenue, it is enforcing the law, isn’t that a good thing? No one is questioning or doubting that going though a red is illegal even within 2 seconds. Chief, if you happen to read this blog I beg of you, please, try this: Drive east bound on County Line Road and try to make a left hand turn unto Route 9 Northbound and please tell me if you can do it at the green light. Why cant the STATE (since RT 9 is a State Road) install a green arrow turning light BOTH eastbound and westbound? IF You are IN the intersection of rt 9 and county waiting to turn left, and the light changes red you ARE allowed to finish your turn into order to clear the intersection. If you are in the turning lane, but not in the intersection, and the light turns red, you CANNOT go anyway simply because you are tired of waiting. How about go back and read #9 and you will see that he WROTE turning from County line onto Route 9!!
First and foremost, a yellow light is your signal to evaluate if you have sufficient distance to proceed through the light or to prepare to stop. The underground sensors are being phased out for the sensor cameras on the light stanchion. Now only if we can get cameras at every stop sign too, maybe that would stop these drivers from doing 40mph then slamming on the brakes into the middle if the intersection or running the stop signs like I see EVERYDAY!!!! I would like to remind all the drivers out there that a Yellow light does not mean one should drive faster.
When you are driving on Sunset Rd towards Central Ave, and the traffic light turns yellow, if your car is at the intersection of Caranetta Dr. The two biggest obstacles of an e-commerce site are getting users to the site, and converting them into customers. It’s as simple as turning on e-commerce tracking in Google Analytics, and updating the script on your site. Check your user flow metrics to analyze where users are exiting your site (more on that below). If your website isn’t getting many referrals, I recommend reviewing your social media and listing strategies.
Even if your site is averaging in the top ten, which is still first page results, if you’re not in at least the top five you are likely to experience a low click through ratio (often less than 5%).
Falloff on product detail pages may indicate that your products may not contain enough information, not have appealing images, or your pricing isn’t competitive.
Your pages should have links to your products and categories, on as many pages as possible.
Putting all your content in menus and submenus will detract from your site’s user experience, but a single menu item with a blog can let you freely communicate with your customers continuously, and all that content is indexed by search engines. An easy way find out if your website is performing well in this area is to count the number of steps it takes for a user to get from the home page to checkout completion.
Properly arranging these will help with the overall user experience – I find it more common that e-commerce sites setup too many categories rather than too few. In the competitive world of online shopping, every step you take to improve your user experience is crucial to ensuring your business' success.
Unfortunately, it does have some quirky behavior (*ahem* such as its checkout process) that can get a little frustrating.
Many of these modifications will require some HTML, CSS, or Javascript chops, but regardless of your capabilities, make sure not to add these into a production site (take a backup and deploy it somewhere else, then implement the changes to your production site when the changes are finished and tested). The stock installation of Hikashop allows you to publish a cart module, but by default it is something that is always shown.
Luckily we can add this kind of option to hikashop with some crafty HTML, CSS and Javascript.
The containing HTML of the cart will have to be positioned relative with CSS, while the HTML container will be positioned absolute over it.
For some reason, Hikashop decided to bury this file in the administration folder, so any updates to Hikashop will delete these changes (just remember to re-implement the code after an upgrade). The function gets triggered the command is activated to update the cart, so if someone started clicking on add to cart like a madman, this resulting count in the cart may not match up. This will only be useful for a Hikashop product listing of divs, but that’s a pretty common occurrence so I’m sure this will be useful for many Hikashop e-commerce shops.
Thanks to Hikashop’s integration with Acymailing (although you will need the enterprise edition of Acymailing to set this up), you can configure your website to automatically e-mail customers who made it to checkout but didn’t make a purchase.
For whatever reason, Hikashop chose to skip the latter part of that statement; they use AJAX throughout checkout, but every change requires a page refresh. However, far too often there are simple mistakes that result in slow page load times and a frustrating user experience; especially when you start adding on all the bells and whistles to your website. This may be a fix, even a potentially long-term one, but often this causes problems later on since the underlying issues are not addressed. Third party javascript APIs have also become common, such as social media buttons and access to Google’s developer APIs (such as Google Maps). Often this can lead to browsers spending time waiting for a response before realizing that there is none. Probably the most important ones are deferring your javascript so it loads last, combining your javascript into one file, and avoiding inline javascript as much as possible. By combining these files into large ones, this reduces the number of requests made, significantly reducing page load times. There’s also CSS toolkits like Font Awesome, which have a huge collection of icons that are vector based.
