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Zurich’s red light district has more to offer than you might realize - photo courtesy of Mr.
Beginning somewhat surprisingly near the district courts in central Zurich, the Langstrasse (or “long street”) is a red light district that stretches lengthwise to the Hauptbahnhof and widthwise in an uneven perimeter radiating out into the surrounding streets. Relatively speaking, the Langstrasse is far and away the biggest hotspot for drug use, dealing, prostitution, and criminality. Police efforts to reduce petty crime in the district have borne fruit, though part of the decline in troubling statistics is the result of intermittently liberalizing legal efforts that have further decriminalized several varieties of questionable behavior.
Whether or not you’re possessed of prurient interests, the Langstrasse is nonetheless worth a visit during your trip to Zurich.

Every year, red light accidents will account for roughly 900 to 1000 deaths and an additional 100,000 personal injury cases.  Most Americans (fifty-six percent) admit that they have at one point ran a red light, and about a third of people know of someone who has died or suffered a serious injury.
In any of these situations, our attorneys will make sure that not only will the victim of the accident not be held liable for the damages, but also that you will receive the maximum level of compensation for your damages.  We will also fight against insurance companies to make sure that they pay for your vehicle and property damage as well.
Our team of lawyers will find the right specialist, accident re-constructionists, and evidence to prove your case and maximize the amount you receive from your accident.  We have the requisite resources and knowledge necessary to go to battle for you. It may seem safe by comparison to some of the dens of iniquity that seethe with danger and vice elsewhere in the world, but it’s plenty rough and ready.
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Apart from its debauched character, the district is home to the most culturally and ethnically diverse population in the city, a fact that is reflected in the availability of authentic international cuisine and affordable lodging.

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