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This 7 In 1 Survival Whistle is great for emergency kits, camping, hiking, fishing, boat, car and more.
Flashlights are absolutely necessary to have in your home, your office, your car, and several of them. The Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL High Lumen Professional Tactical Light with LED and Holster, Black will provide you light in whatever unpredictable circumstance you may come across. The Streamlight 88031 Protac Tactical Flashlight 2L with White LED Includes 2 CR123A Lithium Batteries and Holster, Black is a product that you will be able to use for years to come. The Maglite ST3D016 3-D Cell LED Flashlight is durable and will help you perform your needs with reliability. Flashlights are an important piece of equipment and almost every home or office has at least one of them reserved for emergency purposes. Most poorly manufactured flashlights have low battery capacity and it only takes a while before the power runs out, leaving you stranded in the dark while making your way to the campsite. The Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL produces a bright light that can be used to blind a person temporarily as a defensive maneuver. The LED Lenser M7R comes with its own carrying case and the whole package contains a wall mount, user guide, o-rings, charger and magnetic connector. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
The Elzetta ZFH1500-T is a truly unique tactical flashlight holder mount for AR15, M16, and M4 rifles and carbines.
The M6™ 2320 Flashlight uses 2 CR123 lithium cells (included) to power a hi-pressure Xenon lamp for intense brightness. CAUTION: This Pelican Flashlight is a high output Professional Grade Lighting Product and can generate significant heat and light intensity. Designed to allow momentary operation of the Pelican flashlight when mounted to a rifle or shotgun. Mary Tyson, owner of the Ohio Family Survival Store, demonstrates some survival items in her shop in Sylvania. Mountain House freeze dried macaroni and cheese in bulk form available for sale at the Ohio Family Survival Store.
Mayday Emergency Drinking Water Pouch contains 4.22oz of water, and has a 5 year shelf life. The people who are just getting started or are interested in the basic necessities are the people Ms. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that households have a minimum of three days’ worth of supplies on hand in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. She recognized how unprepared people were during the water crisis as thousands of people made mad dashes to local stores, buying cases of bottled water and depleting shelves of food. Families with children should go over emergency plans every season, and if a particular season lasts several months, have a refresher midway through. Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem? Suitable for camping and other outdoor lighting (For climbing, camping, seeking survival, walking, fishing as well as hunting, etc.). Please do not put it directly to people's eyes for the powerful light is harmful and it will make you blind, especially for the kid. Special needs (For patrolling, hunting and arresting, inspecting, as well as Light Shooting and so on). This flashlight is waterproof making it a great flashlight when dealing with flooding, rain or other water issues. This flashlight’s style is 2L and is powered by two CR123A lithium batteries which are included with the flashlight.
This flashlight has very efficient power usage allowing the battery life to last longer than many flashlights.
It’s a must have for anyone who plans to go on camping or hiking and be able to see the surroundings at night.
A long-lasting light that is able to last for days, weeks or even months will surely benefit the user.

Measuring at 5.27 inches in diameter, this light is built for self-defense and it’s small enough to fit in your purse or pocket so that if somebody attacks you, you can also strike them back by using both ends of the ProTAC HL. The light has a built-in rechargeable battery so that you don’t have to worry anymore whenever it runs out of power. While testing the product, we noticed that it produces longer and bigger light than most similar sized models like the Surefire G2X Pro.
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Tyson decided she wanted the community to have easy access to basic preparedness items and information, and she opened the Ohio Family Survival Store. Alexis Rd., next to Sylvania Diner in Sylvania, offers water purification items, freeze-dried and canned foods (some with shelf lives of up to 30 years), personal safety tools, lighting, first-aid kits and extras, and, really, anything to help a family survive in case of an emergency.
Tyson sells nearly all of these things in her store; however, she said some of these things can be purchased elsewhere, like big box stores or the grocery store. There should be plans on where to meet outside the home and a separate plan on where to meet inside the home, depending on the type of emergency situation, Ms. Instead of worrying about the capability and durability of your flashlight, you can work in confidence with this device. This flashlight has an anti-roll facecap and a removable pocket clip attached to the flashlight to allow you to clip the device onto your pocket. A fully charged flashlight battery comes handy during emergency situations but does it really last long enough? These lights have been tested for their staying power and dependability to help you in places where it is indispensable.
Furthermore, it is water resistant so that you don’t have to worry anymore about water getting inside; it’s an ideal device to have especially when it’s raining or during floods. Charging the battery is fast and long-lasting, you just need to connect the recharging system to a wall mount and plug the M7R via charge connector.
It offers an average of 200 lumens but it seems brighter in an actual test that reached 300 feet on a football field. The TK75 has a built-in protection against improper placement of battery and battery over-discharge so you never have to worry about short circuits anymore.
Each of the four 18650 batteries are equipped with 2,600 mAh which is equivalent to 10,400 mAh but the light can also be used using only two batteries.
Maybe.) The Klarus P1A Tactical LED flashlight is a little over 4 inches long, but packs 150 Lumens of power and a max runtime of 28 hours on a single AA battery. Requiring no Picatinny rails for installation, the ZFH1500-T is perfect for KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) rifles with standard, M4, or MOE handguards. Plus, the convenient push button tail cap switch has a safety lockout feature to prevent inadvertent battery depletion or accidental activation. Having a flashlight handy with fresh batteries will help you to be prepared in many emergencies. Throughout the battery life of this flashlight, the LED Solid State Power Regulation will provide you with maximum light output.
The Streamlight 88031 Protac Tactical Flashlight 2L with White LED has a IPX7 rated design that is waterproof up to one meter for 30 minutes. The flashlight is water and shock resistant preventing potential harm to you allowing this device to be reliable even in unpredictable scenarios.
In addition, the wall charger is equipped with swappable plugs designed to be used for different countries.
A durable clear glass optic protects the three LEDs and it has an anti-reflective finish too.
In a single charge, the four batteries are estimated to power it continuously for 8 days using the low brightness setting. In fact, you've caused us quite a bit of angst, including: stubbed toes, tripping over lounging cats, getting lost in the woods, and more than a few beer goggle-esque moments regarding potential romantic partners. It's the perfect little light to stash in your pocket, purse, or backpack and take wherever you go. This model is less than $40 and since no rails are required, no expensive quad rail systems, front sight base rails, or bayonet lug rails are needed.

