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This 100 LED Aluminum Flashlight is a powerful, rugged and reliable LED flashlight with 100 super bright white LEDs and features an anodized hard aluminum shell and a rubber handle for a non-slip grip!
This permission is needed by the flashlight to prevent the device to go into sleep mode, because otherwise the camera flash led would go off automatically.
This permission is necessary, because this flashlight uses the camera flash led as light source that can only be accessed over the camera. This flashlight contains high resolution images for devices with a high resolution displays.
Updates for this flashlight contain bug fixes, new features and furthermore workarounds for non standard devices on which the camera flash led cannot be accessed in the conventional way. If you have suggestions or questions regarding this flashlight contact us directly over the reporting system inside the app.

These no battery flashlights work much longer and with far less work then the shake type of no battery flashlights.
The ads are the only income stream of the developers of this really nice flashlight, so please dont block them. It is amazing that this small Flashlight can deliver such amazing performance and it runs on just 4 AA batteries. It took more than 315 hours to develop, design and update this flashlight till now, because we pay attention to every detail! This flashlight does not install unwanted shortcut icons on your home screen and it does not install automatically starting services that drain the battery. It is exactly what we had been looking for to organize and use our recipes as well as get new recipes to try.

This flashlight uses the camera flash led as light source and is therefore much brighter than flashlight apps that use the display instead as light source.
Thank you for the great product and I will be passing the word on to family and friends!!!!

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