Since I specialize in development on LAMP environments (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), I’ll be covering optimizations on those platforms. Most shared hosts will already have a somewhat adequate Apache configuration and PHP handler setup, but you’ll get massive page load improvements from being able to control the configurations. This can be a simple change by adding ETag and Cache-Control information into your htaccess file. By doing so, you have many more resources available to your website, as well as more control for server-side optimization. Ideally, you want to come in at about .2 seconds (200 milliseconds), which is about what you can expect to get from these options. Having a website but performing no marketing for it keeps it hidden from the sight of the world.
That is why search engine optimization is commonly used to boost your website’s presence. Search engines weigh the reputation of your website to give it a particular rank in the search results.
People would like to use a particular search engine only when it gives them the most relevant and helpful results for their search queries.
The more frequently your content changes, the more the search engines will have to index and supply to customers. Even if your content is well written and is attracting visitors, if your articles are not focused on the right kind of content your goal of conversion rates will not be achieved.
When your post is hosted on another blog the link to your blog or website is provided with your post. SEO services provided by companies can use these techniques to get more clients and quick popularity.
Even the use of popular and trending that are not relevant to the content of your website and the services you provide has the possibility of hurting your reputation.
Another popular strategy with e-commerce websites is to crowd product pages with fake customer reviews, which usually look unauthentic – not only to potential customers, but to search engines as well.
As discussed in this article, SEO is a powerful marketing asset if used properly, but it can also hurt your website’s reputation if managed poorly.
I’ve previously written about how to set your agenda with a client for the website design requirements gathering session. Larger projects may take longer and need to be broken up into multiple sessions with different stakeholders. While it can be easy to assume that they want to increase their business growth, that is too vague of a goal and does not allow you to provide a proper strategy to meet their objective. Smaller projects may not need a wireframe or project plan (a projected deployment date will do), and quality assurance may be as simple as discussing browser and device type support. When diving deeper into the design aspects available, I then decide on what to include on the different designs I will provide. While areas such as the design and layout are easier to calculate the work hours (the variables are usually how many pages, how many mockups provided, and page complexity), website features can vary quite a bit.
If the website has e-commerce, discuss products, product variants, checkout, payment options, etc. Gather what information should be required to fill out on these forms, and remember that registration forms should gather the bare minimum of information in order to reduce bounce rates.
I believe that any website should be initially setup properly for SEO, so always allot a base amount of hours for this and discuss this topic. I advise doing some research before-hand in order to get search statistics and provide some recommendations. However, it is recommended to discuss what kind of benefits can be obtained from long-term SEO campaigns, and your strategic approach. Also cover main menu items, sub-menu items, and any additional menus used throughout the site (including how they link to each-other). It is usually a good practice to follow the same general layout site-wide, however home page and sidebar content can fluctuate when implementing different cross-selling, content feeds, or calls to action.
System requirements are another topic to take into consideration, and this may vary depending on what platforms you utilize. This includes the Server OS (such as Windows or Linux Server), Web Server (such as Apache or IIS), and Database (such as Oracle, SQL, or MySQL). Many companies have specific requirements around software vendors and solutions, and if your platform doesn’t have 1st party support they may reject your proposal. If the company utilizes software such as a CRM or ERP package, they may require integration with them.
While an enterprise software packages may address all of these concerns, is that solution cost effective and within budget? This document is more generalized to approach a wide variety of initiatives, and is a good starting point for your own documentation. The municipality installed a couple of speed bumps and the problem was solved immediately . This will never happen because you would see for yourself on video the violation you committed, and you wouldn’t be able to plea bargin. That’s right you have to take two days off from work costing you over $200 just to plead your case to an unsympathetic court. The other asset you’ll want to utilize is Google webmaster tools and enable Analytics sharing so you can view search engine queries, impressions, and clicks. Organizing content around those keywords or phrases and directed users to the appropriate product pages can help boost your statistics in these three criteria.
This should be a major part of your SEO strategy, by analyzing keywords and writing content around them.
Many companies use this as a sole strategy for their internet marketing, funneling upwards of $10,000 per month to bring customers to their website. If it seems like too the process is too long, try reducing the amount of information you require to a minimum (an option to checkout as a guest, login, or create an account is ideal).