Do not place activated flashlight against combustible material or material that could be damaged by heat.
The fashionable LED flashlight is an ideal companion for your dark return, good helper for your camping, hiking, fishing, home lighting, etc. The challenge with flashlights is getting dependable heavy duty flashlights that will actually work when you need them to.
The Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL High Lumen Professional Tactical Light with LED has C4 LED technology for extreme brightness yet the LED lighting uses very little power enabling the batteries to last a long time, even with extended use. This feature will allow you to use this flashlight in any condition without being worried if the device were to be submerged in water.
We tested it at its brightest setting and we noticed that the ProTAC HL drains battery faster when compared to its low-level brightness setting but it’s common with all lights because they tend to consume more energy in higher brightness level.
The M7R securely connects to the charge connector using an activation button to ensure that there won’t be any unsuccessful charging. The TK75 is able to produce a wide 80-degree light that creates a panoramic view and it uses four rechargeable batteries.
There is a dual switch button that allows you to turn the power on and change the brightness level. The ZFH1500-T withstands tremendous abuse and high temperatures and is in use by thousands of law enforcement officers and tactical officers.
Keep your standard handguards (or M4 or MOE handguards) and attach your flashlight securely and ergonomically with the Elzetta ZFH1500 Front sight Base Mount.
The M6™ 2320 is the ideal tactical flashlight, with its durable design and blinding beam.
So many inexpensive flashlights will barely make it through one set of batteries before they stop functioning. This flashlight can be operated with one hand and has three modes: momentary, variable intensity, or strobe depending on your needs. A unique feature about the ProTAC HL is the C4 LED which consumes less battery power that lasts for longer periods of time and the LED Solid State Power Regulation ensures the highest level of light output possible.
A nice thing about this light is that you can control everything using only one hand including beam profile, output, output sequence, output regulation and strobe availability. When you order the complete package, it contains a lanyard, spare o-rings, Fenix battery charger, four 18650 rechargeable batteries and cord.
The four brightness levels in these flashlights include 18 lumens, 400 lumens, 1,100 lumens and 2,600 lumens. If the lamp is activated while in a case or other container, the lamp could overheat and cause damage to surrounding materials. When the lights are out, or the car breaks down in the dark, or when you are finding your way back to the campsite, is not the time to realize you have an inferior flashlight. The Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL High Lumen Professional Tactical Light is 5.25 inches in size allowing you to store this device anywhere you want. The flashlight has C4 LED technology allows this flashlight lights to have a lifetime of 50,000 hours.
If it’s used for emergency purposes, always make sure to have an extra spare battery in case the current battery runs out of power. Additionally, the LED Lenser M7R has a belt clip which is good to have one especially for those who will use it on a regular basis like law enforcement officials because it allows them to detach it quickly.
At maximum level of brightness, the three LEDs are protected by heat dissipation to make sure they won’t overheat. As testimony to its outstanding performance, the Elzetta ZFH1500-T has earned the coveted "NTOA Member Tested and Recommended" award from the National Tactical Officers Association.
Having a heavy duty flashlight that you know you can depend on to provide you light in any situation is what everyone needs. The following flashlights have proven to be dependable and will help you to have a great survival tool.

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