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That is why we have compiled a list of the top 10 apps for the Nokia 5800 and N97, let’s start with the countdown!10. The cool thing about this art app is that there are many tools and options, you can create a lot of cool graphics with all the tools that this app has. But the coolest feature is that you can open a picture previously taken with the 5800 and then edit is as you want, you know, maybe add a mustache to a friend or scrars etc… This app is lots of fun, and with the stylus the 5800 brings it is even better.
Simple but brilliant at the same time, you can download the game here for free: PixelBeats 8.
FringFring is probably the most feature rich application for mobile devices, it lets you communicate in many ways, it is almost like a communication center.
Here are some of the services that Fring lets you use: Make and receive Skype calls, MSN Messenger, A1overIP, ICQ, SIP, Google Talk, Twitter, Yahoo Chat, AIM Chat, Orkut, Yandex Mail, WE-FI, Facebook and Last FM.
The calculator will do the complicated college level math and give you the total amount that each person has to pay, everything from a good looking application. PhoneTorchAn awesome application that enables a feature that was impossible to have on S60 3rd Ed devices.

With this application you can use the Flash of your Nokia 5800 as a Flashlight, extremely useful in the dark, or when camping or entering late in the cinema. And in case you get lost in an island or something, this app lets you transmit morse code, you just write the message and the app will send it in morse with the flashlight, pretty cool!
It also lets you search for artist and it will then let you hear music from that artist and other similar artist, the cool thing about this app is that you get to know a lot of new music that you did not know. It is a Twitter client for Nokia phones, so you can do a lot of things on Dabr that you can’t do on Twitter. For example, you can favorite Tweets, post pictures and private message someone as well as search, ReTweet and see followers. With google maps you can search for anything and then get direction to reach that place in the shortest time available.
Google maps uses the internal GPS of  the N97 and 5800, so you can know where you are exactly at every time.
Another cool feature of google maps is that you can view detailed information of the place you are going, such as openinng hours and the phone number that is automatically dialed when the green key is pressed.

Photo BrowserPhoto Browser is an application created by the Nokia Beta Labs Team it is a really cool application that lets you browse your photos in a very cool and useful way. The photo browser has an amazing interface that even makes iPhone users jealous, when I show off my Nokia 5800, photo browser is the first application I always open to impress everyone. Nokia MessagingThe number one application for the Nokia 5800 is Nokia Messaging, with this wonderful application you will get the best E-Mail experience on your Nokia N97 or Nokia 5800. It is as complete as a desktop email client and completely replaces the built-in email client on the 5800. Nokia Messaging allows you to see and use every function of your email account, like sent items, a specific archive etc… Nokia Messaging also supports hotmail, which was unsupported by Nokia devices for many years. To install Nokia Messaging just go here: Nokia Messaging make sure to read all the instructions because its a little bit tricky to install.

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