One important reminder if you decide to re-organize your site structure; make sure you setup 301 redirects to the new urls from the old ones! If you would like assistance with your e-commerce website, please dont hesitate to contact us. Furthermore, there are some lacking features that may not be entirely necessary, but said features would be a really valuable asset to any e-commerce website. Be sure to thoroughly test any of these solutions across different browsers and devices to make sure they aren’t breaking any functionality.
Additionally, adding to cart will either keep you on the same page, take you to checkout, or display an add-to-cart popup notice.
I would provide an example, but unfortunately every template is different and any code I give may not be relevant to your website.
However, the function also gets triggered when the page gets loaded, so navigating to any other page will get the correct count again.
Second, the filter you will want to set is for “Hikashop Customers” rather than “Hikashop Reminder”.
I hope this article helps you with your Hikashop endeavors, and encourage you to head down to the comments section if you have anything else you would like to add that you find useful additions to your Hikashop store!
Not only will fixing these issues likely improve your bounce rates, it will also help with your SEO strategy. Keep in mind that this is a list of common issues that occur, and if you are experiencing slow page loads it could be a number of other causes.
Additionally, some developers may be lazy and do a test upgrade of jQuery and realize it breaks some of their scripts, so as a workaround they implement a second or even third version on the site. Loading too many APIs on your website can also cause a slower load time; remember, these APIs have to wait for requests from other services, so you lose some control of response time.

You can download a server’s entire image folder, drop it into JPEGmini, and watch it compress all your images! If you’re using a content management system with a template, you may already have a CSS toolkit implemented.
Every environment is different, so it’s hard to determine which caching solution is best for you. Of course, these solutions will cost you more, but if your sales could decline from a poor user experience, then it is well worth the investment.
Additionally, you can setup multiple websites on these servers, so if you are already paying for multiple shared hosting accounts it may be a good idea to consolidate them onto one VPS host. Websites with poorly written content that’s not informative are useless for online visitors and therefore can be listed lower in search results in favor of websites that are more informative, or even be penalized for not following the proper standards. Whether you are selling a product or service, people would like to get some information about both first.
This is why it is important for your website’s backlinks should only come from reputable sources. In the same way, the articles that you submit to online directories also contain the link to your website.
However, these techniques will always be poisonous for the website’s page ranking in the long run. If you’d like to learn more about our services, please visit our Chicago SEO Services page.
In this post, I will be covering some of the proper criteria for your project requirements. Additionally, some key functionality should be briefly discussed before diving deeper into the other topics. For example, this may have e-commerce capabilities, support multiple languages, or have a business directory listing.
For example, one design could have a set of 2-3 chosen colors, be full browser width, have square buttons, and have a menu spanning the top of the site horizontally. Keep in mind many clients already have marketing collateral in place and may not want to change their logo.
Larger companies may have branding guidelines available that will already contain color choices. For example, an e-commerce site with many products and variants will have many more hours allocated than a site with simple e-commerce functionality for making a Paypal donation. Try to cover all the important aspects – usually you can find reference sites with similar features that you can use as topics reference.
A basic understanding of targeted audience and keywords should be garnished, which will help you with the implementation and provide a good starting point should they decide to utilize your SEO services. It may be a possibility if there is already analytics data available, but if there are major changes to site structure and content, it is best to wait until the new website is indexed. Smaller website projects are usually less strict in this area, and may not need an actually wireframe or sitemap to be created. If you have a specific platform or CMS that you utilize, it is important to cover what that is and the benefits that your customer can harness from it. Many companies invest millions of dollars into disaster recovery services, and may want to utilize them on their new website. Of course, if you have your own platform and have been around for a long time, this is probably a non-issue.
Sometimes there are readily available solutions, and other times these solutions may need to be custom developed. Your client may make concessions on some of these aspects if you appeal to them in the right way. Crime is so high in the Federal District that it is dangerous to stop too long at a red light for fear that you will get robbed or have your car hijacked.
Seriously speaking these devices are very effective because if you drive over one at even a moderate speed, both you and your car will receive a jolt you will never forget. Recently some neighbors in Guayabo de Mora took it upon themselves to install speed bumps because the municipality was dragging its feet.
This would be a trivial and inexpensive circuit to add to the existing timing, either centrally or per unit. When driving 35 MPH, which is the legal speed LIMIT for that road, you are easily able to STOP your car in under 150 Feet. There are a few good directory listings out there such as DMOZ or Yahoo Directory Listing (paid), which should be linked to your home page. An important factor to take into account is if you are using single page checkout, which will let your customers complete their purchase without refreshing their page. Especially considering how hard it is to convert shoppers into customers, you definitely want to be ahead of the game to boost your sales.
Lastly, create a second condition that will exclude subscribers that registered over 24 hours ago (otherwise you will start spamming your customers with duplicate emails).
Ideally you will want to have a page load time of around 2 seconds or less, so if you notice your page is taking longer than that, you may be running into one of these 5 issues! There are also many poorly written APIs out there, so it’s best to only use ones from reputed companies (although there are no guarantees there either). Content management system users also have the option of enabling gzipping, which pretty much does the same thing. There are plenty of tools available to test your server response time (one of the key indicators for server performance), such as Google Page Insights or Pingdom Tools. While banner ads and promotional campaigns are pretty much similar to traditional ways of marketing, search engine optimization and content marketing are completely different concepts. Search engines have certain tools that they use to measure the popularity and reputation of a website.
This is the reason why SEO services are so focused on producing only quality content, and why Google is frequently revising its policies for SEO standards. They will not like content that’s overstuffed with keywords and provides little to no information.
Professional SEO services will also work to spread your content by submitting articles about you, your products and services to online article directories.
You can even have the visitors land on your blog and from your blog to your official website.
As soon as search engines detect these techniques, they are de-indexed, and the ranking that you have earned in a short while is lost just as quickly.
I’ve also written some tips for e-commerce websites, which include information about content, page, and product optimization. A second option could have a set of 2 chosen colors, have a max width of 1200px, have round buttons, and have a menu spanning vertically on the left side. Larger, more complex projects should have more bullet points added for core features, and be more detailed on their functionality. Another topic to cover is integration with any vendors or 3rd party software they use, and ask if they have any future implementations planned. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it may give you some freedom to create a better user experience (as long as you make the right decisions!). Larger companies, especially ones that have their own IT department, will likely have their own server environment and may or may not want to provide their own hosting. Also, if they are a Windows Server environment and consider bringing on a Linux server, do they have someone who can support it, or would anyone want to?
However, CMS platforms like Wordpress, Drupal, or Joomla all do NOT provide 1st party support. On rare occasions, the software or services may not integrate well with others because they want them to only rely on that vendor for solutions. A driver first must stop and make sure other vehicles that have a green light and right of way are not coming. Well the plan backfired when it was discovered that they made the speed bumps three times higher than legally permitted ( 5 centimeters is the legal height and the ones built in Guayaba de Mora are 15 centimeters high). Just to bring it home to those who say violaters deserve the ticket, say you try to stop but the pavement is icy.
If your e-commerce site isn’t optimized for a mobile user experience, you may want to consider responsive design or a mobile version. You also may want to enable server-side caching and gzipping, as both can dramatically reduce page load time.
Even if they load up their cart, low conversion rates will often make Adwords spending cost more than it’s worth.
Most shared hosts will respond in around 1-2 seconds or more, depending on configuration and how much traffic the website gets. If you don’t know much about server administration, I highly recommend getting a managed hosting service.
The internet is a world where your content plays the most important role for your business. These factors are examined carefully by search engines to produce helpful, informative results.
The movement from one link to another and one page to another page should be smooth and unimpeded. The more broken links there are the more points the search engine will deduct from your ranking. Another important strategy is to share the interesting posts on your blog through social networking websites, which help generate more traffic and interest in your content. Keep in mind that it is crucial to define what is included in the project and what is excluded. Even without generating these documents, covering the following aspects is still important.
Now drivers who pass by there are going at a snail’s pace for fear of damaging their vehicles. If people would take the lead foot off the accelerator and slow down when they see the light change to yellow they would have no problem stopping in time without causing an accident. Say there are two 18 wheelers in the lanes in front of you obscuring your view of the light. Additionally, if your conversion rates are poor on mobile devices, improvements in usability or user flows may be necessary. Answering these questions in your product content will not only improve your SEO, but it will also reduce the amount of falloff and inbound contacts from your customers asking questions about your products.
1,000-3,000 word+ articles are the way to go, and for e-commerce sites I recommend cross-selling your products in the article as well.
Additionally, if you were to remove Adwords altogether while having no organic SEO strategy, it’s likely that your sales would drop drastically.
Unfortunately, this is in addition to the time it takes to make all the requests and download all the files. The core concept of the internet is an advanced distribution of information, which is why it’s important that your website disseminates useful information for your users.
This kind of architecture is approved by search engines and will achieve a higher ranking for your website.
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